2016 Coaches Whiteboard – Supercoach

Welcome to the 2016 version of the Coaches Whiteboard. This is where we get to post our preseason teams and get the views of the Coaches that follow the Coaches Panel.


So it is only fair to start proceedings. Below is my first draft (of many haha) for SuperCoach 2016. Please feel free to critique it as you see fit! I promise I won’t mind at all.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.53.17 pm

Preseason has begun!

Note: Please only post SuperCoach preseason teams here for discussion.


  1. Heath Kingham

    $47,800 left over – not sure about having danger and duncan (may go parker) – leuey will depend if he plays nab4 (if not will go slinclair, and down grade a defender)
    DEF – rosa, z williams, sheridan, lonergan, weitering, m brown (ESS), hartley, k collins

    MID – fyfe, danger, ablett, rocky, duncan, m crouch, liber, mills, petracca, mathieson, r davis

    RUC – gawn, leuey, grimley

    FWD – d martin, barlow, z merrett, greene, wells, kerridge, menadue, AMT

  2. Christopher Morgan

    Hey everyone! Love the work that is done on here and especially the podcasts, enjoy everyones POV.

    If i get lucky enough for my team to be discussed on a podcast then that would be fantastic!

    D- Birchall, johannisen, the sheet, lonergan, howe, weitering. Tippa, hartley

    M- GAJ, danger, gray, bont, shiel.parker, libba, mills. Gore, mathieson, davis

    R- goldy, gawn. Grimely

    F-Barlow, hall, wells, kennedy,menadue,kerridge. Brown, mcarthy

    And a massive $800 remaining!
    No fyfe and rocky as both interupted preseasons, simple as that. Similar with dusty, if anyone were to be affected he might be with personal issues? From my experience, if any doubt swing the axe.
    No pendles concerns me, thoughts are the pie will be shared more and buckley didnt hesitate throwing pendles straight back when under pressure.

  3. Heath Kingham

    hey – looking for some feedback regarding my team – taken a few punts –

    d – h shaw, johannisen, lonergan, d howe, weitering, hartley, m adams, AMT
    m – ablett, rocky, fyfe, danger, duncan, j kelly, liber, c mills, menadue, g hewett, r davis
    r – s martin, gawn, grimley
    f – barlow, greene, hall, wells, mccarthy, kerridge, b kennedy, petracca

    5k left over (up in air between howe and dea)

  4. Peter Noble

    We’re getting close to seeing if the ‘work’ will bear fruit.
    Comments welcome on my SC team
    B:Shaw, Laird Sheridan, Weitering, MBrown, Ruggles, -Hartley, KColins.
    M:Fyffe, Danger, Pendle, Ablett, Rockliff, Macrae, DeGoey, Mills -Oliver, Menadue, Gresham.
    R: Martin, Leuenberger, -Grimley.
    F:Gunston, Barlow, DMenzel, Wells, Simpkin, Kerridge -MMcgovern, MAdams

    Love the feedback

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