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AFL Fantasy isn’t open yet but we are aware of the all the player’s prices. While there is no official team planner for AFL Fantasy, our good friend Chad does have his Drawing Board available for team creation. To start creating your team now then select here.


As I have done previously, I have created a AFL Fantasy drawing board team below. I am more than happy to hear your thoughts in regards to the team.

Team Name: Ridley United

Cash left over: $13,200


Def: J.McVeigh (Syd), H.Shaw (GWS), J.Bartel (Geel), M.Rosa (GC), P.Seedsman (Adel), M.Hartley (Ess) (E.Hipwood (Bris), C.Byrne (Carl))
Mid: G.Ablett (GC), T.Rockliff (Bris), T.Adams (Coll), L.Parker (Syd), R.Bastinac (Bris), B.Hartung (Hawks), B.Ah Chee (Port), R.Mathieson (Bris) (S.Menegola (Geel), J.Jansen (Bris))
Ruc: M.Lobbe (Port), M.Leuenberger (Ess) (M.Cox (Coll), D.Currie (GC))
Fwd: D.Martin (Rich), M.Barlow (Freo), L.Franklin (Syd), M.Wright (Carl), J.Anderson (Nth), C.Ellis (Rich) (B.Dale (WB), L.Sumner (Carl))





  1. Benjo

    ‘My Boys’ – AFL Fantasy 2016
    Def: M. Boyd (103), H.Shaw (95), J.Bartel (93), M.Rosa (87), P.Seedsman (78), M.Brown (65) (C.Byrne (65), M.Hartley (22.60))
    Mid: G.Ablett (115), T.Rockliff (120), D.Beams (110), T.Adams (115), M.Duncan (97), D.Parish (74), B.Keays (70), R.Mathieson (70) (N.Freeman (26.76), S.Menegola (22.97))
    Ruc: M.Blicavs (100), M.Lobbe (90) (G.Nyuon (22.60), D.Currie (22.60))
    Fwd: D.Martin (105), M.Robinson (100), C.Bird (80), M.Leuenberger (75), J.Anderson (75), B.Kennedy (70) (L.Sumner (24.05), S.Yarran (22.60))

    1. David Grant

      IMHO, boyd (100+ average but will miss 4 games minimum without injury) to one of the mid pricers, parish will get snapped in two so upgrade him. LOVE the berger Nyuon swing option even though the xspurts will poo poo it, gives cover and saves trades through byes. Robo in the forwards a true POD, hope he has matured so the brain farts are behind him. I an going to do a copy and paste this for future reference, good work!

      1. Benjo

        Thanks David. No copying 😛

        There shouldn’t be a reason for the Doggies to rest Boyd before the byes, and by then we should have a good D7. It’s a risk which I’m willing to pay for. Leuy in the forward line gives me a good link up as you said plus he should be good R3/F7 cover later in the season. Crowley to protect the Essendon younger mids in Parish and others?

        1. David Grant

          Byes are late, could cop 2 or 3 generals before the byes. He is an old man. Total points will be much less than others. Pick another premo that won’t get rested. 18 X 100 < 22 X 95!

    2. Rids (Post author)

      The team has some great differences to others I have seen. I don’t mind Boyd as I think he will still score enough total points for the year to be top 10. Just make sure you have a decent bench back to cover him. Parish is prob a little too much for my liking in AF but he should go very very well.

      My views on having a ruck in the forward line are very well known. I just dont see the need for it tbh as there will be better cash cows for cheaper $$$. If it is for cover then don’t forget that he will only be of use if a ruck is out prior to lockout. He won’t be covering for a late out in the rucks if he is at f5 😉

      Nice balance. Keep playing around and tinkering. It is the time of year for it!

  2. David Grant

    Hey Rids, what do you think of kommer chameleon instead of wright and then Sloane or wines instead if Basti or Hartung? Sloane/Wines a better chance of being a keeper therefore saving trades ( yup know we get 44) and happy to defer to your experience/knowledge, just wondering your thoughts and justification on this. Let me know. Thanks!

    1. Rids (Post author)

      I am a huge fan of Hartung and Basti in AF. I think both will be great stepping stones. I don’t mind Sloane in AF but he does come with a few question marks. Not a fan at all of Wines.

      I am not a fan of Kommer at all sorry. He has hardly played and has on going knee tendonitis issues. Even this preseason he has been hampered.

