2016 SC for a DT Coach – Forwards


I am a DT Coach! Once upon a time I played Supercoach seriously. In 2016, I have decided to do so once again. But where do I start? Where are the differences? Which players are relevant in which format?confused

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This is often a point of contention. A lot of people jump on the same player whether the competition is SC or DT/AF. It is very important to do some research across the platforms and to differentiate between them. This article is not to do that research for you but is to be used as a guide to emphasise this point.

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What I will do is look at the top 10 players across the backs, forwards and rucks, as well as the top 20 in the mids based on average from 2015. This will be done in 4 separate articles. I will just simply put all players into a table right next to each other along with their average. DT and AF both use the same scoring system so I will put them together as to not double up. I will list only players named in the positions for 2016.


Top 10 Forwards

Player SC2015 AveragePlayer DT2015 Average
Brett Deledio112.8Leigh Montagna109
Leigh Montagna111Dustin Martin103.5
Dustin Martin105.5Luke Dahlhaus97.6
Luke Dahlhaus104.5Brett Deledio95.7
Harley Bennell101.7Nick Riewoldt93.9
Dayne Zorko100.6Michael Barlow93
Chad Wingard97.8Jack Gunston92.2
Jack Gunston96.6Harley Bennell92
Jarryd Roughead96.4Mitch Robinson91
Shaun Higgins95.3Zac Merrett90.5
2016 SC for a DT Coach - Top 10 forwards

– It is all about Brett Deledio at first glance who averaged 17pts more a game in Supercoach than RDT.

– Deledio started 2015 with injury affected scores of 66 and 60. He played 15 games after the 60 for 12 scores of 100+.

– Dustin Martin interestingly only averaged 2 pts a game better in SC than DT in 2015. If he tidies up his possesssions a little more then expect this gap to grow in 2016.

– Nick Riewoldt is at number 5 in DT but does not feature in the top 10 for SC. He has averaged 100+ in multiple years in SC and if the move up the ground eventuates, might just surprise the fantasy community one last time in 2016!

– Harley Bennell is definitely a SC stud going at just under 10 pts a game better in SC for 2015. With the decent Fremantle draw early he is one to watch out for.

– Wingard, Roughead and Higgins all feature only in the SC list above.

Forward Watch – Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin

Buddy Franklin

Buddy Franklin

2016 Supercoach price – $470,100

Buddy’s 2015 can be looked at in 2 halves – pre bye and post bye. He went into the bye with scores of 149, 121 and 111 and was averaging 98 for the season at that stage. When he came back however, he struggled with body and mind. Round 15 saw him get towelled up by Alex Rance and then limped home for the rest of the season. He called an end to season 2015 in round 22 due to mental health issues. The rounds prior to that he struggled to do his shoe laces up let alone bend over to pick up the footy because of a bad back. Post bye saw him average 66. His overall average therefore dropped to 87.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.08.22 am

The above is enough to suggest that Franklin when fit is very SC relevant. 4 season averages over 100 2 of which are 110+. Games played however counters this. It has been a while since Franklin has played 20 games in a season. He has always struggled with suspension and injuries. Watch his preseason and see where he is at. As always with Buddy, he comes with a few headaches.


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