2015 Vests – Part III


This will be the last time I will need to do a preseason article focused on vests from the year before. 2016 sees the abolishment of the sub rule from the AFL proper and us, the fantasy coach, could not be happier. Since the induction of the sub rule, we have seen decent ‘cash cow’ rookie options cash generation be stunted.


RoundsPort Adelaide
1A. Monfries / A. Carlile
2M. White / J. Impey
3B. Ah Chee / O. Wines
4B. Ah Chee / J. Polec
5J. Polec / J. Trengove
6B. Ah Chee / A. Young
7K. Amon / M. White
8K. Amon / N. Krakouer
9N. Krakouer / K. Amon
10A. Young / K. Amon
11A. Young / M. White
12B. Ah Chee / R. Gray
14A. Moore / A. Carlile
15B. Ah Chee / M. Lobbe
16A. Young / B. Ah Chee
17A. Young / A. Monfries
18S. Colquhoun / O. Wines
19S. Colquhoun / M. Lobbe
20N. Krakouer / M. White
21K. Mitchell / J. Butcher
22A. Young / A. Monfries
23K. Amon / J. Schulz

  • the human sneeze Brendan Ah Chee is the one that catches the eye for Port. In 11 games Ah Chee had 5 green vests and 1 red.
  • Ah Chee averaged 56.7 (DT/SC) and 61.9 (SC). His unvested average was 90.8 (DT/AF) and 96.4 (SC).
  • Ah Chee’s full game scores in 2015 were 74, 79, 83, 108 and 110 in DT/AF and 66, 88, 93, 107 and 128 in SC.
  • Karl Amon saw a vest in 5 of his 7 games in 2015.
  • Port superstar’s Robbie Gray (once) and Ollie Wines (twice) saw red vests in 2015.
  • Port’s vest whipping boy Aaron Young continued the trend in 2015 with 6 vest affected games. He will be stoked to see no more subs!



1N. Gordon / B. Deledio
2N. Gordon / K. Lambert
3S. Lloyd / C. Knights
4M. McDonough / N. Drummond
5S. Lloyd / B. Lennon
6N. Gordon / B. Griffiths
7C. Menadue / L. McBean
8C. Menadue / T. Vickery
9C. Ellis / L. McBean
10C. Menadue / C. Ellis
12C. Menadue / C. Ellis
13K. McIntosh / K. Lambert
14K. McIntosh / B. Griffiths
15K. Lambert / S. Edwards
16N. Gordon / M. McDonough
17S. Lloyd / S. Hampson
18S. Lloyd / B. Lennon
19S. Lloyd / D. Grimes
20K. McIntosh / A. Miles
21B. Lennon / S. Edwards
22S. Lloyd / C. Newman
23S. Lloyd / B. Lennon

  • Sam Lloyd became the Tiger’s kermit in 2015. He saw 7 green vests from his tally of 12 games.
  • Connor Menadue saw the green vest in 4 out of his 5 games.
  • My tip for the Rising Star in 2016, Corey ‘Slik’ Ellis saw the vest on 3 occasions.
  • Brett Deledio entered round 1 with a calf injury and was subbed out for scores of 53 (DT/AF) and 66 (SC). He missed the next 4 games returning in round 6 for another low score. Another who represents value in 2016!
  • Kamdyn McIntosh had 3 green vests in the second half of the year. He is very fringe to start season 2016 so beware.



RoundsSt Kilda
1J. Sinclair / D. Roberton
2N. Wright / A. Saad
3N. Wright / J. Lonie
4A. Saad / P. McCartin
5B. Acres / S. Savage
6J. Sinclair / S. Savage
7C. Shenton / J. Lonie
8B. Acres / J. Webster
9J. Sinclair / T. Hickey
10S. Savage / T. Hickey
11B. Acres / L. Delaney
13S. Ross / D. Minchington
14L. Dunstan / S. Fisher
15S. Ross / F. Ray
16J. Sinclair / J. Lonie
17E. Templeton / H. Goddard
18T. Membrey / B. Longer
19N. Wright / D. McKenzie
20J. Saunders / J. Sinclair
21B. Murdoch / J. Saunders
22L. Dunstan / T. Hickey
23J. Sinclair / H. Goddard

  • In a year where defensive options look thin, it is a mid price defender for the Saints that catches the eye in Shane Savage.
  • 2 red vests and 1 green vest in his first 10 games shows that Savage might have been under injury clouds for the first half of the season.
  • Luke Dunstan started in the green vest in round 14 and 22. The question about him has always been his tank. Another preseason will no doubt help for season 2016!
  • Jack Sinclair wore the vest in 6 games in 2015. He has been elevated to the senior for 2016 so expect him to play a lot!