  3. maddog17

    TEAM NAME: Maddogsteam 2. (AFL Fantasy 2016)
    Remaining: $69,000
    Def: G.Birchall (82.28), R.Murphy (79.75), E.Yeo (78.84), P.Seedsman (63.83), J.Weitering (41.95), M.Brown (35.08) (J.Cowan (23.51), M.Hartley (22.60))
    Mid: G.Ablett (105.06), L.Shiels (99.28), O.Wines (92.77), D.Shiel (92.59), T.Liberatore (80.11), M.Duncan (79.93), B.Crouch (75.05), S.Kerridge (54.07) (R.Mathieson (28.57), D.Cavka (22.60))
    Ruc: S.Mumford (94.76), M.Lobbe (77.94) (D.Currie (22.60), L.Lowden (22.60))
    Fwd: D.Martin (103.62), T.Greene (85.53), C.Bird (58.05), C.Petracca (43.04), J.Anderson (40.51), N.Cockatoo (35.99) (W.Hams (28.03), P.Ahern (25.32))

    1. Rids (Post author)

      Nice unique team here! Some very out there selections. Back line is a little thin and a little up and down. While I think it is the position to take risks in I don’t know if I could take all those personally.

      AF is a different beast these days. A team like this might work out very well.

      1. maddog17

        Thanks rids wouldn’t mind it being on the pod cast with everyone’s thoughts if that’s cool … I’m still up in the air about murphy and Birchall but will have to see through the NAB cup

        1. Adam Smith

          covered in the weekly pod (Start Upgrade or Irrelevant)

          general summary:
          PODs aplenty, but will you need too many ‘fix up’ trades
          Captaincy options? Ablett and who???
          Falls off a LOT in the defence – possibly strengthen there
          Possibly turn a ‘premo’ mid into a midpricer (Hartung, Jaeger, the likes)
          Midfield is underpriced for expected average, solely for AF
          Cash generation issue – players might be underpriced, but are there better options for less (Libba->JOM for 100k?)
          Weitering at KPP won’t score that highly… might reconsider there
          They like it for a pre-NAB side though, with no looks at rookies

          and Cavka retired….

          1. MJ

            Thanks for recapping it man. Appreciate your work!

  4. David Grant

    TEAM NAME: sb4. (AFL Fantasy 2016)
    Used: $9,960,000 (99.6%), Remaining: $40,000 (0.4%) On Ground: $8,947,000 (89.5%), On Bench: $1,013,000 (10.1%)
    Expected Total: 1722, Site Expected Total: 1722
    Def: J.McVeigh (97.29), K.Kolodjashnij (83.91), T.Duryea (78.84), P.Seedsman (63.83), Z.Jones (43.58), M.Brown (35.08) (K.Collins (24.59), M.Hartley (22.60))
    Mid: G.Ablett (105.06), T.Rockliff (104.70), D.Beams (103.07), L.Parker (96.38), B.Hartung (60.22), S.Selwood (58.95), R.Mathieson (28.57), N.Freeman (26.76) (S.Menegola (22.97), J.Jansen (22.60))
    Ruc: M.Blicavs (97.47), B.Grundy (91.14) (D.Currie (22.60), S.Naismith (22.60))
    Fwd: B.Deledio (95.84), M.Barlow (93.13), T.Greene (85.53), K.Tippett (80.47), C.Bird (58.05), C.Ellis (30.02) (N.Kommer (22.60), S.Yarran (22.60))

    1. Coach Hammer

      Hi David, nice to see you getting involved in a lot of comments! Very solid team all-round, but maybe watch Beams with those injury niggles. I’m a big fan of those ruck selections, but make sure you have a plan to bring in one or two of the big dogs if they don’t quite turn out like you expected. Keep up the good work.

  5. maddog17

    TEAM NAME: Maddogsteam 2. (AFL Fantasy 2016)
    Def: J.Bartel (89.33), E.Yeo (78.84), T.Duryea (78.84), P.Seedsman (63.83), M.Brown (35.08), M.Hibberd (29.84) (M.Hartley (22.60), C.Byrne (22.60))
    Mid: J.P. Kennedy (107.41), G.Ablett (105.06), T.Rockliff (104.70), L.Shiels (99.28), D.Shiel (92.59), B.Crouch (75.05), J.Gresham (33.82), R.Mathieson (28.57) (S.J. Reid (22.60), T.Phillips (22.60))
    Ruc: S.Mumford (94.76), B.McEvoy (75.05) (L.Lowden (22.60), D.Currie (22.60))
    Fwd: D.Martin (103.62), M.Robinson (91.14), T.Greene (85.53), C.Bird (58.05), C.Petracca (43.04), B.Kennedy (39.96) (W.Hams (28.03), P.Ahern (25.32))

    1. Coach Hammer

      Hi Maddog, love that you have gone for something a little different. Particularly love the Liam Shiels pick, if he can get good midfield minutes his tackle count will boost his score every time. I think if these are the players you like, AF is definitely the place to pick them. Just be prepared to drop some down to mid-priced bolters with those early trades to keep with the top ranked guys, especially if some of your picks don’t work out. Nice starting point!

