2016 Team Reveal – Tim (3rd Monkey)

SuperCoach Team Reveal – Tim (3rd Monkey)

Tim SC 2016 - Full Team


Ok, team reveal time! The whole Panel will be revealing teams from different formats this week & I’m revealing my SuperCoach team this year. Firstly, I should point out that this team is subject to change pending on Round 1 teams, loopholes, late injuries etc but by and large the gist of it is set. There is a lot of value available this year but it’s points, not cash that wins it so spending & planning wisely is still the key.



Tim SC 2016 - Defenders

Defenders have been a tough one to decipher this year. There have been slight questions marks over many premiums and a plethora of discount options. In recent weeks we’ve also unearthed a number of likely rookie choices – this is always handy as often we struggle to find many rookie backs of note. However, I’m always wary of defender rookies scoring very lowly (it’s not enough just to be named, they need to rise enough in price too) so I’ve not loaded up on them too much. I’ve grabbed the three DPP rookie choices here, with the ultimate hope of having one switched to the forwards at some point soon; we will see.

For the premiums, Heater looks like he’s going to continue on his merry way (that was begun back in about Round 9 last year) and so I don’t mind paying his price as I think he should go somewhat close to it again. Jimmy is underpriced in my mind due to his concussion game last year (in which he almost scored a zero) and he’s consistently averaged above 90 for about a decade. For the mid-pricers I was tossing up between Rich & Sheridan but Sheridan’s scoring in his current role appears very close to Rich’s highest SC average in the past and he’s a lot cheaper so have gone with him. With a bit of luck Sheridan and/or Lonergan can end up becoming a keeper.



Tim SC 2016 - Midfielders

This is where the action is – boom! That midfield is a thing of beauty, haha. A couple of things on it, though: Firstly, it can only happen as I’m obviously comfortable with the value that I’ve found on other lines. Secondly, I’m slightly wary as the top players in each position inevitably change from year to year and I’ve picked several who were already near the top in 2015. Having said that, a few of them are up there year after year and the one or two newcomers look like continuing last year’s form based on their pre-seasons to date.

The elephant is the room is probably no Libba (his ownership is around/above 50% in SuperCoach). I was not impressed with his final NAB game v Collingwood and would really like to watch him go for a couple of games first were that possible (it likely isn’t). Still, he has been in my team all pre-season and in SC I still would have had him in except that I found myself with an extra $250k (approx.) in the bank that I just couldn’t spend elsewhere, so I’ve upgraded Libba to a 6th mid premium. Depending on who is named for Round 1 (thinking rookies specifically here) then my default position will be to go back down to 5 mid premiums and get Libba back in, and use that money to finalise the team. So Libba’s out for now but still a chance. The rookies are still very unknown for me in the midfield and will possibly all change between now and my final team. Crouch & Mills are both ball magnets and I’m happy with their prices.



Tim SC 2016 - Rucks

As I noted in our ‘Crystal Ball – Rucks’ article a few days ago, I just can’t go past Naitanui in SuperCoach. His average from Round 9 onwards last year in SC was 115 (he’s currently priced at 103), which in that period was better than any other ruckman except for Todd Goldstein. NicNat’s still on the up as last year was his first full season and first full pre-season since battling through 2+ years of osteitis pubis and I can only see him getting better again. Leuey I see as a no-brainer at his price given that he is fit and ready to roll. His DPP seals the deal. Grimley hanging on as the only likely cheap ruck to be named in Round 1, and his DPP will also be handy.



Tim SC 2016 - Forwards

Lastly, the forwards. Barlow playing midfield again suggests that he’s underpriced and is very hard to ignore. The rest are all value and this line is why I’ve been able to afford the midfield above. A lot of these will be popular and/or objectionable depending on the coach but there were also other options in the same price ranges which I’ve overlooked (unlike Pokemon you can’t have them all!).

Hall looks set to continue in the midfield even with Ablett & co back and is potentially very handy if he keeps up his current rate of scoring (at least until JOM/Swallow return and hopefully beyond). Hall is risky to start and risky to avoid so we’ll see how we go. Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge & Simpkin all look great value for money and thus I’ve loaded up on them, however they may well not all work out so will need to be aware of that. Milera may need to be double checked still as it looks like his spot in the team still needs monitoring; Gault was considered but looks a little expensive – could well end up alright too though.


Aaaaaand… that’s it!

What would you do differently? What did you like/not like? And most importantly, how’s your SuperCoach team coming along?





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