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Team Reveal

Real Dream Team is the version that the heavy hitters come out to play in!  It is the jewel in the crown of salary cap formats and only the most worthy deserve to finish Top 100-200 overall.  Over the years the bevvy of information and analysis has increased and this has seen some coaches spike one year and fail never to be heard of again. It is one thing to get lucky for one year, backing it up in the first few hundred teams year after year is what the top coaches produce year in and year out.


This year after playing it relatively safe in 2015, I am throwing caution to the wind and having a red hot go.  This year if calamity strikes, I want it to be on my terms by my doing.  I suffered the same injuries as everyone and suspensions too in 2015 but with a little garnish of Sidebottom and Wells as well.  Miraculously 2015 was the fastest I had ever completed a team and was finished during the bye rounds.  This year I am attacking the season like never before, if it goes to dirt I will trade my way back up into the top few hundred like last year, or I’ll finally nail a start to a season which I am after.  I have tailored my team accordingly for that.  Let us be honest, if you have lost touch by Round 6 its curtains to your overall chances.  There are simply too many strong coaches with access to too much solid information to run them all down.  I encourage you to attack this year like a man possessed!

Here’s my team, rip it to shreds if you want, but in 2016 I will not die wondering. Have a cracking year everyone!


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.34.38 am

I am rolling the proverbial dice and begging for mercy here.  I will not start be starting with 3 premium defenders in 2016. I will not be starting with 2 premium defenders in 2016.  I will not even be starting with 1 premium defender in 2016!  What kind of witchcraft devilry is this you ask?  It is Coach Tooler letting it all hang out!  I’ll be looking at turning my round 15 bye mid pricers into some round 13 and round 14 premiums at the right time.  All I want out the 6 amigos is 80 each, c’mon fellas get me 80 each!

D1 – Paul Seedmen:  The Seed doesn’t like Bucks too much, but I like the Seed.  He is finding his feet and has a Round 13 bye, I’m comfortable with it as I will look at upgrading my round 15 backs to round 13 and 14 premiums through the byes.

D2 – Tom Sheriden: The Sheet’s looking to step up and get me some 80s action and that is what I want from him.  I think he is one of many mid pricers to offer value.

D3 – Jesse Lonergan: Midfield rotations did you say?  Shut up and take my money, now!

D4 – Nathan Wilson: Wilson is hitting that break out age with 4 odd preseasons into him now.  Signs are looking promising!  Fingers crossed.  Another round 15 bye mid pricer helping me keep my options open.

D5 – Daniel Howe: Suckling has left and Howe is in!  Howe has a great kick on him, Champion data likes him, I like him, he plays in a score friendly side.  He’s in and another round 15 bye mid pricer.

D6 – Ryan Harwood: Harwood has scored well in the past, but securing his spot has been difficult for him to achieve.  Claye Beams injury and that of Dayne Beams too is providing dual opportunity for him with Daniel Rich likely to move more into the midfield.  I just need 6-8 games out of Harwood in a row, can you do that for me son?  Another round 15 mid pricer I’m looking to exploit.

D7 – Nic Newman: Swans liked the look of him and have developed him in the NEAFL.  He will get possibly 7-8 games before Rohan returns.  Only spanner in the works would be if K.Jack plays back instead.  There are worse problems in the world as that would open up a spot for G.Hewett in the mids.  Expect to see Mills, Zak Jones and Newman all named in round 1.

D8 – Mitch Brown: Rumoured to provide a heart-beat this year for our teams.  That is yet to be seen, I’m loading up on the DEF/FWDs.  Surely one of them can average 60s for me in 2016.  I won’t have him on field unless absolute calamity strikes.


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.37.14 am

More risks the better for me!  There are some mid pricers I just can’t look past, I am too round 13 heavy but I will trade my way through it.  I am after a solid start from each of these players.  There are so many players I wanted in my starting side but I can’t have them all.  My heart wants a Guns and Rook approach, my head says look past the names and pick the likely scoring output.  Yes some of these are hype players but I find the hype to be well founded.  This ballsy approach requires that I get some solid bench cover that need to approach the $350,000-$400,000 mark as when I downgrade I will be cashing them in for bargain rookies.  I need a war chest to hit the bye rounds with my trading strategy and two of Parish/Mills/Oliver will provide it for me.

M1 – Daniel Hannebery: The only premium Swans player I could fit into my side, much to my sorrow.  He has returned fitter than last year and one of our few Swans players that the players will look towards for delivering the ball into the forward 50 metres.  When Hawks players are not running through him, he is a tough nut and will run all day.  Forget tagging him, he will blow taggers up big time! Handy round 14 bye too.

M2 – Tom Rockliff: Round 15 bye, I think he may have a few quieter weeks up forward, however, if that happens expect the Lions to be smashed to pieces!  If they lose badly the cries for Rockliff to return to the mids will be too much for Leppa to ignore.  Get on him, despite his back/hammy niggle, he will be one of my go to captains.

M3 – Taylor Adams: Hitting his straps and set to continue on his merry way.  It looks like Bucks is evicting midfielders left, right and centre just to give Adams room to do his thing.  He has returned a fine specimen of fitness in 2016.

M4 – Gary Ablett:  Under an injury cloud, says all is well, as he did with his shoulder and that didn’t end well did it?  He is the GOAT though and my week 1 captain.  Priced well for what he can deliver.

M5 – Mitch Duncan:  Lines up in a midfield where others will attract the attention in Dangerfield and Selwood.  Duncan has a great round 15 bye to hold onto as long as his body holds up.  I am after a 90 plus return from him and I believe he will deliver on this.  I’m hoping he will be a keeper.

