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The Coolest Fox – SuperCoach

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It’s never easy telling  Mrs Fox that her new car wont be arriving in September, especially when you’ve sacrificed hour after hour, week after week,  trying to get your SC team right for her, then in a few foul weeks of the 2015 season your seen crashing and burning trades like there’s no tomorrow, and it got even worse. Watching your kids with half full Santa sacks searching for their  promised new mountain bikes with customised LED Revolights in a darkened carport on Christmas morning is never fun, especially when they didn’t arrive.  Well thankfully that was last year and it’s time to get back on my own bike and amongst the Top 100 again, and most importantly keep the family dreams alive. Fortunately after many labourous summer hours of repentitive sweat all is finally forgiven it seems. How do i know that ? I’ve been granted another hour a day for  SC homework to finally get it right this year. So here you have it, The Coolest Fox Super Coach team reveal.



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When it comes to defence it is very hard to nail two decent guys that i could honestly trust, so I’ve gone for Heath Shaw to shore things up down there, then comes the support act in Rich and Brodie Smith, these guys are ready for breakout years so i’m backing my gut here, Sheeter Sheridan picks himself at D4 then we wait on JLo’s fitness at D5 before filling D6 with Weitering, a touch risky here but one line is always going to be your weakest and i’m happy for mine to be here.



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Going for a 5/1/5 structure here, with apologies to Danger and Hanners, but they will likely be upgrades. Never like to see two mid prices in the mids so it was a choice between Libba and BCrouch with the former showing me enough. The rooks will get decided upon availability but happy with those names chosen for now.



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The Top 2 Rucks will no doubt change in 2016, and the hit outs to advantage points system definitely favours certain ruckmen, so picking two of the best in NicNat and Gawn was easy, even though both have the same bye round, it feels the right way to go, if you were choosing a Goldy-Steff combo it would be close to 200k more in comparison, and I’m not sold that there’s 200k difference between those pairings.



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Barlow is a lock imho, Hall’s role is too good to pass up and Wells and Kerridge look close to Top 10 forwards from what I’ve seen in NAB. Simpkin should get some good game time and young Milera oozes SC relevance. Again all rooks in this team and the one’s on my watchlist will be monitored leading up to Round 1 lockouts.



Thanks to all panelists (that is YOU reading this!) that have contributed, commented, tweeted, messaged and supported us over the preseason! It is safe to say that the Coaches Panel is now ready for their break out year. We all hope you have enjoyed the preseason you have shared with us. Thank you again and all the best for the season ahead!


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