2016 Coaches Whiteboard – Real Dream Team

Welcome to the 2016 version of the Coaches Whiteboard. This is where we get to post our preseason teams and get the views of the Coaches that follow the Coaches Panel.




So it is only fair to start proceedings. Below is my first draft (of many haha) for RDT 2016. Please feel free to critique it as you see fit! I promise I won’t mind at all.


Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.46.07 pm


Preseason has begun!

Note: Please only post Real DreamTeam preseason teams here for discussion.


  1. SloaneDog

    Def: Rosa, Smith, Lonergan, howe, Harwood, Broad (Brown, Adams)
    Mids: Mitchell, Rockliff, Sidebottom, Adams, Parker, Ablett, Libba, B Crouch (Menadue, Mathison, Davis)
    Ruck: Martin, Luey (Grimley)
    Fwd: Martin, Barlow, Hall, Thomas, Menzel, Wells (Kerridge, kommer)

    Remaining 19k

    Obviously relies on performances in last Nab and team selections especially with rookies.

    If Luey doesn’t play this week and look ok then he will go for Gawn, with the cash coming from downgrading Hall/Martin (big risk but one id be prepared to take as it let me have a Mitchell, Sidebottom, etc in the mids as a POD vs Martin up forward) to another mid or forward rookie (can swing menadue fwd) depending on available options. This would then levve extra cash to bring in a sheridan/aish for one of those final on field backs potentially (if Martin was the one to make way).

    1. Rids (Post author)

      That midfield! Love it.

      I really like this team tbh. Light on in the backs which is the right line to do it in. Very even across the board.

  2. Sean Sparks

    Great preseason lads loving your work.

    RDT Gingerninjas

    Def: Shaw, Bartel, Rosa, Seedsman, Byrne, M.Brown (Hartley, K.Collins)

    Mids: Hanneberry, Rockliff, B.Ellis, Sidebottom, I.Smith, Ablett, Libba, Mills (Petracca, Mathieson, D.MacPherson)

    Ruck: Martin, Lberger (Cox)

    Fwd: Barlow, T.Lynch (adelaide), D.Smith, D.Thomas, Kerridge, Wells (Grimley, M.Adams)

    Remaining salary cap $0

    Really want to go fairly cheap in backline but super uncertain about Byrne in there. Have some nice DPP cover opportunities but will definitely be adjusting rookies based on round 1 teams. Injury concerns over Rocky, GAJ, LBerger, Petracca and D.Smith causing me some headaches …

    1. Rids (Post author)

      Another very solid team. Isaac Smith is very interesting. That forward line is also very unique. Will make for some great league match ups as the year progresses!

      Team name rocks as well btw 😉

  3. Joke_R

    Well, we’ve only got 12 days left until the start of the season, so I’m sure many coaches are hard at work finalizing their fantasy sides. Here is my RDT side. I would love the thoughts of the panel and some of the people on here.

    The Harlequins
    Cash Left: $16,400

    Def: J.Bartel, B.Houli, M.Suckling, P.Seedsman, D.Howe, N.Broad (M.Adams, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti)

    Mid: S.Pendlebury, D.Hannebery, T.Rockliff, D.Martin, T.Adams, G.Ablett, C.Mills, J.Gresham (R.Mathieson, R.Davis, D.Gore)

    Ruc: S.Martin, S.Jacobs (M.Cox)

    Fwd: B.Deledio, H.Bennell, D.Thomas, W.Milera, D.Wells, S.Kerridge (C.Menadue, M.Brown)

    1. Rids (Post author)

      I am confused 100% why Dusty is in the mids here. Harley and Lids have had very interrupted preseasons as well. I wouldnt feel comfortable with one of them let alone 2.

  4. doolman

    As close to completed as my teams been all year. $16,300 left

    DEF: Sherriden, Seedsman, N. Wilson, Howe, Harwood, Wetering (Adams, Broad)

    MID: Hannerbury, Danger, Rockfield, McRae, Adams, Gibbs, B.Crouch, Mills (Oliver, Mathieson, Greaham)

    RUC: Martin, Gawn (Currie)

    FWD: Barlow, Bennell, Zerrett, Daisy, Wells, Kernow (Brown, Tippa)

    1. Banshee902

      Clearly have gone weak in the backs and strong in the mids. Haven’t seen Wilson in a lot of teams so clearly is unique and I haven’t researched him so cant comment. Nice to see uniqueness though. I’m not as confident with Seedsman as others. I just think that it is too much of an unknown going into a new team with a new coach and I ignore NAB more or less.

      Interesting that you are keeping on with Brad Crouch. The benefit of his preseason is that many have jumped off but if he plays (which I think he will) he will be a solid performer. Mathieson out for a while with fractured cheekbone?

