2015 Vests – Part I


This will be the last time I will need to do a preseason article focused on vests from the year before. 2016 sees the abolishment of the sub rule from the AFL proper and us, the fantasy coach, could not be happier. Since the induction of the sub rule, we have seen decent ‘cash cow’ rookie options cash generation be stunted.



1J. Lyons / L. Brown
2M. Grigg / M. Wright
3M. Wright / C. Cameron
4J. Lyons / R. Laird
5M. Wright / R. Sloane
6M. Crouch / R. Sloane
7J. Lyons / B. Smith
8J. Lyons / S. Kerridge
9J. Lyons / B. Martin
10M. Crouch / C. Ellis-Yolmen
12M. Crouch / T. Walker
13 C. Ellis-Yolmen / R. Sloane
15 C. Ellis-Yolmen / N. Van Berlo
16R. Atkins / D. Talia
17R. Atkins / M. Wright
18M. Crouch / R. Knight
19D. Mackay / R. Knight
20D. Mackay / J. Lever
21J. Lyons / L. Brown
22J. Lyons / M. Crouch
23J. Lyons / B. Smith

  • Jarryd Lyons played 12 games in 2015. In 8 of those games, Lyons started in the green vest.
  • Lyons averaged 44 in RDT/AF and SuperCoach in 2015. His unvested average is 60.75 in RDT/AF and a massive 79 in SuperCoach.
  • Matt Crouch saw 4 green vests and a red vest in 2015.
  • the forgotten Crouch Matthew averaged 71.5 (RDT/AF) and 68 (SC). His unvested averages are 85.7 (RDT/AF) and 85 (SC).
  • Matthew Wright saw 4 vests from his 16 games. A new will present increased opportunities for a guy who was regarded as a premium 3 years ago.
  • Sam Kerridge played 1 game in 2015 for an injury affected 19. He will start at $177,100 (DT), $137,600 (SC) and $299,000 (AF). The first 2 price tags are no brainers but it is the AF one that will provide many coaches with plenty to think about.



1Mayes / Rockliff
2Z. O'Brien / Close
3Taylor / Gardiner
4Green / Aish
5Bewick / Rockliff
6Cutler / Paparone
7Golby / Cutler
8Golby / Dawson
9Z. O'Brien / Harwood
10Dawson / Leuenberger
12Robinson / Robertson
13Cutler / Hanley
14Mayes / Staker
15Bewick / Gardiner
16Aish / Hanley
17McStay / Beasley
18Robertson / Leuenberger
19Z. O'Brien / Evans
20Evans / West
21Green / West
22Dawson / Clarke
23Z. O'Brien / Andrews

  • Tom Rockliff catches the eye here from this list. Round 1 Varcoe broke Rocky’s ribs with a knee. He then came back round 4 and still looked sore. Round 5 then saw a Steven May hip and shoulder knock Rocky out cold early in the first quarter for a total score of 0. Then to make his year even worse, he broke the same ribs again in round 9. Of course if the same things were to happen in 2016 he would get the same scores but the bad luck of 2015 means he appears value for 2016.
  • Sam Mayes saw 2 green vests. Coupled with a poor 2015, he could be priced nicely in a very thin defensive line for our teams.
  • Not much really to report out of the rest. Aish and Leuenberger saw some vests in 2015 and have new homes for 2016. Mitch Robinson had a green vest in round 12.



1C. Smith / D. Thomas
2C. Smith / S. White
3C. Byrne / E. Curnow
4M. Dick / M. Jamison
5B. Boekhorst / L. Henderson
6N. Graham / D. Buckley
7D. Ellard / M. Watson
8D. Buckley / B. Gibbs
9D. Buckley / T. Menzel
10J. Tutt / C. Judd
12A. Walker / C. Wood
13N. Holman / T. Menzel
14M. Whiley / A. Everitt
15J. Tutt / M. Jamison
16B. Walsh / T. Menzel
17B. Walsh / B. Johnson
18C. Smith / J. Tutt
19M. Whiley / C. Wood
20N. Holman / C. Smith
21D. Ellard / M. Murphy
22B. Walsh / D. Ellard
23C. Smith / B. Boekhorst

  • Clem Smith appears to be the one happiest at the Blues about no more subs. 5 of his 7 games in 2015 were vest affected.
  • Dylan Buckley saw 3 early vests in 2015 while he was attempting to break into the Blues’ best 22. Something he achieved. Buckley went on to play 13 straight games from round 10.
  • Dale Thomas in the very first 5 minutes of the very first game of the year was subbed with a dislocated shoulder for a DT score of 4. He attempted to play through it and made his return round 6. Daisy finally succumbed to the shoulder round 9 and went in for season ending surgery.
  • Bryce Gibbs’ season was cut short with a pectoral injury in round 15. He didn’t see the red in that game but he did in round 8.



