Beware the Byes

Just like the byes have a reduced number of matches each week, this week’s column will provide a summarised point of view. They are here. There is not a lot that can be done now. Some teams have been preparing for the byes for weeks, whilst others have only given it a cautionary glance over the last few rounds. The later byes this season have made it a little more difficult to perform a seamless moving of maxed out rookies to premiums, but we deal with what we have in front of us.

The key that needs to be considered over the byes is that it is important not to place the rest of the season in the jeopardy for a small amount of points in any given week. A sideways trade of a rookie or premium may seem like a good idea at the time and net an extra 20-100 points, but will that trade come back to haunt later in the season? We all know how the season ends with multiple players injured, suspended or just managed and those extra trades that may be used over the next few weeks could prove very handy at the end of the season. In this current “trade crazy” environment we play in the opportunity to use 9 trades over a 3 week period may prove a little too enticing for many coaches. In particular, a sideways trade to a 1 game rookie just to field 18 players really needs to be looked at. It may seem like a good idea to put 18 on the field, but ask yourself is it really worth it? As has been pointed out in various CP podcasts and columns, whilst it is valuable to have as many people on the field in any given week that you can the key is to have as many premium players on the field. 20 players, broken down to include 10 rookies and 10 premiums may not end up as scoring as much as a side with only 16 player being fielded, with maybe 14 premiums.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride of the byes. They may be the perfect opportunity to attack overall or leagues. They may see your season implode. Either way, it is what it is. Learn from it and use the lesson in future seasons. How are you going to attack the byes? Do you have the perfect plan or are you going to close your eyes and ignore them and hope for the best? Let us know on Twitter @brettfish15 or @coachespanel or join in the conversation at our Facebook group here.



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