      Plan for Daisy if he misses round 1??? Keep him and have a sub playing or not?

      Overall its a good team. although I like the idea of going weak in the backs (cos the expensive ones cant be relied on) I personally think you have gone a bit too weak.

  5. Adam Smith

    Post-NAB effort:

    DEF: M Boyd, H Shaw, S Docherty, S Gilbert, T Sheridan, D Howe – M Dea, A McD-Tip
    MID: JP Kennedy, P Dangerfield, B Ellis, T Liberatore, C Mills, B Macaffer, C Oliver, D Wells – J Gresham, G Hewett, R Davis
    Ruck: S Martin, Z Smith – M Chol
    FWD: L Montagna, D Martin, H Bennell, J Steele, C Gault, S Kerridge – W Milera, M Adams
    remaining: 5.2k

    1. Banshee902

      Stronger in the backs than most. Not comfortable with Boyd because of likelihood of resting. He is priced at his average from last year but will surely only play 16 – 19 games even without injury. Gilbert nice and unique and has showed he can score in the past. Consistency an issue though?

      Like the starting rucks. Toying with the same myself.

      Don’t understand the Gault thing. Is he going to be a regular player for the Pies? He is not cheap either.

      As you have spent more in the backs, your mids get quite weak really early in comparison with most teams Ive seen.

      Overall, I think your team is too unique. To me, when teams are very unique it means that you are picking players that the majority of people think are not the best options. I think we need a couple of these but I think you have a few too many (Gault, Steele, Boyd, Gilbert, Macaffer). You also get a bit of uniqueness with your team anyway via picks like Brandon Ellis, Sam Docherty, Bennell, JPK who people will generally agree will perform well but just aren’t in a high percentage of teams. With those types of players you get uniqueness without being speculative

      Being unique vs being speculative might be an interesting podcast topic?

      Rids would probably disagree 🙂

      1. Rids (Post author)

        I like it and will pass it on to the boss – Being unique vs being speculative

        1. Banshee902

          Sorry Rids.. I meant you might not agree with my belief that he was going too unique.

      2. Adam Smith

        thanks for the viewpoint

        with Boyd, I feel that I’ve almost got to start with him (as he’ll most likely be rested a bit post-bye) of which I’ll have a competent D7 there (with a 70-75 point cover player) – but I can gain 10-15 points per week on most other def options with Boyd

        Gilbert was a bit of a left field pick, but he’s done well in the NAB games, and did alright last year – has a friendly bye round considering I’m loaded on rd14 and rd15 bye players in the defs – it’s a pick that I’m reconsidering, but I’m not overly convinced on others around his pricepoint

        I’m very happy with that ruckline – Smartin will be the top ruckman for me, and then ZSmith should generate enough cash for me to turn into a proper premo (Lobbe is neither a keeper or will create enough cash – and then it’s 150k to a Gawn type, which I can’t quite do)

        Gault’s been promoted off the rookie list, so there’s got to be a reason for it – although it is pending a round 1 nomination (have been impressed with him in the NAB games, but does come with a caveat of Cloke not doing too well) – 70s for him is a pass score

        I shall admit that Libba at M4 does look weird for me, but then I’ve gone heavy in my defs and fwds (3 premos in both, 2/3 midpricers, and 1 ‘rookie’)

        1. Banshee902

          Re the Boyd bit… I wonder if a combo like KK (or someone similiary priced) with Sam Gray or Aaron Hall instead of Boyd and Steele would mean that you are not relying on having a strong D7 to cover Boyd. What happens if you have another short term injury in the week where Boyd is having his rest? Would Gray or Hall make up the 15 points that you might lose by having KK instead of Boyd?

  6. Banshee902

    My team .. about 6 changes today from pre NAB 3 team.

    Def: Laird, Baguley, Sheridan, Lonergan, Howe, Brown (ess) (Dea, Hartley)
    Mids: Hannebery, Rocky, Adams, Ablett, Hunter, Libba, Mills, Petracca (Keays, Hibberd, Beech)
    Rux: Martin, Gawn (Michael)
    Fwds: Martin, Barlow, Robinson, Zerrett, Wells, Kerridge (Adams, McTipper)

    remaining $27k

    I recognise that I am a bit weak a bit early in the mids. Would like the 8th mid to be someone else other than Petracca who wont play rnd 1 or the other three on the bench).

    I like Baguley (he has been in my team since pre NAB) because I think he has to have a more central role at Essendon this year and even if he doestn venture into the mids often, he will stay in the backs where the ball will be.

    Hunter in the mids is up in the air. Considering either of the Crouchs instead.

    Also more Essendon players than I would like.

