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AFL Fantasy – Ridley United


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While things might change in the next couple of days with the team sheets, it should only be the rookies that are affected.



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Heath Shaw – I know he is priced at optimum level but I really don’t see any other premium defender I want at all. So I will just start with him and hope he repeats 2015. If he doesn’t then all good. I will cross that bridge when and if it comes.

Jason Johannisen – had a huge NAB. I wanted to have a decent defender option who had the round 14 bye. JJ appears one of the better options to me. He has been on my radar since early this year and after that third NAB game, I really cant pass now in AFL Fantasy.

Brodie Smith – Yes I know! I said I wouldn’t but I am. I love roller coasters so all aboard!

Jesse Lonergan – appears to be a very decent option for AFL Fantasy. Should have a good role to start and then get less mid rotations as the year progresses. We need to generate cash somewhere.

Dan Howe – Another I wasn’t going to go near but have changed my mind. As I said above, we need to generate cash away from the rookies this year. Howe could be perfect for this.

Harwood, Hartley, Adams – they are the 3 defender rookies I like so nuff said really.



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Patrick Dangerfield – I can’t ignore his preseason form. I usually pay no attention to the premiums through the NAB but this is the exception to the rule. I also think the return of Joel Selwood is a good thing for Dangerfield.

Tom Rockliff – Is an obvious starter in most teams. I don’t particularly care if premiums play NAB or not. Too much value and ceiling to not start!

Brad Ebert – My reasons are listed in this Person of Interest I did on Ebert a few weeks ago. Click here to read. I am sticking to the plan!

Taylor Adams – Another I have been very keen on since I made this call back in December.Click here for a gander.

“I think Adams will be the number #1 averaging player for 2016”. I even wrote an article explaining why.

Trent Cotchin – People will hate this selection but to be very honest I don’t particularly care. I remember chatting to Hook a few years back and he went with a guy called Scott Selwood. Scooter was, and probably still is one of his favourites. He had a gut feel not just once, but twice that year with Scooter and back it in. No one player will win you a competition obviously, but the right guy gives you a nice start on the competition. I have a massive gut feel on Cotchin this year with the addition of some of the bigger bodies (Townsend and Moore) around him. I might be totally wrong which is fine, but I am going to back it in. After all he is only priced at 91 and AFL Fantasy is the place where anything goes!

Ryan Bastinac – He is 50/50 to start at the moment. The guy who might replace him is Brendan Ah Chee. I am just waiting on the team sheets to work out which way I will be going. I am a fan of Ah Chee and there is a chance I might juggle the team around to go Mills to Ah Chee still. Team sheets will be the key here.

Callum Mills – Probably won’t start for me but is the best option around that price tag imo. Will depend on team sheets how I go here.

Brent Macaffer – Hard to say no to at that price tag. If he is named round 1 which I think he will be, then he will be m8 for.

Bench Rookies – whatever. Not much here I like at all. Really not a fan of making the kids too much in price tbh as I like to be able to select them and follow them through the season. It is what it is however and we deal with the cards we have been dealt.



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Stefan Martin – I think he is the clear number 1 ruck so will start him.

Matthew Leuenberger – I don’t like anyone for my second ruck. I think they all have question marks. Goldy is at optimum price and has round 15 bye. Gawn has never played more than 13 games in a season yet people suddenly think he is a ‘safe’ option. Leuenberger played more games than Gawn in 2015 yet people pick and choose their arguments and when to apply. Blicavs role in the NAB didn’t feel me with confidence. Grundy has some serious competition at the Pies in Witts. Witts posts some very good numbers when he is number 1 ruck. I am sure Grundy is a clear number 1 there, but I am not sure if Witts plays alongside of him from round 1 with no vest rule. Jacobs starts the year tough but it does ease off a little. So really Leuey becomes a no brainer if named this week. I don’t lock in a set and forget combination which I never do from the start and I get to see who I want as r2.

Ruck bench – is fodder anyways so less said the better.



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Dustin Martin – Dusty will be top few in the forwards come the years end. His ceiling is massive and he can turn it on against anyone. People look at his last NAB game where he wasn’t into the game. Yet only a week prior he destroyed the reigning premiers. Really weird how people remember some things and not others. I don’t see how I can bring in Dusty prior to his bye round if I don’t start him. And there is no way I will be not having potentially the best forward for half the season!

Sam Gray + Aaron Hall – have done my head in totally this last week or so. So I will start with both in AFL Fantasy. Like the taco girl says, Why not both?

Dan Wells + Sam Kerridge – I hate their price tags but think they need to be selected. Both have impressed through the NAB as expected so both find a way into my fwd line.

Jon Simpkin – I think he is the best fwd at that price range. I have been on and off BenKen and Lyons the last few weeks.

Fwd bench – I could always go Kommer and McCarthy here but I tend to try and not start small pressure fwds if I can. They usually aren’t great cash generators. Menadue has tank issues but he has shown enough that he can make some quick $$$ and Wright plays the Bombers first up. I am hopeful he also plays the second ruck role for the Suns. If he does, then he is one to watch.


There is my team panelists! I am reasonably settled and now just await the team sheets lie the rest of you. Make sure you let me know your thoughts. Feel free to flick me a follow or tweet @CoachRids or get involved in the conversation of the Coaches Panel facebook page here. All the best for the season proper! Thank you for all your support throughout the preseason.


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