  6. David Grant

    Earth To Rids! Wake up. This is your post and followers are posting their teams awaiting comment, not a lot forthcoming as of yet. Get on the job mate!

    1. David Grant

      Should have put a smiley face on it Rids, just re read it, sounds like I’m totally PO’d, I’m not really.

  7. Oscar Hambleton

    TEAM NAME: Tasmania Devil. (AFL Fantasy 2016)
    Used: $9,993,000 (99.9%), Remaining: $7,000 (0.1%) On Ground: $8,991,000 (89.9%), On Bench: $1,002,000 (10%)
    Expected Total: 1754, Site Expected Total: 1754
    Def: H.Shaw (96.20), J.Bartel (89.33), E.Yeo (78.84), M.Rosa (74.32), M.Brown (35.08), M.Hibberd (29.84) (C.Byrne (22.60), T.Mohr (22.60))
    Mid: S.Pendlebury (111.21), J.Lewis (110.85), G.Ablett (105.06), T.Rockliff (104.70), L.Neale (101.81), J.Gresham (33.82), M.Kennedy (33.09), B.Keays (31.83) (S.Menegola (22.97), D.Gore (22.60))
    Ruc: S.Martin (114.10), M.Blicavs (97.47) (D.Currie (22.60), L.Lowden (22.60))
    Fwd: D.Martin (103.62), M.Barlow (93.13), C.Bird (58.05), C.Petracca (43.04), J.Anderson (40.51), B.Kennedy (39.96) (N.Kommer (22.60), T.Phillips (22.60))

    1. Kane

      I like what you’ve done with this side Oscar. I think the selections of Neale and Blicavs in particularly are clever ones. Neale has a massive ceiling and I believe Blicavs has the capability to be a worthy midfield selection if Goldstein replicates his form of last year, which would just be quick DPP trade away for you. Track your rookies closely because your structure is extremely dependent of him and I recommend keeping a few midprice players in your mind incase you have to downgrade a premium and upgrade a rookie. Overall a great side for this time of year, well done.

  8. Matty John

    After some thoughts on version 1.0

    Remaining Cash – $152.900

    Def: H Shaw; A Rance; P Seedsman; D Talia; J Frost; B Smedts; M Dea; N Broad
    Mid: Pendlebury; Bontempelli; B Ellis; T Libratore; J O’Meara; Colquhoun; Crowley; B Kennedy; Petracca; Trengrove; B Dale
    Ruc: Goldstein; Ceglar; Naismith
    Fwd: Montagna; D Martin; Nahas; J Adcock; Gorringe; S Frost; C Ellis; D Rioli.

    Lucky its only Feb as I predict a few changes yet to come

    1. Coach Hammer

      Hi Matty, good to see you grabbing some unique players. Ceglar could be very good with Roughead out and I like the Brandon Ellis pick.

      There are a few players you might want to re-consider though. I notice you have a few key defenders in that backline and whilst they are great players, they don’t always get rewarded by the simplistic scoring system. Other players such as Shaw and Seedsman (who you have selected) offer more in fantasy with their rebounding style. I would also look at players like Colquhoun, Nahas and Adcock and ask yourself what you think they will average. If it’s 20ppg+ more than what they are priced at, pick them, if not, see if you can find someone who you think will.

      A lot will become clearer as the season approaches so keep looking at your options, keep researching and back yourself in!

  9. Elliott Hoffmann

    DEF: Boyd, Simpson, KK, Yeo, Francis, ZJones (Brown, Broad)
    MID: Rocky, Beams, Macrae, Adams, Libba, O’Meara, Hartung, Macaffer (Freeman, Mathieson)
    RUC: SMartin, Lobbe (Currie, Frost)
    FWD: Barlow, Wells, Simpkin, Anderson, BKennedy, Hams (Ahern, Kommer)
    Remaining Salary: $41,000

    I just don’t feel that comfortable picking any other FWD premo’s. I feel they’re all at top price. Thoughts would be appreciated.