1J. DeGoey / A. Oxley
2P. Seedsman / B. Sinclair
3P. Karnezis / N Brown
4S. Dwyer / A. Oxley
5P. Karnezis / P. Seedsman
6T. Broomhead / S. Dwyer
7P. Karnezis / A. Toovey
8T. Broomhead / J. Frost
9J. DeGoey / A. Oxley
10B. Kennedy / P. Seedsman
11B. Kennedy / J. DeGoey
13P. Seedsman / A. Oxley
14J. Blair / D. Moore
15J. DeGoey / T . Broomhead
16J. Blair / T. Cloke
17J. Blair / A. Oxley
18J. Elliott / P. Seedsman
19M. Scharenberg / T. Adams
20L. Greenwood / B. Reid
21J. DeGoey / A. Fasolo
22J. Marsh / D. Swan
23A. Toovey / B . Grundy

  • The first guy that catches the eye here is Paul Seedsman. He saw the vest in 5 of his 12 games in 2015. He went from best on ground in the ANZAC day game to being red vested one week later. A fresh start at another club is exactly what he requires.
  • Another who finds himself at a new home is Ben Kennedy. 2 green vests out of 5 games in 2015. Priced closer to 40 with a unvested average of 60 in RDT represents value.
  • De Goey played 16 games in his debut year in which 5 were vest affected.
  • Taylor Adams was subbed out of the round 19 game with a corky to the quad.
  • Tim Broomhead saw the vest 3 times out of his 11 games.



1B. Howlett / D. Myers
2J. Ashby / B. Howlett
3J. Ashby / A. Cooney
4W. Hams / P. Chapman
5W. Hams / J. Daniher
6M. Gleeson / W. Hams
7B. Howlett / K. Langford
8C. Dempsey / D. Fletcher
9M. Gleeson / D. Fletcher
10P. Chapman / T. Bellchambers
11M. Gleeson / P. Chapman
13E. Kavanagh / S. Edwards
14B. Howlett / A. Cooney
15J. Ashby / A. Browne
16K. Langford / J. Laverde
17S. Edwards / B. Howlett
18J. Merrett / A. Browne
19K. Langford / J. Gwilt
20J. Melksham / K. Langford
21O. Fantasia / J. Daniher
22J. Merrett / C. McKenna
23S. Edwards / E. Kavanagh

  • Will Hams had a 100% strike rate in 2015. 3 vests in 3 games for scores of 25, 23 and 23.
  • Keep a sneaky eye on Hams. From all reports he is having a very solid preseason and due to the 3 vests is rookie priced.
  • David Myers had a year to forget in 2015. In his very first game of the year he dislocated his should and saw red for a score of 3 (DT/AF) and 1 (SC).
  • Myers managed one more game for 2015 in round 20 where he scored 70 (DT/AF) and 77 (SC).
  • Marty Gleeson played all 22 games in 2015. He saw 3 green vests in the first 11 rounds but no more for the remainder of the year. This to me indicates he secured his spot in the best 22.



1M. DeBoer / C. Mayne
2M. DeBoer / M. Taberner
3H. Crozier / M. DeBoer
4T. Mzungu / M. Taberner
5M. DeBoer / M. Walters
6M. DeBoer / M. Taberner
7P. Duffield / N. Suban
8T. Sheridan / M. Pavlich
9T. Sheridan / M. Taberner
10H. Crozier / M. Johnson
11N. Suban / M. Taberner
13N. Suban / H. Crozier
14M. DeBoer / M. Taberner
15N. Suban / C. Pearce
16H. Crozier / H. Ballantyne
17M. DeBoer / M. Taberner
18L. Weller / A. Pearce
19L. Weller / L. McPharlin
20H. Crozier / M. Barlow
21M. DeBoer / T. Sheridan
22P. Duffield / M. Pavlich
23J. Ballard / L. Neale

  • Matt De Boer dominates the vests here. 8 of his 17 games were vest affected.
  • Hayden Crozier was vested in 5 of his 11 games. He didn’t however set the world on fire when playing full games with scores of 53, 77, 48, 73, 20 and 38 in RDT/AF.
  • Michael Barlow was subbed out at half time in round 20 for 19 DT points. He was NOT injured.
  • Barlow did bounce back after the vesting with 3 consecutive 100’s to finish 2015.


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