#3 Most Relevant – Patrick Dangerfield

Last year he was the best player in the competition. He finished last year as the #1 player in DreamTeam, SuperCoach & AFLFantasy & topped it all off with a Brownlow Medal. The big question is, can he do it again?

The Profile

Name: Patrick Dangerfield

Club: Geelong Cats

Age: 26

2016 Highest Scores

229 Vs North Melbourne, Round 12 (SuperCoach)

187 Vs North Melbourne, Round 12 (AFLDreamTeam/AFLFantasy)

2016 Averages

130.2 (SuperCoach)

117.9 (DreamTeam/AFLFantasy)

Personal Best Scores

229 Vs North Melbourne, Round 12, 2016 (SuperCoach)

187 Vs North Melbourne, Round 12, 2016 (DreamTeam/AFLFantasy)

2017 Position


2017 Prices

$716,900 (SuperCoach)

$699,700 (DreamTeam)

$712,000 (AFLFantasy)

Why Is He Relevant?

Before we look at his Brownlow Medal season, remember what he did in 2015? Patrick was one of the best fantasy footballer scorers in every format, but it was SuperCoach that his scoring really was stunning. From 21 games, 18 of them he scored 100 or more, 11 of those were 120+ and 3 were over 150 including a monster 188 in that stunning head to head clash at Adelaide Oval against Nat Fyfe. In DreamTeam/AFLFantasy he scored 12 hundreds, 6 of them either 120 and only on 2 occasions did he score below 86.

I’ll admit it, this time last year I had my doubts about Patrick Dangerfield. Especially in DreamTeam/AFLFantasy where prior to last season he hadn’t averaged over 100 for consecutive seasons. Obviously, he smashed last year and one of the key reasons for this was his ability to not just a pure inside and contested game which he most often played at Adelaide but he was able to lift his uncontested possessions up by 4 per game and an extra mark as well.

Patrick was able to take his game to a whole new level in 2016. Not only did he win the Brownlow Medal but just about every other media award and MVP award voted on by players and supports alike. He broke all kinds of records, not just personal records last season, but AFL records, including the most meters gained on average per game.

In SuperCoach he went from an impressive 118 to a must have 130! Last year reached the triple figure range in 18 games last season, however 2 of those games he failed to ‘ton up’ he scored 99. Of his 18 hundreds 11 were over 130, 5 over 150 and who could forget his 229 against North Melbourne. While DreamTeam/AFLFantasy he also scored 18 times over the 100 mark, 6 of them over 130. Of the 4 games he didn’t score 100 2 of them were in the 90’s and from Round 5 onwards his lowest score was 93.

Added to all these incredible feats of scoring and consistency is his durability. He’s only missed 3 games of AFL in the past 6 seasons! For a guy who wins so much contested ball and puts his body that’s ridiculous durability and certainly gives coaches plenty of confidence in his body.

My Take:

Did Geelong become too over reliant on Patrick Dangerfield? Can he maintain that again this season? Was he too dominant and took other Cats midfielders out of the game? Maybe, certainly Mitch Duncan & Cameron Guthrie certainly lacked the impact they’d shown in seasons prior. With Geelong looking to piece together a less Hawkins focused forward line could we see Danger spend some extra minutes up front similar to how he spent some of his developing seasons in Adelaide? I’ll certainly be watching to see what positional experimentation (if any) the Geelong coaching staff undertake. All those small question marks being raised I do still think Dangerfield will be one of the best midfield selections in 2017.

One of the key reasons for selecting him (outside of his obvious scoring capacity) is he has a hugely friendly bye round. The 3 week multi bye rounds are one of the biggest rankings, moving periods of the season. With some planning, aggressive trading and a little bit of luck you can accelerate your ranking positions and place yourself in prime position to attack the top spot. With just the four sides (Geelong, West Coast, Richmond & North Melbourne) off that week, he’s clearly the best midfield option from that bunch of sides and means that on the busier byes of 11 & 13 he can play for you. Not that you needed any extra reasons to pick him, but if you were on the fence that could certainly sway you.

Personally, I’m locking him in for SuperCoach & DreamTeam and even if he dips a handful of points he’ll still average well over 120 in SuperCoach and 110 in DreamTeam which you’ll certainly take as that’ll place him as one of the top midfielders. In AFLFantasy I’ll certainly look to upgrade to him and am only passing on him as I’m looking for some more ‘value’ out of some other starting midfield premiums and midprice selections.

In a season long draft Patrick Dangerfield will go in the first round of every draft and in many will be he’s absolutely deserving of the #1 selection. You might get lucky if someone else selects a Ruck like Max Gawn or especially in DreamTeam/AFLFantasy formats where someone may be seduced into the ceiling of Tom Rockliff. Either way you’re only getting your hands on him if you have an early first round selection.

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  1. Adam Smith

    First player put into my side this season, and will stay there

    1. Adam Smith

      also I seem to remember this guy was ranked #42 last year (and finished ranked #1 in both formats)

      because lightning strikes twice, in 2017, I’m jumping on *looks it up* Trent Mackenzie

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