RoundsSydney Swans
1J. Lloyd / A. Goodes
2A. Goodes / G. Rohan
3D. Towers / I. Heeney
4G. Rohan / I. Heeney
5A. Goodes / D. Towers
6A. Goodes / I. Heeney
7D. Towers / J. Lloyd
8H. Cunningham / G. Rohan
9B. Jack / J. McVeigh
10D. Robinson / K. Tippett
11D. Robinson / G. Rohan
13Z. Jones / T. Mitchell
14H. Cunningham / G. Rohan
15H. Cunningham / M. Pyke
16Z. Jones / C. Bird
17T. Mitchell / M. Pyke
18B. Jack / B. McGlynn
19Z. Jones / T. Nankervis
20J. Lloyd / J. Laidler
21J. Rose / I. Heeney
22G. Rohan / L. Franklin
23L. Jetta / G. Rohan

  • Tom Mitchell amazingly started in the green vest in round 17. It was his only vest for the year but it did baffle and confuse many a fantasy coach as to why. The very next week he came out and had 41 touches. Hopefully John Longmire now realises the importance Tom Mitchell has to the Swans in the midfield!
  • Isaac Heeney and his kamikaze way he plays the game means he will always be susceptible to in game injuries. This was highlighted in 2015 with 4 red vests.
  • Popular mid pricer Craig Bird saw a red vest in round 16. He scored 20 in DT, AF and SC.
  • Cunningham (3 vests), Lloyd (3 vests), Towers (2 vests) and Robinson (2 vests) will be some that will be hoping for increased game time in 2016.



RoundsWestern Bulldogs
1J. Grant / J. Redpath
2B. Goodes / A. Cordy
3B. Goodes / D. Morris
4M. Honeychurch / J. Stringer
5N. Hrovat / A. Cordy
6L. Hunter / C. Smith
7L. Hunter / M. Honeychurch
8B. Dale / T. Boyd
9S. Biggs / M. Bontempelli
10T. McLean / T. Boyd
12B. Dale / W. Minson
13L. Webb / W. Minson
14C. Daniel / J. Roughead
15L. Hunter / K. Stevens
16L. Hunter / T. Campbell
17J. Grant / J. Prudden
18B. Dale / M. Boyd
19B. Dale / T. Dickson
20C. Daniel / S. Darley
21D. Pearce / D. Morris
22Z. Cordy / J. Grant
23C. Daniel / S. Crameri

  • Lachie Hunter wore the green vest in 4 of his 12 games.
  • Hunter averaged 78 (DT/AF) and 77 (SC). His unvested average was 96 (DT/AF) and 97.8 (SC)
  • Hunter had scores of 122, 124 and 127 in DT/AF and 104, 121, 124 and 125 in SC in full games. Massive!
  • Jarrad Grant joins the list of players who saw multiple vests in 2015 to find themselves at a new home for 2016.
  • Talented kids Hrovat, Dale, Honeychurch, Daniel will be looking for more game time in 2016.



RoundsWest Coast
1T. Lamb / M. Brown
2L. Duggan / S. Tunbridge
3L. Duggan / J. McGovern
4L. Duggan / L. Shuey
5P. McGinnity / M. LeCras
6J. Nelson / F. McInnes
7M. Hutchings / J. Kennedy
8S. Selwood / J. Bennell
9B. Colledge / J. Bennell
10D. Sheed / J. Nelson
11D. Sheed / J. McGovern
12L. Duggan / J. Cripps
14S. Selwood / L. Duggan
15M. Hutchings / X. Ellis
16M. Hutchings / J. McGovern
17S. Selwood / W. Schofield
18S. Selwood / J. Hill
19M. Rosa / D. Sheed
20P. McGinnity / W. Schofield
21M. Newman / X. Ellis
22M. Newman / J. McGovern
23X. Ellis / C. Masten

  • Scott Selwood went from former B&F winner and club VC to kermit in 2015 albeit due to injury. He saw the green vest in 4 of his 12 games.
  • A couple of break out candidates also saw the vest on multiple occasions in 2015. Dom Sheed, Mark Hutchings and Liam Duggan all saw the vest on 3 occasions. All 3 find themselves as forwards for season 2016.
  • Hutchings averaged 71.8 (DT/AF) and 71.5 (SC). His unvested average was 88.7 (DT/AF) and 89.7 (SC)
  • Eagle superstars Josh Kennedy, Mark Le Cras, Luke Shuey and Chris Masten all saw the red vest in 2015.
  • Jeremy McGovern saw the red in 4 separate games!


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    Hey Rids, thanks for doing these articles, it helps prioritise watch lists and gives understanding as to why some are targets.

    Questions about the change in subs and rotations, has any thought been given to how this will impact? Obvious what no red and green is going to do given your last three posts, but what about how each team will manage the 22nd player opportunity and how will they rest players on field, who will get extra runs through the middle? or am I just talking poop?

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