#7 Most Relevant – Dayne Beams

A fit Dayne Beams is a walk up 100+ averaging player in all formats, but with him playing only 50% of games possible in the past 4 years his durability raises massive concern for coaches. But is the reward greater than the risk?

The Profile

Name: Dayne Beams

Club: Brisbane Lions

Age: 26

2016 Highest Scores

93 Vs Port Adelaide, Round 6 (SuperCoach)

106 Vs Port Adelaide, Round 6 (AFLDreamTeam/AFLFantasy)

2016 Averages

79.5 (SuperCoach)

86 (DreamTeam/AFLFantasy)

Personal Best Scores

175 Vs Adelaide, Round 9, 2012 (SuperCoach)

155 Vs Melbourne, Round 11, 2011 (AFLDreamTeam/AFLFantasy)

2017 Position


2017 Prices

$432,500 (SuperCoach)

$510,100 (DreamTeam)

$519,000 (AFLFantasy)

Why Is He Relevant?

Last year wasn’t a great year for the Brisbane Lions and in particular Dayne Beams, after a few delayed start to the year through the preseason he finally made it onto the field, in round 7. However, he’d go on to play only 2 games for the rest of the season and once again injury struck Beamer and we didn’t see him play again for the season. Injury prevented us from showing us what he’s done the past few seasons, which is that when he’s on the field not only is he a premium midfield but could be considered a genuine captaincy option.

In his debut year at the Lions Den (2015) he started the season slowly with just 1 DreamTeam/AFLFantasy hundred and 2 SuperCoach scores over 100 in his opening month of footy, yet he still finished the season averaging 103 in DT/AF and 113 in SC. In his 16 games that year 9 times he scored over 100 in DT/AF & only 2 were under 119. This shows us not only does he have great frequency for scoring 100’s but a strong ceiling which would place him into captaincy consideration. For SuperCoach he went over the 100 mark on 12 occasions including a hot streak of 10 consecutive hundreds of rounds 5-15 at an average of 122.

Back in his final season at Collingwood in 2014 he played 19 games and only failed to score over 100 in 3 of them in SuperCoach and 9 of those hundreds were over 120 and averaged 113. In DreamTeam/AFLFantasy that same season he went over the 100 mark on 13 occasions and only scored below 80 on two occasions and averaged 108. Crazily that’s not his personal best season, that was back in 2012 when he averaged 116 in DT/AF with 17 tons and averaged 123 in SC with 16 tons from 21 games.

Despite not playing much football in the past 2 years the one positive was that although he’s had multiple season ending injuries they aren’t related. In May last year he required knee tendon surgery while the season prior a serious shoulder problem prematurely ended his 2015 season.

Brisbane chief executive Greg Swann spoke about Beams recently saying “He’s on a managed program with several days off a week, but he’s in the best shape he’s ever been since coming here from Collingwood. He’s really looking good.”

My Take:

The concern around Beams is not so much if he’ll average enough to be in consideration, but rather if we should start with him in our sides due to injury concerns. Only once in the past 4 seasons has he played more than 16 regular season games and a total of 18 out of a possible 44 since arriving in Brisbane.

No doubt choosing to start him is filled with risks, but he’s not alone in that regard. Players like Nat Fyfe, Tom Rockliff, Scott Selwood, Brad Crouch, David Swallow, Dion Prestia, Brett Deledio, Jaeger O’Meara, Josh Caddy & Harley Bennell have all been revealed in my 50 Most Relevant but also over the past few years had a variety of injuries and do present a risk in selecting them. When putting your squad of 30 together, you’ll need to factor how many of these Risk Vs Reward selections you personally feel comfortable putting in your side and which ones present the greater upside for you.

A fit Dayne Beams is a walk up 100+ averaging player in all formats, but with him playing only 50% of games possible in the past 4 years his durability raises massive concern for coaches. But is the reward greater than the risk? In AFLFantasy the 2 trades per week make it easier to take multiple ‘risks’ in your squad with the ability to move them out and it to not have catastrophic effects on your seasons if they don’t go your way. While in SuperCoach

Given his scoring ability he’d be a candidate for the first round, but with multiple injuries over the past few years it’d take a brave coach (or a Beams relative) to take him in the opening round. The dream spot to land him would be as your third midfielder after you’ve already locked away a premium forward and back plus a ruckman. Having his elite scoring potential at M3 would be perfect, so if he slips into the 6th round of the draft take him!

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Who’s Next – #6?

He could well be the most selected player by the time round one starts, who is he?

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  1. Adam Smith

    let’s take a guess at who’s left
    Heeney, Macrae, Adams, Dangerfield, Treloar, Gawn

    I’m pretty sure all of the above could qualify under that question – but I’d have to go with Heeney/Macrae

    as for Beams, I personally was thought about jumping on him when Rockliff went down (vs Port, when Rockliff got 33) but then he went and got injured himself next week
    in limited trade formats (given his history at Brisbane, and the CEO comments) I can’t go there – but in AF, I reckon it’s a ballsy call like that that wins the prizes (taking a Beams/Heppell over a Dangerfield/Pendles as M1/M2)

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