  10. AJ Sutts

    Pre-NAB team -Fouthawn in 2016

    Cash on hand $28,000


    Boyd, Enright, Yeo, Smith, Eski, Hibberd (Terlich, Broad)


    Ablett, Rocky, Neale, Adams, Hartung, AhChee, Keays, Mathieson (Mengola, Phillips)


    Martin, Blicavs (Currie, Naismith)


    Martin, Barlow, Wells, Simpkin, Anderson, Kennedy (Yarran, Eades)

  11. pete

    H. Shaw($532,000) , R. Laird ($489,000), B. Houli ($481,000), M. Rosa ($411,000), T. Sheridan ($359,000) , D. Howe ($265,000) … (C. Byrne & Tucker)

    T. Rockliff ($579,000), G. Ablett ($581,000), T. Adams ($560,000), T. Liberatore ($443,000) , B. Crouch ($415,000) , C. Mills ($227,000), B. Macaffer (199,000), R. Mathieson ($158,000)… ..BENCH: (D. Gore & MacPherson)

    S. Martin ($631,000), M. Leuenberger ($301,000)…. BENCH: (G. Nyuon & Currie)

    D. Martin, M. Barlow($515,000), J. De Goey($342,000), S. Kerridge($299,000), D. Wells (293,000), J. Simpkin ($226,000)… BENCH: (C. Menadue &N. Kommer)

    Remaining: 75K (plan to use this to upgrade appropriate rooks who impress over coming NAB games)

    Decided to go with a more tried and tested backline with the exception of one or two and look for value up forward and with the MID rooks. Keen to hear your thoughts & would be more than happy to be included in the podcast.

    Love your work guys

    1. pete

      just listened to the POD , great points made. Ill have to take another look at those bye rounds for my DEF and also do some shuffling to get another Premo into my Midfield.

      As much i as dislike Yeo for what he did to me last yr, perhaps I could start him in replace of Laird for example to give me that rnd 14 bye player in DEF. Then, if Yeo doesn’t work out i can replace him for an inform Premo DEF after they come off their rnd 13 bye . Anyway this is just a thought, will have to look more into this.

      Thanks again

  12. Punchy

    Would love your thoughts on my side & in particular if I have a good structure as I keep changing it!

    Def: Laird, Yeo, Gilbert, Rosa, M Brown (Ess), K Collins (Broad, Hartley)

    Mid: Lewis, Titchell, Gaz, Rocky, Parker, Parish, Mills, Gresham (Mathieson, MacPherson)

    Rucks: SMartin, Gawn ( Cox, Currie)

    Fwds: Dusty, Barlow, De Goey, Kerridge, B Kennedy, Curren (Menadue, L McCarthy)

    $33k remaining

    1. Rids (Post author)

      The structure of the side is solid. There are a few players that jump out at me and I would be keen to hear your thoughts on them.

      Sam Gilbert, Yeo and DeGoey. I would like to know whether you see all 3 as season long keepers? Also would like to know what your thoughts are on Curren and his job security.

      1. Punchy

        Thanks Rids,

        Team has changed dramatically since I posted. Was hoping for couple of keepers out of those 3 – prob Gilbert & Yeo. Curren’s job security has shown to be poor since no more showings after NAB 1

  13. doolman

    DEF: Rosa, Howe, Whitecross, Weitering, Harwood, Brown (McDonald-Tippa, Collins)

    MID: Titchell, Gaz, Rocky, MacRae, Fyfe, Adams, Gibbs, Mills (Gresham, Mathieson)

    RUC: Gawn, Nic Nat (Michael, Currie)

    FWD: Dusty, Bennell, Barlow, Milera, Cockatoo, Menadue, (Hams, Kommer)

    $0 lmao yep $0

    1. Rids (Post author)

      Interesting you have decided to go more a Guns and Rookie approach in AF and mid price madness in DT. Would be keen to hear your thoughts as to why as many would do it opposite to that.

  14. Crippled Brewer

    Team: Fyfe Finger Dunc Punch

    Def: Laird, Duryea, Lonergan, Sheridan, M Brown (Ess), M Adams (WB) (Cowan, Hartley)

    Mid: Rockliff, Fyfe, Parker, B Ellis, Duncan, Libertore, Gresham, Dale (Mathieson, MacPherson)

    Ruc: S Martin, Gawn (S Frost, S. Michael)

    Fwd: D Martin, Barlow, Wingard, D Wells, Cockatoo, Menadue (Cox, McDonald-Tipungwuti)

    30k left

    My bye rounds are fairly well spread except for my round 14 Def but I am hoping to jump on McVeigh after he gets back and starts to score well.

