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General Pondering’s

AF is all about value given the taxes that have been placed on rookies and those coming back from injury. Teams starting with more than a couple of guys who are at their top price, simply won’t be able to own 22 keepers due to the limitations of salary caps. Those waisting spots will be found out very early, and thus people must be thinking outside the square, even as far as selecting a playing ruck at R3 (something which I’m continuing to toy with).

Due to the two trades a week, this is a game which needs to be based more so around ‘runs’ rather than season long performances. If Gary Ablett can average 110 for the season, but has a first half of the season average of 100, he’s perhaps a waisted selection from the beginning. Read these types of brilliant articles (HERE) from Tim for an advanced method on trying to decipher when a run may or may not occur.

Finally, I can absolutely promise you that if you have a similar starting structure to the generic guns and rookies which will plaque RDT and SC this season, you’ll be in for a long season. Think outside the square. Liam Picken was close enough to the number one defender last season. Someone out of the blue will undoubtedly fire again. If you believe in them, take your own advice! Good luck with another season of the rollercoaster up and downs which make Fantasy Footy the 24/7 addiction we all fail to deal with for the next six months!

P.S. I’m going to be doing this in a slightly different format to the others, so apologies if you don’t enjoy it as much. Hopefully it works out for the best.


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So many guys are floating around that mid-price bracket that it may easily be the most important spot on your field to nail, and nail early. Names such as; Lonergan, Aish, Howe, Sheppard and Wilson are just a few more to add to the list of names currently in my side. What if none hit the heights we’d hoped for? There aren’t many going more than two (actual) premiums in defence, perhaps that could be the best differential of all. Much to ponder. Whilst I only own one premium priced player, there are at least another 5 over the 80 mark I’d be happy enough to pick. Have a real think about those mid-pricers, but please don’t be drawn in by hype NAB guys. Evaluate these guys yourself and make cold, hard judgements. Don’t be fooled by NAB scores, we’ve all been there and it’s as rookie a mistake as they come. We all know the next Lumumba is right around the corner, and I’d prefer for all our sakes we avoid picking him.


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This is a line that demands some comment. The structure in the rookies is what most won’t agree with, or more simply, what most will avoid. Here is the reasoning. Firstly, we all know the mid rookies are the worst we’ve seen, perhaps in the last ten seasons or so. The options on this line whom I don’t own, who I personally think have a somewhat decent chance of being picked for Round 1 (under $200,000), are Weller and Davis. Both these two have very limited job security. All three of the rookies I’ve picked have immense to solid job security. Two of the three have strong value. If you pick Davis, he must play at least two games. If you are trading him at an evaluation of 140k, your options will be bare to non-existent, and trading a player out at that value doesn’t progress your side. Think strongly about this, as it’s an extremely risky strategy to take in my belief. Then again, if you evaluate Davis or Weller, or any other rookie, differently to me, then by all means back yourself in. But be prepared for what may occur.


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Another difficult line for me to deal with, because two of these spots will be wasted with neither bench selection likely to play early. The cheapest ruck likely to play early is Grimley, and at $226,000, he’s unlikely to even hold value. So then it quickly becomes rather difficult to place someone of that price, on the bench. The two spots are a certain waste though, so I’m really interested to see what people come up with. Remember, increasing that dollar value is more important than ever in AF and wasting two positions makes it that much harder. Hopefully Currie is a surprise inclusion (one can hope)!


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Welcome to the hype forward line! All aboard! I may sound contradictory but if you evaluate these guys without external opinion and still come to the same conclusion as many, then it’s hard to say no. A few have been floating around my forward line, and this is subject to change, but I’m happy with it. Again the forward rookies are worth dillydallying on about, but you get the picture. Pick guys you believe have the strongest job security. I have the utmost faith in those two on my bench, and with a fair amount of luck, I’m hoping they can produce a couple of solid scores in a row at some point in the season.



Please hit me up on the Coaches Panel Facebook page HERE or over on my twitter @b_gogos! I hope I’ve given some food for thought as we head into the last hours before the first lockout of season 2016!


  1. Jez

    This definitely is the most similar structure posted when compared with what I have, I have been contemplating going for price rises over premium at the beginning of the season and am even contemplating trading out Boyd if he starts off the first month with some very decent score. I have Mills, Oliver and/or Caff/Trengove occupying the M8, 9 & 10 in my side. I’m not overly fussed about the coin as I think they’ll be the highest money makers in that price bracket.

    1. Jez

      I should say I can’t decide if I should start Gawn or Burger, the value is there for Burger and so is the glaringly hideous amount of games he has played. In saying that as I think Rids said the other day I don’t think Gawn can outscore Burger by enough to warrant the 200k price differential. So many options this season.

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