BIG Issues with Coach Tooler


This is my BIG Issues sayonara for 2015. I’ll be writing a variety of articles over the offseason from time to time as we commence the build up to our 2016 seasons. Lets see what this week throws up.

Fremantle v Port Adelaide

This game could be anything. We could see some unheralded Dockers add 10-20 points to their normal output because of these outs. In draft format games be aware of the fringe Dockers who are available as free agents and any you think may get more midfield minutes in light of all the significant outs Lyon has already named and those that are yet to come. In addition to that the Port midfield could go on a rampage so similarly check their team announcement and see if any of their fringe players are named and anticipate large numbers from their established stars. This game has significant Ultimate Footy and Fantasy considerations.


Team Announcements

Players are dropping like flies this week. Cats are retiring or moving on. There are some true modern era legends like Bartel potentially playing their last game. Again this has a recipe in this game for the Cats to do to Crows what Collingwood did to them last week.

Do your best to cobble together a starting side after teams are announced. If there is ever a week to have some playing emergencies, its this week. We haven’t experienced the incredibly annoying late outs over the weekend as much as previous years, but my trust in coaches is not high and would not be surprised to see multiple late outs this weekend.


Hawks v Carlton, Swans v Gold Coast and West Coast v St Kilda

These three games have me quite intrigued. All have the possibility of massive blowouts. The difference between this game and the Fremantle v Port Adelaide is the high scorers will be much more predictable. If you are in finals this week Id be wanting plenty of players from Hawks and Swans with some Port Adelaide mids and the odd Eagle. Im in two UF finals and 6-7 DT finals so I’ll be sweating bullets this week and all weekend. Im backing in Rocky again this week as my C option.

Good luck all for this week, enjoy the offseason, I’ll be throwing up opinion pieces every few weeks to keep you thinking all things dream team. A huge shout out to Fy my Flying Penguins Keeper League opponent in the grand final, top bloke and if I have to lose, don’t mind it being to him. To my Shiva Div 12 opponent Odin, feel free to ignore all my above thoughts. To the Coaches Panel lads, what a belter of a year establishing our team as the home for the serious dream team player, been a blast!

And thats the way the cookie crumbles.

Coach Tooler