2016 Team Reveal – Hammer

2016 DT team reveal - Hammer


Defenders, DT

Jimmy Bartel – I feel like Jimmy Bartel is the most likely to maintain price out of the ‘genuine backline premiums’, he’s slightly under-priced due to that score of 8 last year.

Rory Laird – Looks like maintaining that role that allows him to peel off his man when necessary and junk it up big time, will fit in well next to Junk Time Jimmy. Jaensch retiring pulled him across the line for me.

Taylor Duryea – Duryea carries a slight risk with the red dotted line allocated to him on DT, but since I’m locking in Rocky and Gaz, Duryea gets the same treatment. He’s a beneficiary of Hawthorn’s controlled uncontested mark style, +6’s galore!

Tommy Sheridan – Tommy is one who’s survived since the first draft, his NAB form certainly did his chances no harm. I’m not sure he will average enough to be a top 10 defender due to his lack of marking and tackling. However, his bye round and price is perfect for my structure. Might end up named McVeigh come round 15.

Paul Seedsman – Seeeeeed! I think he has a clear role on the wing at the Crows, and we all know how much he loves to link up in play. Confident he will average 80+ for me, hopefully more!

Matt Dea – Averaged 79, 72 and 76 in the VFL for the past 3 years, he also rebounded well in the last NAB game. Hopeful of a 60 average here.

The Bench – Gone with two cheap, DPP, Essendon rooks here. I’ve also got Marcus Adams on the forward bench as a swingman option. Hopefully one of Dea, Brown, Tippa and Adams turn out to be good enough to start.



Midfielders, DT

Jordan Lewis – Was the go to captain option early last year, I expect him to go 110+ again.

Tom Rockliff – This one should be fairly self-explanatory. Fingers crossed on fitness.

Jack Macrae – I’m 50/50 between Macrae and Hannebery. Both are ball magnets who mark and tackle. Hanners probably hits the scoreboard a little more regularly, but also gets tagged more often. Currently got Macrae as he’s slightly cheaper and the kitty is looking bare. I think both are very good chances to be a top 10 mid.

Taylor Adams – Hard to pass on someone with his ceiling, especially when they look locked into the role suitable for said ceiling.

Gary Ablett – Possibly the GOAT, and he’s only $547k! I think he’s a lot more match ready than he was this time last year, hopefully I’m not wrong.

Brad Crouch – When the best player in the AFL is $321k you pick him. Okay, he may not be the best, but for someone his age, he is very good.

Callum Mills – Relatively simple pick, he’s found himself a reliable and DT friendly role and has talent to burn. Lock and load.

Clayton Oliver – He was very impressive in the NAB cup, so if named, Oliver should be in my side. Besides, there’s not many alternatives this year.

The Bench – Entirely dependent on who’s named. Currently got Menadue there with DPP, which is partly for future downgrade purposes.



Rucks, DT

Stefan Martin – One word, BEAST! Plays like a midfielder, but still has time to take the ruck contests. He’s my pick to be the best ruck, again.

Matthew Leuenberger – Seems to be an unpopular selection, but, I too have gone with Leuey. Why? He is the perfect player for my structure. If he stays in the park, he’s the number 1 ruck and should make some $$$. Will give me a look at the other ruckmen before locking in a R2, which is the most valuable aspect of picking him.

Sam Grimley – Looks likely to play, has DPP, and may pick up his scoring if needed to cover Leuey. Won’t be expecting much from him though.



Forwards, DT

Dustin Martin – Has been a top forward for a couple of years now and is only getting better. He’s a relatively safe bet for the top 6 forwards.

Michael Barlow – Even if he repeats last year’s effort he is not a bad pick. But, if he returns to the form of previous years he’s an absolute lock! Time will tell.

Lance Franklin – Can be considered under-priced due to his back and mental health issues late last season. I’m torn between him and Sam Gray as both my value and round 14 bye premium for my forward line. I feel like if Buddy is fit (both physically and mentally) he is basically a lock for a 95+ average. Oh, and did I mention that Sydney play all of Carlton, Brisbane and Essendon in the first 7 rounds? Sounds like a risk worth taking.

Jarryd Lyons – He’s been tearing up the SANFL for a few years now, and there’s no sub vest to get in his way. Initially I thought CEY would take the spot in the team, but Lyons outplayed him in the NAB and offers more up forward.

Daniel Wells – Absolute lock in my books. Wells was one of North’s best players pre-injury and should do plenty to warrant a spot onfield.

Sam Kerridge – Priced at $177k, has fwd DPP and has been gifted a role as a ball winning mid, what more can you ask for?

The Bench – Marcus Adams is there for his DPP, and I’m currently sitting with McGovern as the other option. I just think he’s more likely to boost his score with marks and tackles than the small pressure forwards in Kommer and McCarthy. Job security is a bit of a worry though, he might turn into Milera if I can find the cash.


Keen to hear your thoughts, tear it apart if you must!


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