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Salmon Boys – Real Dream TeamSalmon Boys Team RevealDefenders

Salmon Boys DefendersPremiums: Shaw took his game to a new level in 2015 and with the Giants on the improve I expect him to comfortably be one of the top defenders this year. The thing I love most about Houli is his durability, in the five seasons he’s played at Richmond he’s only missed two games, and when you couple that with the fact that he’s the primary distributor from defence in a strong side I think he’s one of the most reliable options we have in defence this year.

Midpricers: I have three midpriced defenders in Sheridan, Howe and Harwood and my hope is that at least one performs well enough to stay in my side all year. Everyone knows how well Sheridan scored at the end of last year and this preseason he’s continued that strong form. Howe and Harwood have also shown fantasy potential this preseason, which is why I’m willing to pay the extra cash and select them over a rookie, additionally I think they have secured a spot in their respective sides. All three of my midpricers also have the final bye round (Round 15), which allows me to carry them through the first two bye rounds and then upgrade them to a player who has already had their bye, maximizing the number of players I have through the byes.

Rookies: Rookies are the most likely this to change in my side before Round 1 in all lines, but the main reason I have selected Dea, Brown and Hartley is simply that I think they should play enough games and score solidly to increase in value.


Salmon Boys Midfielders

Premiums: As you can see I’ve gone with a robust midfield. Rockliff and Ablett are simply no brainers for me at their starting price. Hannebery and Dangerfield are stars of the competition and at 25 and 26 years of age respectively both are entering the prime of their career. Macrae and Adams are two young pups that have shown enormous fantasy potential already and in 2016 I think they push towards the elite bracket of midfield scorers.

Midpricers: I’ve passed on any midpriced midfielders and while the likes of Tom Liberatore and Brad Crouch in particular were tempting, I can’t see them averaging enough to be keeper in my side and I’m not sure they’ll appreciate enough to be used as a cash cow.

Rookies: Mills is the only rookie I’m confident will make my final side, while Oliver isn’t far behind. Menadue, Gresham and Davis hold their spot for now, but it will all depend on the news out of the clubs this week and who is selected Round 1.


Salmon Boys Rucks

Premiums: Although Martin is the most expensive player in DT, for the past one and half seasons he’s been phenomenal force, with his only score below 90 in 32 games an 87. With Leuenberger gone there’s no chance he’ll play anywhere but the ruck and I see no reason why he’ll slow down in 2016.

Midpricers: Leuenberger as my R2 is probably the riskiest selection in my side. In the past two season he’s only managed 19 games and didn’t play any NAB challenge games this preseason. However, he did perform well in a VFL practice game last week and has fantasy potential when played as the No. 1 ruck, which is the role he’ll have at Essendon.

Rookies: Grimley is somewhat of a handcuff to Leuenberger but ideally I’d like to upgrade a forward rookie swing Leuenberger forward and bring in a premium ruck. Then this would allow me to swing Leuenberger and Grimley around to cover my rucks if they were forced to miss.


Salmon Boys Forwards

Premiums: Martin should comfortably be a top 6 forward at years end and I expect Barlow to be too with a touted return to the midfield. At his price I have to consider Hall a premium and I just can’t ignore his tail end of last year and preseason form. Hall has reinvented himself as a genuine midfielder who does it all and with the Suns midfield stars sidelined through injury I believe Hall will continue on his merry way.

Midpricers: Kennedy is at the bottom end of the midprice bracket and based on what I’ve seen this preseason he’s earned a place in the Demons Round 1. All I’m hoping for from Kennedy is an average in the low 70s and some cash generation.

Rookies: Not often do you get two players at less than $180k each that look every chance to average 80 plus, but that’s what we’ve been gifted in Wells and Kerridge. Easy selections here and who knows maybe one will surprise and score well enough to be an F6 in our sides. There aren’t many promising forward rookies this year but what I like about Adams and McDonald-Tipungwuti is that they both are forward-defenders, which will allow me to swing them with Brown in my defence.


Cheers for reading and all the best in 2016. If you any questions about my side or yours feel free to tweet me @KaneGrimster. 


  1. Evony Pico David Low

    Great job, best team I’ve seen

    1. Kane

      Thanks mate, I appreciate it and hope you’re right. How is yours looking?

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