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I am a DT Coach! Once upon a time I played Supercoach seriously. In 2016, I have decided to do so once again. But where do I start? Where are the differences? Which players are relevant in which format?confused

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This is often a point of contention. A lot of people jump on the same player whether the competition is SC or DT/AF. It is very important to do some research across the platforms and to differentiate between them. This article is not to do that research for you but is to be used as a guide to emphasise this point.

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What I will do is look at the eligible top 10 players across the backs, forwards and rucks, as well as the top 20 in the mids based on average from 2015. This will be done in 4 separate articles. I will just simply put all players into a table right next to each other along with their average. DT and AF both use the same scoring system so I will put them together as to not double up. I will list only players named in the positions for 2016.


Top 10 Defenders

Player SC2015 AveragePlayer DT2015 Average
Heath Shaw112.6M. Boyd104.4
Matthew Boyd103.9J. McVeigh97.2
Jarrad McVeigh100.5H. Shaw96
Alex Rance97C. Enright91.2
Tom McDonald95.9J. Bartel89.2
Bachar Houli95.6R. Laird88.3
Corey Enright95.6B.Houli86.9
Michael Hurley (ineligible)94.8K. Simpson85.6
Rory Laird93.8J. Gibson85.3
Kade Simpson92.7A. Mackie84.9
Robert Murphy91.8
2016 SC for a DT Coach - Top 10 defenders

– SuperCoach scoring is favourable to key position backs! There are 3 in the top 10 (Rance, McDonald and Hurley) and just outside the top 10 are Hooker and Josh Gibson. In stark contrast only Gibson and Hurley feature in the top 15 defenders for RDT/AF

– Heath Shaw is a clear number 1 in SuperCoach. Shaw averaged an incredible 16.6 pts more in SuperCoach than he did in RDT/AF. There is a 8.7 pt difference between Shaw and Boyd at number 2. Over 22 games that equates to 191 pts for the season.

– In what is one of the biggest difference I have seen for an individual player ever between the 2 comps, Alex Rance comes in at number 4 for SuperCoach averaging a very solid 97. His ranking for RDT/AF? 53rd at an average of 71.

– 3 x 2016 eligible defenders averaged 100 or better in 2015. If we take a look at last years’ list (select here if it interests you), there was only 1 – Nick Malceski. Amazing how much can change in just 12 months!

– Mr Evergreen himself Corey Enright was written off by all this time last year. Yet, for what seems forever, I find myself highlighting him AGAIN. He finds himself 7th for SuperCoach and 4th for RDT/AF. There is another ‘old timer’ that most seem to be writing off this preseason who features higher than Enright on these lists. Thoughts on Matty Boyd now?

– Tom McDonald is in the top 5 for SuperCoach at an average of 95.9. He went at 80.5 in RDT/AF and features at 17. He has just turned 23 and is in a team that should improve no end in 2016. The interesting thing about this is that he was averaging 111 at round 8 and only went sub 100 in average for the first time after round 14. At this age he should only improve.


Defender Watch – Brodie Smith



2016 Supercoach price – $415,500

Smith started the 2015 season as the 4th highest priced defender available. He started with a bang as well playing a little further up the field with scores of 144 and 117. He then copped a head knock in round 4 and continued to get knocked out a couple of times in the rounds after (including one where Nick Riewoldt did one of the clumsiest things I have ever seen on the footy field). It took him quite a while to recover from these head knocks. When I say quite a while, he did not score a SC 100 between rounds 2 and 19. Of course there were other factors that influenced this that we are all aware of. Even though this guy has frustrated me no end over the last few years, I do think 2015 can be written off as pure bad luck on many fronts.

If we are writing off 2015 then 2014 figures need to be taken into account and emphasised on. Smith played 22 games at an average of 93.55. New coach Don Pyke has already mentioned a couple of times already that Smith will be used across half back. The same role that saw him win All Australian honours in 2014. He has also played at the Adelaide Oval on 22 occasions and it is clearly his favourite ground of all. He averages 90 there and that includes that Nick Riewoldt affected 16 from last year. The other thing going for him is the lack of genuine options around his price tag. It might be seen as risky, but it is definitely a risk worth taking at $415,500.



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  1. 3rdM

    Great article Rids! It is definitely worth looking at some different players in both formats – Rance is a great example! A guy like Heath Shaw is good in DT but amazing in SC too, looks like if somebody’s not starting with him in SC then he’s definitely gotta be in their planning as an upgrade target at this stage.

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