2015 Vests – Part II


This will be the last time I will need to do a preseason article focused on vests from the year before. 2016 sees the abolishment of the sub rule from the AFL proper and us, the fantasy coach, could not be happier. Since the induction of the sub rule, we have seen decent ‘cash cow’ rookie options cash generation be stunted.



1C. Gregson / D. Simpson
2N. Cockatoo / D. Simpson
3N. Cockatoo / J. Bartel
4S. Johnson / J. Walker
5G. Horlin-Smith / J. Kelly
6N. Cockatoo / J. Cowan
7S. Blease / M. Duncan
8A. Mackie / D. Lang
9M. Stokes / R. Stanley
10M. Luxford / S. Kersten
11S. Kersten / J. Kelly
12M. Luxford / J. Murdoch
15J. Kelly / M. Stokes
16M. Stokes / C. Gregson
17B. Smedts / J. Walker
18N. Cockatoo / J. Thurlow
19G. Horlin-Smith / N. Cockatoo
20N. Cockatoo / J. Kelly
21N. Cockatoo / J. Caddy
22J. Murdoch / J. Walker
23J. Walker / D. Menzel

  • Cockatoo really catches the eye here. His 11 games saw 6 green vests and 1 red. I like him as a SC cow in 2016.
  • Horlin-Smith saw 2 green vests in his total of 7 games in 2015.
  • Horlin-Smith averaged 52 (DT/AF) and 54 (SC). His unvested averages however were 68.6 (DT/AF) and 71.8 (SC).
  • Cats weren’t scared to use the vests for older guys in 2015. All of Stevie J, Mackie, Stokes and Kelly wore it at some stage. Has the focus changed then to giving games to kids?



RoundsGWS Giants
1S. Coniglio / T. Scully
2N. Wilson / A. Tomlinson
3N. Wilson / A. Phillips
4J. Kelly / L. Whitfield
5W. Hoskin-Elliott / J. Kelly
6Z. Williams / W. Hoskin-Elliott
7Z. Williams / R. Griffen
8Z. Williams / J. Kelly
9J. Kelly / A. Kennedy
10W. Hoskin-Elliott / T. Greene
11N. Wilson / P. Davis
12N. Wilson / C. Marchbank
14J. Stewart / C. Marchbank
15C. Hampton / D. Shiel
16C. Hampton / C. McCarthy
17J. Lamb / R. Palmer
18J. Steele / M. Buntine
19C. McCarthy / T. Scully
20J. Steele / P. Davis
21C. McCarthy / N. Haynes
22T. Greene / R. Griffen
23J. Barrett / C. Marchbank

  • In a year of thin defender premiums, Zac Williams shapes as a great mid price option.
  • Zac Williams saw 3 green vests in 2015. He averaged 64 (DT/AF) and 69 (SC). Unvested average was 80 (DT/AF) and 88.6 (SC).
  • Curtly Hampton saw green twice in 5 games.
  • He has averaged twice in the 60s prior to 2015 where he averaged 48 (DT/AF) and 49 (SC). New club might mean more opportunity.
  • Coniglio, Greene and Griffen all saw the vest at some stage in 2015.
  • where does Hoskin-Elliott fit for 2016? Will Stevie J impact his JS? Another to see the vest multiple times in 2015.



RoundsGold Coast
1J. Garlett / S. Day
2J. Garlett / J. Harbrow
3M. Shaw / D. Gorringe
4M. Shaw / J. Martin
5S. Lemmens / J. Garlett
6C. Cameron / Z. Smith
7A. Hall / S. Lemmens
8L. Russell / A. Hall
9B. Matera / J. Martin
10C. Cameron / S. May
11N. Malceski / D. Stanley
13N. Malceski / C. Dixon
14J. Lonergan / K. Brooksby
15S. Lemmens / C. Dixon
16J. Glenn / T. Nicholls
17J. Glenn / G. Ablett
18A. Boston / R. Thompson
19A. Boston / S. Lemmens
20J. Garlett / T. Nicholls
21J. Hall / S. Day
22D. Stanley / L. Russell
23L. Russell / G. Broughton

  • Round 17 sees Gary Ablett subbed out of the game with a season ending knee injury. Coupled with the shoulder struggles earlier in the year he appears to be unders for 2016 if fit.
  • Nick Malceski in rounds 11 and 13 saw the green vest.
  • Malceski came to the Suns as a boom recruit but struggled for fitness. He was one of the best averaging defenders in 2014.
  • Trent Nicholls will be the clear number 1 ruck in 2015. Once again his 2015 was cut short by injury, 2 red vests in rounds 16 and 20.
  • Garlett had multiple vests in 2015 but looks some distance off being relevant.



