Best 22: Kade Simpson

He was a rock for most of last year in defence, but what gets Simmo into my Best 22? Is it his durability, scoring or just the lack of other options? Let’s find out.

Name: Kade Simpson

Club: Carlton Blues
Age: 30
Season 2014 Average: 92
Season 2014 Highest Score: 145 Vs St Kilda
Personal Best Score: 204 Vs Roos, Round 10, 2012
Personal Best Season Average: 101.32 (2010)

Selectable Position: Defender
Starting Price: $ 521,000 (AFLFantasy) $519,300 (RealDreamTeam)

Bye Round: 11

Why’s He’s in the Best 22?

Nothing can frustrate a fantasy coach than when a player is absent due to injuries or suspension, both of these seem not to affect Kade at all. In his past 9 seasons he’s only missed playing all 22 home and away games once! That was when in 2012 year where he missed 3 games. Let’s look at it another way in the past 198 AFL games Kade has only missed 3!

Last year Kade joined the backline ranks in fantasy formats and thankfully we still have him this year, currently he’s the 3rd highest priced defender in AFL DreamTeam and AFL Fantasy Classic.

You could argue that Kade’s under priced considering at  round 11 he was averaging 105, that’s the kind of scores you’d be be wanting from your premium midfielders, so for a defender that’s crazy elite. Even though some scoring inconsistency entered into the back half of his season he still managed an overall average of 92.

Only 5 times did he score under 80 last year, that’s pretty handy consistency considering he also posted 10 scores of 100 or more. In 2014 he never went 4 games in a row without scoring 100+. Compare that to other popular defensive premos in Burgoyne (15 games without a ton in a row), Birchall (11), Jaensch (8), Hibberd (7), Kelly (6), Malceski & Smith (5).

Starting Squad or Upgrade?

As good as a players ceiling or even durability is, their is no excuse for a fit player who plays a full game to post a game of 26 or 27. Yet that happened in 2014 against the Giants in round 14 and a real preliminary final killer against the Power in round 22. The easy argument is “you take his two 140’s in round 8 & 10, throw in the 20’s and it averages out so mover along.”

While that does appear to “balance out” to an average of 85 over those 4 scores it’s still not OK and as such has can scare of even the boldest of coaches. “But if you take the 20’s out his season is amazing.” Again that’s a dangerous game to play of removing non injury affected scores from a players average. If we are doing that why not then take out Rocky’s 190 or Buddy’s 204 if we are removing scores.

The fact is this, he scored in the twenties TWICE last year, and while he’s only had one other score sub 50 in his past 44 games it must be a factor in our considerations.

Does the late season emergen ce of teammate Docherty affect his scores? If you look at their games side by side you could start to build a case for it?

I’ll be looking to him as I have plenty of round 11 talent in my team, if he can hold his average around the 90 mark pre bye he’ll need to be upgraded in round 13 or 14 into my team.

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