2016 SC for a DT Coach – Midfielders


I am a DT Coach! Once upon a time I played Supercoach seriously. In 2016, I have decided to do so once again. But where do I start? Where are the differences? Which players are relevant in which format?confused

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This is often a point of contention. A lot of people jump on the same player whether the competition is SC or DT/AF. It is very important to do some research across the platforms and to differentiate between them. This article is not to do that research for you but is to be used as a guide to emphasise this point.

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What I will do is look at the top 10 players across the backs, forwards and rucks, as well as the top 20 in the mids based on average from 2015. This will be done in 4 separate articles. I will just simply put all players into a table right next to each other along with their average. DT and AF both use the same scoring system so I will put them together as to not double up. I will list only players named in the positions for 2016.


Top 20 Midfielders

Player SC2015 AveragePlayer DT2015 Average
Nathan Fyfe124.3Jack Steven111.7
Patrick Dangerfield119.9Luke Hodge111.1
Scott Pendlebury116.2Scott Pendlebury111
Gary Ablett115.5Jordan Lewis110.7
Dan Hannebery114.5Daniel Hannebery110.7
David Mundy113.5Dane Swan110.1
Dayne Beams113.4Leigh Montagna109
Matthew Priddis113.3Josh P Kennedy107.5
Leigh Montagna111David Armitage107
Robbie Gray110.4Brent Stanton (ineligible)106.8
Josh P Kennedy110.2Tom Mitchell106.7
David Armitage109.7Patrick Dangerfield106.3
Sam Mitchell108.7David Mundy105.6
Luke Hodge108.3Nathan Fyfe105.1
Adam Treloar106.8Tom Rockliff104.7
Callan Ward106.4Andrew Gaff104.6
Dane Swan105.9Jackson Macrae104.6
Dustin Martin105.5Adam Treloar104.1
R. Sloane105.5Sam Mitchell103.7
D. Heppell (ineligible)104.8Dustin Martin103.5
J. Selwood104.8Dayne Beams103
2016 SC for a DT Coach - Top 20 Mids

– Dyson Heppell is obviously missing season 2016 so I have included the 21st mid in the above table for both SC and RDT. Welcome aboard Selwood and Beams!

– Only 2 DPP eligible players for 2016 feature in the SC list – Dusty and Joey Montagna. This does give us an indication of how strong and even the midfield group is in direct comparison to the forward and back lines. But what does this mean? I personally think it highlights the need to select the ‘right’ premium forwards and backs straight up!

– Dan Hannebery is now officially relevant in all formats! He ranked top 5 in all for average and total points.There is every chance that he will be very unique still in 2016. Might be time for us coaches to start looking at him in a different light.

– Robbie Gray is still very SC relevant as a mid only. His contested style of play sees him rank top 10 for SC in the above list. He isn’t close to top 20 for RDT coming in at number 40.

– We all know how good a season the 2 number 1 players featured in the table had! The big thing here however is that Fyfe and Steven were only really relevant in their specific format. Steven doesn’t feature in the top 20 for SC yet was number 1 for RDT. Fyfe was a decisive number 1 for the mids in SC. Yet was at number 14 in the RDT list. It is always good to see these sort of differences with scoring between the formats for certain players.

– Mr SC himself Gary Ablett had one arm, one leg and one shoulder for the games he played in 2015. Yet amazingly in SC he was the 4th best mid for averages! He came in at number 49 for RDT…. not a typo people! 2 trains of thought here for the bald SC God. First one is that people get is that Ablett is a LOT more expensive in SC and RDT so therefore doesn’t offer value in this format. The second one is simply “What would Gary Ablett have averaged in SC with actual working limbs in 2015?” Either way, his SC history is imposing which is always hard to pass up on no matter how much he is priced!

Midfielder Watch – Marcus Bontempelli


2016 Supercoach price – $557,100

Of course I could have gone with his much hyped up 2016 mid price teammate Tom Liberatore here but truth be told, I am cautious with Libba. This guy however seems to be sliding under the radar a lot in comparison. This guy in only his second year went at an average of 103.25. On 6 different occasions in 2015, ‘The Bont’ went 120 or better in a game for SC. Now that doesn’t jump off the page at you I know but don’t forget that ceiling is very very important for me in the formats. Scores of 142, 147 and 153 mean that not only does Bontempelli have a very high ceiling, that he reaches these highs a few times. Let’s look at why I am highlighting him in this section now.

In round 6 the Doggies played the Saints. Bontempelli had a reasonably quiet day scoring 66 in RDT from 15 disposals, 4 tackles and no goals. What was his Supercoach score for this game? 113. I have been on record as not totally understanding how some players get a certain SC score at times but the fact of the matter is, the score happened. I then had a further look at Bontempelli to see if this was a one off. Round 22 against North Melbourne and yes, he had the Ben Jacobs tag during this game, we scored a solid 93 in RDT. Supercoach you might ask….. 153!!!! Anyone who can turn a sub par game into a ton or an average game into a mega ton is someone I will always be interested in!

One last thing about ‘The Bont’. There is a lot of room for improvement for him. He is only entering his 3rd season. Natural progression alone means that he should improve. He also had a very down patch through the middle of 2015 where he registered one 100 score (albeit a very big 142) in a batch of 9 games. One of these was when he was heavily tagged by Bernie Vince for a score of 42.

Sky is really the limit for this kid! All aboard ‘The Bont’ train. It is going to be one hell of a trip.


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