# 9 Most Relevant – Brodie Grundy

After being look passed by Nathan Buckley for round one selection Brodie fought his way not just into the Collingwood side, but into contention for being one of the best fantasy football rucks.

The Profile

Name: Brodie Grundy

Club: Collingwood Magpies

Age: 22

2016 Highest Scores

127 Vs Carlton, Round 15 (SuperCoach)

142 Vs Gold Coast, Round 22 (AFLDreamTeam/AFLFantasy)

2016 Averages

95.3 (SuperCoach)

101 (DreamTeam/AFLFantasy)

Personal Best Scores

127 Vs Carlton, Round 15, 2016 (SuperCoach)

142 Vs Gold Coast, Round 22, 2016 (DreamTeam/AFLFantasy)

2017 Position


2017 Prices

$520,500 (SuperCoach)

$598,800 (DreamTeam)

$609,000 (AFLFantasy)

Why Is He Relevant?

Coming off the back of averaging 90 in 2015 many expected that Brodie was primed for a breakout year, but when he was surprisingly passed over for Jarrod Witts those who were bullish on him in the preseason had to abandon ship. However, from that point on he didn’t miss a game and gave us only 2 scores below 80 in SuperCoach and just one in DreamTeam/AFLFantasy

Last season in SuperCoach he was one of our best rucks, last year he scored 11 scores over 100, but 8 of them came in the final 10 rounds of the season. While in AFLFantasy/DreamTeam he also posted 11 hundreds for the year 5 of these were 119 or above and like in SuperCoach 8 of his tons came in the final 10 games of the season.

After his bye he was sublime. In his final 10 games of the year he averaged 106.3 in SuperCoach and 113.5 in DreamTeam/AFLFantasy. Compare that to last seasons #1 ruck with Max Gawn and you’ll see his stats level up quite nicely while being cheaper than him. In Gawn’s last 10 games of the year he averaged 121.1 in SuperCoach & 113.4 in DreamTeam/AFLFantasy. While he’s certainly a little behind in SuperCoach he’s level pegging with the Big Max and that’s with him scoring one less ton during that time.

One of his great strength’s is his ability to physically impact the contest, he’s also a more than handy target when resting forward. Rucks generally don’t hit their peak until mid even late 20’s yet what he’s doing this in his early 20’s is anything short of amazing.

My Take:

If you’d locked yourself into ‘Set & Forget’ rucks chances are you missed Brodie as especially post bye he was certainly one of the best rucks from that point onwards. Sometimes the advantage to not lock yourself away gives you a little gift like that. I know I certainly enjoyed having him in my DreamTeam side and being pretty unique in the run home. And while Max Gawn seems to be everyone’s preferred #1 ruck choice this year just a glance at those stats above reveal that we do need to consider Brodie seriously in our sides.

The modern ruckman is required to do much more than previous generations of ‘tap ruck’ monsters, and Brodie could well be the perfect ruck specimen. He has a strong physical presence, isn’t afraid to win a ground ball or put some tackle pressure on while also showing a strong aerobic capacity to cover the ground and still impact the game with contested marks and a resting forward 50 presence. While the new ruck rule banning of the ‘third man up’ doesn’t on first glance seem to immediately boost his scores it certainly doesn’t hurt him either.

I think if there is a format to start him it’d be in AFLFantasy/DreamTeam while in SuperCoach he’s certainly well worth an option however I’d personally look to him as an upgrade target as I think Max Gawn and Todd Goldstein have a a more proven ceiling than him.

In a draft he’ll be among one of the first rucks selected along with Max Gawn, Stefan Martin & Todd Goldstein if he’s fit. Where he (and the rucks in general) will vary from league to league, but I believe getting one of these ‘Big 4’ rucks could make all the difference in your season.

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Who’s Next – #8?

Cash generation is key early in the season as it enables you to make the money required to fill your side with premiums. Tomorrow I will look at one of the best cash cow options in 2017, who is he?

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  1. Adam Smith

    is Brodie Grundy not going to “do a Lobbe”? – where he stormed home at the backend of the season [2014 for Lobbe] and then went missing the following season

    always a risk with ruckmen that do that though
    but I do say that it’s probably remembering the bad time, rather than the ones that didn’t do that (Gawn 2015, Smartin 2014 to name two notables)

    of course, there’s also the “ruck curse” that the top 2 ruckmen don’t repeat – in 2016 (for DT) they were Gawn and Grundy, which one drops out? [or both, as Smartin/Goldy did from 2015]

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