#8 Most Relevant – David Myers

All David Myers needs to do is be named round one and he could well be the most selected cash cow of 2017 and for a very good reason.

The Profile

Name: David Myers

Club: Essendon Bombers

Age: 27

2016 Highest Scores

Did Not Play (SuperCoach)

Did Not Play (AFLDreamTeam/AFLFantasy)

2016 Averages

Did Not Play (SuperCoach)

Did Not Play (DreamTeam/AFLFantasy)

Personal Best Scores

129 Vs Brisbane, Round 8, 2011 (SuperCoach)

116 Vs GWS Giants, Round 6, 2013 (DreamTeam/AFLFantasy)

2017 Position


2017 Prices

$133,700 (SuperCoach)

$136,400 (DreamTeam)

$197,000 (AFLFantasy)

Why Is He Relevant?

Is it a surprise for you to see him here? I don’t think it should be. Like the other ‘banned bombers’ he’s received a 10% discount, but this is on top of an already injury affected discount that happened due to him only playing 2 games in 2014 and averaging in the 30’s. When you add these two together, you get a proven player capable of averaging 80+ at under $200,000.

In 2014 he averaged 81 in DreamTeam/AFLFantasy he scored 2 hundreds, 2 scores of 99 and a further 7 scores over 80. For SuperCoach his average was slightly higher (85), that year he posted 3 scores over 100, 3 scores above 90 and only had 4 scores below 80. If he gets off to the same sort of start this year like he did in 2014 he’ll be the best cash cow of the year, in the opening 4 rounds that year his lowest score across all formats 83.

While these numbers are far from impressive if we were paying $300,000+ for him, but we aren’t. This is under $200,000. A good rookie score under that amount really is anything over 60. As opposed to other ‘rookie options’ he’s proven at this level. While Hugh McCluggage, Jack Bowes, Sam Pepper Powell, etc. should all become very good AFL players, but what we don’t yet know is how they handle the step up to the elite level. We don’t have that question mark around David, he can more than hold his own.

My Take:

Nailing your premiums in your starting squad is important for point scoring, but a key factor in the long term seasonal success in fantasy footy is starting with the right rookies. Getting these correct sets up your ability to generate cash quickly, which in turn enables you to afford further premiums and complete your side as early as possible. It also saves you a trade early which is especially helpful in limited trade formats of DT/SC.

The ability for our rookies to score well is ideal, but the real key thing to look for is job security. No point them scoring 100 one week only to not be on the side the following week. Most players priced under $200k don’t have amazing job security, hence why David makes the most relevant listing and so high in it too. Essendon while certainly not playing ‘favorites with their previously suspended players will give every opportunity to play games especially early in the season.
All you need is 6-8 games from him early and then you move him on to enable another premium to be added to your side so any potential ‘player management’ that may come from Essendon for these returning players is certainly going to have less impact on him in part because of the price your outing for him compared to a ‘fallen premium’ like Dyson Heppell and also you have an end date in mind for when to move him on.

For me, I have him selected everywhere and I can really see him (pre JLT claim, of course) one of the best cash cows for us in 2017. When it comes to if you should draft him his relevance isn’t draft leagues unless he surprisingly gains a positional status during the season.

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Who’s Next – #7?

Injuries are a cruel thing, but if this guy is fit he’ll be among the best in his line. The question is can you take the risk on him? Who is he?

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