2017 Team Reveals: Tooler

Welcome to the Coaches Panel 2017 Team Reveals, Today Tooler let’s you take a peak at his DreamTeam  side and some of his thought process behind his selections.


  • The top 2 defenders will be Taylor Adams and Heath Shaw, I’m dirty that Shaw went big in his last JLT as the Johnny-Come-Latelys are all over him now.  I’m happy if you dont have either of them, in fact don’t pick them, I don’t know why I have them in my team.  D3 for me needs to be a premium for my balance across all lines.  I see elements of risk and that Docherty will struggle to average his price however I want enough rooks in my midfield and fwd line to turn over there for if we start 3-4 rooks onfield in defence, its going to be hard to turn them over when they have reached optimum culling price.  Docherty also offers me an alternative bye round than the other two R13s premiums.
  • I’m only 50/50 on if Thouy and/or Houli will be top 10 defenders as round 12 premiums, they will be on a watch list through to their byes and did not make my side.  Mills did not make my side after another soft tissue injury after sufferring one in 2016.  With Mcveigh injured for the first few rounds Swans will need him in defence.  Do not expect him to be getting those extra midfield minutes until Swans get Mcveigh and K.Jack back into the side.
  • That brings me to my D4 Zac Jones.  I have the honour of picking a breakout player the year before they break out in my startig sides.  I started both Zac Jones and Jack Steele last year, and will start both this year.  As a Swans man I know how close a few years back Jones almost came to pushing Heeney out of the side when it was a race in two.  I know Mcveigh and Jack will now be camping at either ends of the ground, my prediction is the midfield minutes will be spread between Jones, Hewett (dual footer with a great kick), Mills and Heeney.  Mills and Heeney are so good in their positions and due to current injuries of Rohan, Papely, Mcveigh… they are still needed in last years roles and that’s when Heeney returns.  As a result Jones is primed, his U18 background was as a rebounding defender but shifted into the midfield after harassing his coach to play him there where he excelled. He’s basically Rhys Shaw in the midfield that tackles more.
  • Rooks are indicative based upon time of writing, round 1 teams have not been announced.  If there’s a rookie crisis Docherty becomes Marchbank and my rooks elsewhere become M.Kennedy and Taranto types and I’ll save the cash to get Docherty in asap.


  • Been keeping these cards very close to my chest.  Watching players come into favour and out of favour.  I don’t like only having one onfield rookie however dream team has the extra mid at M11 so we still have another cash cow their which is very handy, sensible and another reason Dream Team is clearly a superior product to AFL Fantasy.  Dangerfield is a must have as a captain option.  He is also R12 premium which is exceptional!  Rockliff, I dont want to convince you to have him, dont pick him, definitely don’t spend any time looking at his results, or knowing price changes dont happen till you get two looks at him and what is the worst hes goingg to do 90s for two weeks?  What’s the damage he can do 140s?  Round 11 bye to boot, can I get an amen, oh Lordy, can I get an amen!
  • Now I go nuts with R13s as my bye strategy allows it.  Judas Iscariot is more loyal than Tom Mitchell, that being said playing for a coach that despised him and rumor has it frequently laced his water bottles with arsenic, Mitchell still averaged over 100 with only being onfield for around 5minutes a quarter where he dutifully saw ball, got ball, hacked it forward to a 10 on 1 for a turnover.  Imagine what he’ll average for a coach not trying to do him in!
  • Fyfe is like Parker, just not as good, but my word he dominates the Purple Haze and can rack them up, decently priced, Im on him.
  • Matt Crouch, the one that isnt injured, is needed desperately by the Crows to extract and given Thommo is about 45 years old and Crows Redfoo CEY is missing, Crouch needs to get ball and tackle.  Whether or not you look at his TOG stats or not is up to you, I reckon you give it a miss.
  • Beams is a bit of a risk as I think he’s got both me tal and physical challenges over the years but seems to be in a good spot with his body at the moment which is great.  If he was fully fit and played all last year I’d pick him regardless of cost, so his cheaper price is a bonus.
  • Jaeger bomb I needed to see play otherwise I had 0 interest in him.  He played and did enough so he’s in. Also not many midfield rooks that appeal to me so this year my M7 is a midpricer.
  • rookies are indictive, but will scramble as needed with my Docherty to Marchbank emergency plan.


  • Sandi and Nankervis are no brainers for me.  I am so far from sold on the you need a playing ruck if you start Sandi.  No what we need is Sandi just to play a few games and then upgrade him out of your team as soon as possible to the form ruck of the comp.  My R3 will be whoever is named at bargain price or Preuss if no one is named.


  • Last year I went nuts with midpricers everywhere and I failed terribly.  This year I have only slightly learned my lesson!  Greene and Dahlous seem logical locks to me and well priced.
  • I started Jack Steele last year and he betrayed me!  This is his opportunity to redeem himself!  Another unfortunate Johnny-Come-Lately player who milkshakes are getting all the boys from the yard this preseason.
  • I had 0 plans to start Roughy pre Christmas, I am staggered that he is in my side. Maybe its the sentimental side of me, maybe its that he looked incredible in the preseason matches.  Just be aware that he’s been through so much that I am not expecting him to stay in my team all year but am backing him in to start well enough for maybe 8 rounds.  Will be watching him intently.  Handy bye round if he can hang tough.
  • Tom Phillips is a bit of a bolter but has a few things going for him, round 13 bye round and high ceiling for a fwd and he has DPP.  Another gamble that could spectacularly backfire or one that could pay off big time like Roughy.  Hopper is on   A 2 week watch to see if he is swapped in for either Roughy or Phillips, just uncertain over Hopper’s physical condition after heart surgery!
  • Rooks here are indictive but I think these will play, if not M.Kennedy is coming in with my Docherty emergency plan.

Final Thoughts:

Its a truly beautifully balanced side which hopefully starts with a bang and goes 2100 plus and put me in the top 200 sides for round 1.  Been a fun ride with the Coaches Panel team and our followers, here’s to a cracking year, good luck to everyone!


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