    1. Rids (Post author)

      I don’t mind this team at all. Very nice balance. Good mix of mid and premiums.

      Talk to me about Wingard. What do you see him averaging this year?

  15. Peter James

    Team: Saturday Beers
    AF FANTASY. $61k left

    Def: Shaw, J.Gibson, T. Sheridan, J. Weitering, D.Howe, R. HArwood. Bench: M.Dea, N.Broad

    Mids: J.Lewis, T.Rockliff, P.Dangerfield, G.Ablett, S.Sidebottom, D.Parish, C.Mills, C.Oliver. Bench G.Hewett, R.Davis

    Rucks: S.Martin, S.Jacobs Bench: D.Currie, M.Choi

    Fwds: M.Robinson, S.Gray, A.HAll, D.Wells, W.Millera, C.Menadue Bench: A.MCdonald Tippa….., N.Kommer

    Defenders: Sticking with my 2015 combination of Heater and Gibbo who are my pick of all the defenders available to us this year. The Sheet has also shown good form and I expect decent back line scores from him. Weitering looks at home in the Blues back line, should play every week and will get plenty of it. Howe has put some great scores up in the NAB cup and with the departure of Suckling and no vests this year I’m hoping he can find himself in the best 22 at Hawthorn. With their pinpoint use of the ball he should get plenty of 3+3s I imagine. Harwood has been identified by Rockliff as one of the players they want to have the ball coming out of the backline, has scored well in NAB cup and is well priced. Dea has shown a lot in some shocking Essendon defeats and could easily be at D6 for mine. Broad is holding position for now pending round 1 teams.

    Mids: Lewis went huge at times last year and has a huge ceiling, if he’s fit for round 1. Rocky and Ablett are must haves so no comments needed. Danger forced his way into my side, T.Mitchell was there but you cannot ignore Dangers scores. Sidey is fit and rested after missing games last year and with Swan playing more forward Steele should get plenty of outside ball, he can run all day. Parish, Mills and Oliver are in my opinion the best of the draftees to play in 2016 and although I’m paying a premium I can expect above average rookie scores from them every week. Davis gets in as a cheapy on the assumption he is upgraded on the Suns list. Hewett is a placeholder at this stage, he was Mathieson until he was injured yesterday I believe.

    Rucks: Martin was always R1 for me and R2 cycled around Goldy, Gawn and Luey but I’ve landed on Sauce who I think can lift to return to his best this season. R3,R4 are placeholders only.

    Forwards: Something doesn’t sit right for me with Dusty or Lids so I’ve landed on Robbo who I feel has finally settled in at the Lions and forgotten the losing ways Malthouse taught him. Gray is risky but shows enough where he could get to 90-100 with some luck. Hall gets in on the unfortunate luck the Suns are having and has displayed he can go big. Wells cannot be ignored at his price and is the best midpricers under $300k in my opinion. Milera, Menadue and Tippa are my weakest links I feel as I’m relying on Round 1 games for all 3. Kommer gets in on price only even though when he last played he was averaging 60. Brown misses out purely on yesterday’s performance and could find his way in but from all reports he was putrid and not worth the $193k spend.

    1. Peter James

      Team Edit: Ben Kennedy has come in for Milera leaving $39k in bank

  16. doolman

    Just Plain Nasty $35k left

    DEF: Baguley, Weitering, Howe, Harwood, N.Wilso`n, Adams (Dea, Brown)

    MID: Hannerbery, Danger, Rocky, Adams, Barlow, Gibbs, Mills, Oliver (C.Ellis, Greasham)

    RUC: NicNat, Gawn (Currie, Michael)

    FWD: Robinson, Zerrett, Bennell, Boekhurst, Wells, Kerridge (Menadue, Tippa)

  17. Punchy

    Pretty close having finalised my team. Would love your thoughts.

    Def: Boyd, Shaw, Laird, Lonergan, Harwood, Dea (Hartley, Broad)

    Mids: Lewis, Titchell, Gaz, Rocky, Adams, Duncan, Mills, Gresham (Menadue, Davis)

    Rucks: SMartin, Leuy (Frost, Currie)

    Fwds: Barlow, Hall, Kerridge, Wells, Simpkin, Tippa (Kommer, McCarthy)

    $12k remaining

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