    1. doolman

      Ok I love this team 🙂 Considering our starting rucks and 6 starting forwards are identical, how could I not!! And no, I’m never cryptic or sarcastic, always just straight up ok, so not at all implying any copying has gone on. No fault whatsoever with all your chosen defence. The mids are the only area that needs addressing. Originally Petracca was only expected to miss the 1st week, last I heard its more like 4 weeks. Keays didn’t play the final Brisbane Nab game and got utterly spanked in the reserves, so is no hope lining up round 1. Hunter… simple, if you think he’ll end up a keeper, start him. If not, drop him like a hot potato. Hes too pricy to be a stepping stone or a cashcow. To my memory, I haven’t heard a single thing about Hibberd all preseason and don’t think he played a single nab game, so no hope in hell of him lining up round 1. Beech, never heard of him but maybe you know things about him I don’t. All in all vn iddlingfteam, only mid rooks need fiddling with which is easy done 🙂 By the way, who do I know you as in DT circles please? And I’ll post what “should” be my updated and final team below (Sorry to repost another team in such quick succession CP lads but I promise its my last in the RDT section for the year)

      1. Banshee902

        Banshee902 has been username for a few years now, Team name has been Waters Are Raising but given Beau Waters is gone, the name had to be changed. Team name is now “16 tons”. I might be in a couple of leagues with you. Have been doing Dreamteam for years (over 10) but always underachieved. Mates would say I’ve overachieved and have still been shit 🙂 I only post sporadically but have been reading online DT columns regularly for years and listening to podcasts for the last couple. I HATE the offseason, my wife loves it.

  7. doolman

    Doolanators $70,600 left

    DEF: Baguley, Rosa, N.Wilson, Howe, Harwood, Weitering (Dea, Adams)

    MID: Hannerbery, Dangerfield, Rockliff, McRae, Adams, Gibbs, Mills, OIliver (Greaham, Dunkley, Davis)

    RUC: Martin, Gawn (Currie)

    FWD: Barlow, Bennell, Robinson, Daisy, Wells, Kerridge (Brown, Tippa)

    1. Barra17

      The issue I see with this team is that it is going to be possibly 10 or more upgrades to finalise this team which may be a bit too much. I know you are banking on a couple to stay but it doesn’t always work out that way. If you could have a fiddle and get that upgrade number down it could be a good setup.

    2. Barra17

      Also, I’m sure you probably know now but Daisy is out for a couple of rounds. Try Ben Kennedy, Looks like he has a spot in the Dees 22 after an impressive NAB showing.

  8. Barra17

    Alright, so I’m pretty happy with this now. Obviously rooks may change depending on Round 1.

    Lost Souls $18,200k left.

    Back: H.Shaw, J.Bartel, R.Laird, R.Harwood, M.Dea, M.Brown (M.Hartley, M.Adams)

    Mid: T.Mitchell, T. Rockliff, T.Adams, L.Parker, G.Ablett, T.Liberatore, C.Oliver, J.Gresham (L.Sumner, C.Petracca, R.Davis)

    Ruck: S.Martin, T.Goldstein (D.Currie)

    Forward:D.Martin, B.Deledio, M.Barlow, B.Kennedy, D.Wells, S.Kerridge (N.Kommer, A.Mcdonald-Tipungwuti)

  9. Joke_R

    Greetings all. We’re coming into the home stretch. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve got my team all sorted. The best thing I can do now is leave it alone until lockout. I like the symmetry of having exactly $10,000 left. I feel like it’s a sign. I won’t know about the rookies until team sheets come out, but this is what I have so far. I know this team does look somewhat similar to coach Kane’s RDT team, but that’s just because great minds think alike.

    The Harlequins – RDT
    Cash Left: $10,000

    Def: J.Bartel, B.Houli, M.Suckling, T.Sheridan, P.Seedsman, D.Howe (M.Dea, M.Adams)

    Mid: J.Lewis, D.Hannebery, T.Rockliff, J.Macrae, T.Adams, G.Ablett, C.Mills, C.Oliver (C.Menadue, J.Gresham, R.Davis)

    Ruc: S.Martin, M.Leuenberger (M.Chol)

    Fwd: M.Robinson, A.Hall, B.Kennedy, W.Milera, D.Wells, S.Kerridge (L.McCarthy, A.Mcdonald-Tipungwuti)


  10. SloaneDog

    I don’t have twitter so am going to leave this question here…

    Liberatore: is he a must have for DT. Im torn in a big way. Worried his preseason he just couldn’t get the ball although he tackled well in game 1.

    For me it comes down at the moment to (sheridan and libba) vs (Macrae and Mitch Brown) – (moving 1 of Dea/Brown/Broad/Adams/Tippa onto my field in defence)

    Sheridan probably 20 points upside libba 20-40 (although maybe 20 early season and build from there) vs macrae a few points vs Brown 30-40 also.

    So more value in total with sheridan and libba i guess but not much

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