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I am a DT Coach! Once upon a time I played Supercoach seriously. In 2016, I have decided to do so once again. But where do I start? Where are the differences? Which players are relevant in which format?confused

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This is often a point of contention. A lot of people jump on the same player whether the competition is SC or DT/AF. It is very important to do some research across the platforms and to differentiate between them. This article is not to do that research for you but is to be used as a guide to emphasise this point.

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What I will do is look at the top 10 players across the backs, forwards and rucks, as well as the top 20 in the mids based on average from 2015. This will be done in 4 separate articles. I will just simply put all players into a table right next to each other along with their average. DT and AF both use the same scoring system so I will put them together as to not double up. I will list only players named in the positions for 2016.



Supercoach introduced a new ruck scoring system for 2015. Long story short they removed hit outs which were 1 pt each. They then added an additional few points to the stat hit-out to advantage to make them 5 pts each. At the start of the 2015 season there was a lot of discussion whether we would see an increase or decrease in averages for rucks. The below table is the top ten listed for 2016 with their averages for 2014 and 2015 in SC. Then the very same 10 players with their 2014 and 2015 averages for DT. It isn’t conclusive by any means but will give us an indication of the trend.

Top 10 Rucks 2014 to 2015 comparison for SC

Player SC2015 Average2014 Average Pts difference
Todd Goldstein128.8106.8+22
Stefan Martin110.8111.6-0.8
Sam Jacobs108115.3-7.3
Aaron Sandilands107.8108.5-0.7
Shane Mumford105.7114.8-9.1
Mark Blicavs104.369.2+35.1
Nic Naitanui103.990.8+13.1
Max Gawn102.163.2+38.9
Ivan Maric95.499.7-4.3
Brodie Grundy90.662.8+27.8

Top 10 Rucks 2014 to 2015 Comparison in DT

Player DT 2015 Average2014 AveragePts difference
Todd Goldstein113.887.5+26.3
Stefan Martin114112+2
Sam Jacobs 96.497.4-1
Aaron Sandliands87.786.5+1.2
Shane Mumford94.492.5+1.9
Mark Blicavs97.462.8+34.6
Nic Naitanui88.372.9+15.4
Max Gawn91.958.3+33.6
Ivan Maric82.185.2-3.1
Brodie Grundy91.160.7+30.4

– Shane Mumford increased his DT average from 92.5 to 94.4 in 2015. Yet in SC his average dropped from 114.8 to 105.7. Can this be attributed to the change in scoring?

– Goldstein increased his SC average by 22 a game. In DT he increased it by 26 pts a game.

– Goldstein is a SC stud! That there is no doubt. His 2015 SC average of 128.8 made him the number one ranked player for SC 2015. The next best was Brownlow medailst Fyfe who went at 124 a game. The question will be whether the Goldy can maintain it for 2016. A price tag of $695,100 is very hefty especially for a ruckman.

– Sam Jacobs 2015 SC average dropped from 115 to 108 (7 points). His DT average however only saw a drop of a point.

– 2015 saw 3 break out rucks! Max Gawn, Mark Blicavs and Brodie Grundy all increasing both their DT and SC averages by some huge numbers. Grundy had a bigger increase (2.6 pts a game) in DT than in SC. Blicavs saw a slightly bigger increase (0.5 pts a game) in SC than DT. Max Gawn SC increase in average was 5 pts a game better than his DT increase. Who will be the break outs for 2016?

Ruck Watch – Kurt Tippett

tippett2016 Supercoach price – $483,300

This guy is hard to get a read on. Something changed however in 2015. Up to and including round 13, Tippett averaged just shy of 14 hit-outs a game (and that included round 1 and round 2 where he had 22 and 26). He averaged 76.3 in SC up to this point of the season. After round 13 however he averaged 23.5 hit-outs a game and went at 109.5 in SC. There was a definite role change where he became the first choice ruck. Due to this he also gained ruck eligibility for season 2016.

When I am looking for a ‘unique’ in a position, the first thing I look for is ceiling. It is no good your POD not influencing your weekly rankings/league match ups. Tippett has a monster ceiling with scores of 143, 157 and a mammoth 165 against his former team in SC 2015. Callum Sinclair was traded to the Swans during the off season and many thought that he would become the first choice ruck for the Swans.  I actually think that he will play a very similar role he played at the Eagles. Sinclair has a great pair of hands and makes an impact around the ground when on ball. He is the perfect foil for a guy like Tippett.

Keep an eye out through the NAB to see how these 2 guys operate!



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