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MJLicious’ SuperCoach Side

OK… Here is is, my SuperCoach starting squad. below I’ll explain my selections and structure plan.

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I’m not mucking around by passing on Shaw and hoping to snag him cheaper later, get him now and avoid the headache even if I could snag him a few bucks cheaper. I can see Smith & Rich to quality ball users by foot I think both are primed to bounce into premium backline status while Sheridan was a strong performer late last year & under the watchful eye of Brent Guerra I’m confident his use of the ball by foot will make him a strong enough option to hold. Weitering is made for SuperCoach and gets the nod at D 5, while McDonald-Tipungwuti, Brown & Adams will battle it out for my final spot on field.


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With the weekly captaincy loophole available having multiple options gives me great flexibility. Rockliff, Ablett, Pendls, Fyfe and Danger are all legitimate options every single week. The addition of Dylan Shiel as my 6th midfielder is because I genuinely be’ll he’ll explode this season. Coming off an average of 102 last year is just the tip of the iceberg for this kid. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s in the talk for a Brownlow medal in 2016 and for years ahead. Mills and Macaffer are both hard to say “no” especially given some strong job security, while Mednadue will hopefully snag some games early with a few Tigers out injured. Davis & Gresham are are just a place holders they could easily become a Hewett, Keays or even Petracca depending on who gets named.


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A solid return to the 100+ average from NicNat last year and I believe with another preseason he can bounce back to his 2012 season and average over 110. If he does tha the’ll be one of the top 2-3 rucks. Leuenberger is hard to ignore at his price, has the history of when the #1 ruck and fit he’ll avg 95+ which at under half the price of Goldy I find impossible to say no too. Could he burn me… sure, but nobody can predict injury and although he hasn’t been sighted in NAB neither has Rocky or Ablett. With a SuperCoach friendly ruck role in the first few rounds he should rise in price nicely. All I need is 5-6 consectutive games (minimum) and i’m set. The handcuffing of him to Grimley open up a DPP link if I choose to hold Berger through the season and trade one of my forwards up to a premium mid that’s bottomed out in price.


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Why every side doesn’t have Dusty is beyond me. He’s a SuperCoach beast, and playing an amazingly young Carlton he should smash out a cracker score in round one. The promise of more midfield time from Ross Lyon (and confirmed by David Mundy himself in our latest podcast) is all I need to lock him in at F2. Wells, Kerridge & Simpkin and obvious selections based on price and DPP While i think Milera is a perfect SuperCoach forward bench option. Classy user, who will impact the scoreboard. Kommer is the best of the sub $150K forward rookies when it comes to job security.

Here’s hoping everything goes my way, but that’s how I plan to start my side in SuperCoach 2016. Feel free to comment below, or tweet me @mjwant, I’d love to chat to your about your side

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