M6 – Lachie Hunter:  I’ve been keen on him the last year or two.  Now he’s got his head back in the right place I am optimistic his late season finish will continue.  Liberatore does not look like he will have the tank initially to take the points away from Hunter and with Dahlhaus I expect him to stay more higher up the ground as well leaving Hunter free to roam.

M7 – Matt Crouch:  The kid is a beast, his bye round is not.  I don’t care as the kid is a beast.  I am optimistic he turns into a keeper as well.  Hopefully one of him or his brother don’t break down for me before the byes.

M8 – Brad Crouch: Another beast, another terrible bye round for me.  That is 4 mids with round 13 byes.  Similar story to Matt, I will be looking for him to score over 90 and will let the season come to me with how I navigate through the byes with my 4 round 13 mids.

M9 – Callum Mills:  Will be a starting half back for the Swans.  Kid is a great accumulator in his junior days.  He has a great kick and has a battle hardened player.  Needs to increase his value to close to $400,000 for me before the bye rounds.  He’s a Swan so it’s a fait d’compli!

M10 – Clayton Oliver: A widely derided draft choice in 2015 by the Melbourne Demons and looks to have already silenced those critics in only 4 months or so since the draft.  Looks capable of averaging over 70 as well and even pushing that higher.  I want as much cash out of him as I can get for when I downgrade him.

M11 – Ryan Davis: Davis is a cheap pulse that I just need to tick over with some games, not there to set the world alight and could become Jade Gresham, or another mid, depending on who is named later this week.


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.38.49 am

I’m setting and forgetting, I’ve got enough stress in the other parts of my field.  Yes they will drop in value, yes they mightn’t average over 95.  I am happy with scouring my other lines and studying up on those lines for value.  Personally I think both Goldy and Stefan Martin go 105 for the season.  Both are Round 15 bye players which provides me with a small concern.

Ruck 1 – Stefan Martin: Martin has been impressive for over a year now and looks set to continue on his merry way.  A safe set and forget option.

Ruck 2 – Todd Goldstein: Goldstein had a year where he was considered for the Brownlow medal.  He did not achieve that, but neither am I thinking he will have a terrible drop in form either.  Set and forget it is for me.

Ruck 3 – Daniel Currie: I think he plays games and early.  I don’t think Nicholls will hold together for long and Currie is too good to sit on the bench.  Todd Goldstein Nicholls is not.  Currie may be one of the top cash cows in the first half of the year.  Only way I don’t start him is if another ruckmen that is rookie priced is named.


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.40.11 am

I haven’t gone totally stark raving mad like down back, but I certainly am stretching the rubber band up forward as well.  I see so much value there that it is too hard to ignore.  It is like the good Lord has personally come down and thrown value around willy nilly!

F1 – Michael Barlow: It is always a good idea to temper your expectations towards a player, but not this one!  Barlowmania has rolled into town with guaranteed 100s coming out of his every orifice imaginable.  Barlow literally farts rainbows!  You cannot win this year, nor for the next decade, without Barlow in your side.  DPP, round 15 bye, finger licking goodness.  Barlowis bigger than the Beatles!

F2 – Aaron Hall: I’m all aboard this round 13 bye beauty adding some much needed balance to the force in my forward line. Another player I am hoping can snag me a 90 plus average heading into the bye rounds.  I like his role while the other Gold Coast mids are out injured.  DPP is handy for later on.

F3 – Jack Steele: Another player I’ve been keen on for a few years.  Amazing stats as a junior and that run is set to continue for Team Tooler in 2016.  Looks to be entrenched in the best 22 now after lol worthy performances by Hopper and Kennedy in the NAB challenge.  Steele has more than merely seen of the new kids on the block, he has annihilated them.  I’m not sure they’ll ever be seen again.  I’m on the man of Steele!  Another DPP gem with a handy round 15 bye round.

F4 – Ben Kennedy:  Pies fans love this guy and he looks to have secured a best 22 spot with the Demons.  Also DPP and a bye round 14 player which is handy if he can take off this year and stick around.  I’m wanting 80s from him and he looks to be the pick of the $250,000 odd mid pricers up forward.

F5 – Daniel Wells: I know, I know, no player owes anyone anything, its just fantasy football.  WRONG!  This guy single handily destroyed my season last year and I want recompense!  I want nothing less than an 80 average from him and if not I promise the fantasy world will hear of it incessantly as a part of a new Coaches Panel weekly series entitled “How Wells rogered Coach Tooler this week”.  Wells has a round 15 bye makes him the ideal rookie priced player to start on field, I only have two of them.

F6 – Sam Kerridge:  The former Crow we all knew could score well if not tagging. Now he has been released from that drudgery at Carlton and he is again a scoring machine.  An average of 80 is also not beyond him. Another DPP player to make 6 of them up front for me.

F7 – Marcus Adams:  FWD/DEF DPP opens up a link down back with Brown for me.  It will be handy as players get cashed in to upgrade my mid pricers quickly I will need to be moving players around to achieve it.  Adams seems to have secured a back role for the Western Bulldogs and rumour has it he is no mug by foot either which is promising.

F8 – Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti: Another FWD/DEF DPP.  Almost didn’t make the team due to the amount of time required to type his name.  He is this year’s good news story.  I genuinely hope he does well.  He plays with tenacity and commitment and I expect 50s-60s as quite achievable for him.

Coach Tooler!



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    Risky plan which might come off – I assume you are banking on at least half of your mid-prices to start strong with and duds downgraded to best performing cash cow come round 2&3

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