2016 Breakout Contenders: Midfielders

Who are the break out players to get on in 2016? That is the question we all want to know the answer to! Each position will be covered with the price tags of players between $200,000-$400,000 in Dream Team only being considered. This price range is also where you strike gold with late round draft picks in your Ultimate Footy draft leagues which will help you get the jump on your rival coaches.

With the right turn of events these players could be your ticket to premiership glory.

Mid Price Players Watchlist: Midfielders

Dream Team has listed the 10th best midfielder as averaging 106.83 and the 20th at 103.22 to start 2016. Having the 20th best midfielder in the last on field position at M8 in your Dream Team is fine and in draft leagues is a highly desirable player to own to sit at your M4 position. The points are provided below for a context for salary games. These 9 players you’d consider for your middle to later round draft picks in Ultimate Footy. Really the difficulty for you now is going to be how many mid price mids is too many to start with?

Tom Liberatore $343,000

Sure to be another popular mid price selection and potentially offers players the best chance of obtaining a player scoring enough to justify a last on field spot, or in draft leagues an earlier than expected pick although don’t draft too early. He played 22 games in 2012 with an average of 97.2 and in 2013 he saw 22 games with an average 98.7. I expect him to ease into that level of scoring though. The Western Bulldogs are a little of a unknown entity for 2016 his impact on other players scoring, but for us we don’t care when it comes to Liberatore as in 2016 he will become a personified highlight reel of WHAMMY, WHAMMY, WHAMMY, WHAMMY!


Brad Crouch $321,900

Was on an upward trajectory before injury struck. Another bargain priced player, who played 14 games in 2013 averaging 92.1 and 11 games in 2014 averaging 92.5. Will slot into the Adelaide crow midfield immediately upon return. Has been seen to be handball happy but at that price is a perfect stepping stone or decent bench cover. Will improve as match fitness comes and still only has 25 games under his belt as an AFL player, so is yet to string a full season together like Liberatore and Omera.

Scott Selwood $341,000

Has had recurring ankle issues throughout the last few years. In recent times has been used as a tagger for the WCE. A new club brings a new opportunity for him. How much we get to see Scott in the preseason is unknown. With the right role he could return to higher scoring days, which of the following is anyone’s guess. Will it be the 2011 of 87.1, or the 2012 of 97.1, or the 2013 of 108.3? Offers very decent value if fit in salary cap games and had the highest seasonal average to date of any of the BIG 4 mid price midfield players on offer. Still has an injury cloud over him.

Jaeger O’Meara $322,500

The Jaeger bomb is ready to blow in 2016! Another bargain who averaged 89.2 from 22 games in 2012 and 92.7 from 22 games in 2013. Omera is an integral part of the best 22 Gold Coast midfield when the team is fully fit. Has a high score of 129 and had 10 x 100s in his 2013 campaign. Very difficult to pass up at this price in salary cap games and a worthy draft selection in the middle rounds.

Cameron Ellis-Yolman $394,200

Cracked the best 22 side playing a decent amount of the early to mid part of the season. Is a physical presence and clearance beast on the field and will be fighting for his position again in the Crows best 22. Played 8 full games, scored in the 90s on four occasions and an 80 in the other. Offers moderate value on the starting price but I think there’s better value mid price mids on offer.

Ryan Bastinac $377,800

In 2015 played 17 games and returned 2 x 90s scores and one 80 score. 22 matches in 2014 for a return average of 76.4 and 22 matches in 2013 for 85.4 and 22 matches for 78.7 in 2012. Job security I can see, but please, he’s not the Messiah he’s a very naughty boy! I have little interest in him unless he has a superb preseason.


Billy Hartung $348,800

Has the potential to explode in scoring in just a single quarter with a phenomenal ability to attract the ball and dispose of it. Has exceptional speed and endurance and will not be hampered by vests any longer, as he was a go to sub for the Hawks. Hartung has a massive potential upside scoring 80s and 90s in each of his full games. A logical choice in AF, a late round draft selection in UF and in DT the question is how many mid priced players can you possibly start?

Jared Polec $342,000

This is my gut feel breakout player. Played 5 regular season games in 2015. Scored 109 and was red vested on 90. Green vested next game for 30 but was experiencing foot issues. No reason in my mind why 80s average will not be scored and I’m bullish for more. Is a best 22 player when fit. Is worth a late round draft pick as a gamble pick that could pay off for you.

David Myers $282,600

The forgotten man of the Essendon midfield and high draft pick that has not delivered in many peoples eyes. 2014 was when Myers really started to settle into his role and he regularly spits out 80s with the occasional 90 and 100. Is a best 22 player in the Essendon side. Purely a stepping stone in salary formats and handy bench cover in UF at a stretch.

Rankings of Top 9 Midfield Breakout Contenders

I will rank my top 9 midfield breakout contenders in order of who I think will fire and who will be a spud in 2016 out of those named above. I’ve also factored into the rankings whether I think they will play, those ranked lower I am doubtful will see game time, or will not improve their average greatly compared to their counterparts on offer.

  1. Tom Liberatore

  2. Brad Crouch

  3. Jaeger Omera

  4. Scott Selwood

  5. Billy Hartung

  6. Jared Polec

  7. David Myers

  8. Cam Ellis-Yolman

  9. Ryan Bastinac



  1. show me the money

    Is there anyone else who wont be picking libba. I have my doubts on him due to the amont of midfielders in the dogs line up at the moment he is on my watchlist to see if he has the same role and scoring output he had in 2014

  2. Evony Pico David Low

    Will have to watch Libba in preseason, this guy hasn’t been the most professional footballer during his rehab period. Hopefully he will return somewhere need his best in the new season.

    BTW will have to do another review of Essendon with Half the team suspended.

    Leuenbuger is a must have now….

  3. Kirk Mackintosh

    Libba Crouch O’Meara good looking midfield

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