1J. Anderson / L. Shiels
2J. Sicily / J. Frawley
3J. Anderson / P. Puopolo
4B. Hartung / B. Lake
5B. Whitecross / T. Duryea
6B. Whitecross / B. McEvoy
7J. Simpkin / D. Hale
8B. Hartung / D. Hale
9D. Howe / C. Rioli
10A. Litherland / B. Lake
12B. Hartung / R. Schoenmakers
13M. Suckling / J. Frawley
14M. Suckling / M. Spangher
15B. Hartung / T. Duryea
16B. Hartung / D. Hale
17P. Puopolo / M. Spangher
18B. Hartung / D. Hale
19T. Duryea / J. Ceglar
20D. Howe / D. Hale
21B. Hartung / B. Lake
22B. Hartung / I. Smith
23A. Litherland / S. Burgoyne

  • If you are talking vests at the Hawks then you need to be talking about Billy Hartung.
  • Hartung played 18 games in 2015. 8 of those games he started in green.
  • Hartung scored 3 x 80s, 3 x 90s and 1 x 100 in full games in 2015.
  • Jed Anderson played 4 games in 2015. 2 of them he started in the green vest.
  • Another player looking for more opportunities in 2016 at a new club.
  • Brendan Whitecross also saw the green vest twice in 2015 after returning from a knee. One to watch in the preseason!
  • Suckling saw the vest twice in 2015 and finds himself at a new club.



1J. Toumpas / A. Brayshaw
2A. Brayshaw / B. Vince
3A. Brayshaw / S. Frost
4V. Michie / D. Kent
5J. McKenzie / C. Salem
6J. Watts / C. Pederson
7B. Stretch / C. Salem
8A. Riley / M. Jones
9J. Viney / N. Jetta
10M. Jones / A. Vandenberg
11V. Michie / C. Pederson
12A. Riley / J. Toumpas
14A. Neal-Bullen / A Brayshaw
15J. Kennedy-Harris / J. Harmes
16J. Kennedy-Harris / A. Neal-Bullen
17V. Michie / A. Vandenberg
18J. Harmes / V. Michie
19A. Neal-Bullen / J. Harmes
20J. Grimes / N. Jetta
21A. Neal-Bullen / H. Lumumba
22J. Grimes / N. Jones
23A. Neal-Bullen / M. White

  • Alex Neal-Bullen played 11 games in 2015. From those 11 games he saw 4 green vests and 1 red vest.
  • Angus Brayshaw started in the green vest and ended the game in the red vest both twice in 2015.
  • Brayshaw is listed as a forward for 2016.
  • Jay Kennedy-Harris and Jack Grimes both saw the green vest 2 times.
  • Popular 2016 break out candidate was seen in green in round 9.



RoundsNorth Melbourne
1K. Turner / J. Tippett
2M. Wood / D. Wells
3B. Jacobs / J. Ziebell
4T. Dumont / K. Turner
5K. Turner / A. Swallow
6R. Bastinac / L. Hansen
7S. Atley / B. Brown
8T. Dumont / L. McDonald
9K. Turner / L. McDonald
10B. Jacobs / R. Nahas
11T. Dumont / S. McMahon
12T. Dumont / B. Brown
14T. Dumont / M. Daw
15B. Harvey / K. Turner
16S. Gibson / A. Mullett
17L. Thomas / J. Waite
18T. Garner / K. Turner
19A. Mullett / B. Brown
20R. Nahas / T. Garner
21R. Bastinac / L. McDonald
22S. Gibson / L. Hansen
23B. Harvey / M. Wood

  • Trent Dumont played 8 games in 2015, 5 of which he started in the green.
  • Dumont averaged 45.5 (DT/AF) and 45.88 (SC). His unvested average was 70 (DT/AF) and 77 (SC).
  • Daniel Wells was red vested in round 2 and for the remainder of the year. Hence why he is so cheap.
  • Buyer beware though, there is a reason why he is so cheap having only worn the blue and white stripes on 9 occasions in the last 2 years.
  • Bastinac joins the long list of players that saw the green vest a couple of times who finds themselves at a new club in 2016.
  • Aaron Mullett looms as one for the watchlist. 2 of his 4 games in 2015 were vest affected.


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