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There’s a golden rule to writing for fantasy football, make a lot of predictions, some are bound to come true due to probability if for no other reason. Well ladies and gentlemen I present to you exhibit A from last week:

“Every man and his dog will get a run with changes to be frequent meaning rookies will get games but it will be a carousel”


“Pies champions Sidebottom and Pendlebury to assume greater responsibility than they already are and commanding the ball at every opportunity and average around the 110”

The Pies made a huge call on Cloke being dropped and Sidey and Pendles did indeed command more of the ball in dominant displays.

Setting up your structure for bye rounds

We are entering a clutch period where you set yourself up for the bye rounds. Holding onto round 15 rooks where possible will allow you to trade through the bye rounds by upgrading. You’ll need to balance the dilemma of trading rookies that are maxed out in price with keeping rookies with the best job security. A player like a Mills will be handy right up to his bye round.

Your fix up trades period has pretty much passed you by now, you’ll have to be content with what you have in limited trade formats now and save your trading for upgrading and long term injuries. If you don’t you will end up points chasing and wasting trades.

Injury affected players

So Fyfe is the big news on the way out, I wouldn’t get too cute on his replacement get another proven mid. McVeigh and Rockliff are on the way back in from injuries so watch their prices closely. Boyd I think will benefit scoring wise as the Bulldogs are running out of players who can set up play from defence.

Identifying fallen premiums or ones that are just coming off the boil are key for your next few weeks. My attention is shifting towards these types of players now rather than the breakout players. Jordan Lewis, Stefan Martin, Dustin Martin are the types that if they shed a lot of money you want to bring in. Interestingly has Murphy and Barlow turned it all around now in one game? Are their stocks on the rise and you expect a premium output from them now? Its easy to be a captain hindsight, making educated guesses is the fun of this game, but if it doesn’t pay off don’t stress you never know when the next golden run of scores is coming from. Case in point, who’d have thought M.Adams would have had that purple patch he did.

Players by price of the Round

Each week I will assess who stood up for the week in the premium (over $450,000 category) mid pricer ($450,000-$250,000) and rookie category (under $250,000). Dream Team pricing will be used.

Rookie: Tom Papley
The Sydney Swan started the game making costly mistakes but quickly settled. In DT and AF those mistakes aren’t punished like in SC. He was in everything and his job security is now assured barring something entirely unforeseen happening. His score of 107 will make some serious $ for his owners.

Mid Pricer: Matthew Wright

In the preseason I wrote a mid price breakout article providing my thoughts and ranking in order my guess as to how they will perform factoring in likelihood of playing and performance etc in the price range of $200,000-$400,000. My list in order was…

1. Dale Thomas
2. Isaac Heeney
3. Craig Bird
4. Jack Martin
5. Matthew Wright
6. Ben Kennedy
7. Jed Anderson
8. Darcy Lang
9. Angus Brayshaw
10. Reece Conca

Some of these predictions weren’t popular but they are holding up reasonably well at the moment and Matthew Wright is rising with a bullet after his 109. The former Crow is known to be able to put up a decent score from years gone by, another who is glad to see the end of the vest era. There are some solid round 13 bye options, but if you are light in that area then consider him in fantasy.

Premium: Michael Barlow
I’m going to let sentimentality get in the way here, he wasn’t the highest scoring premium, nor the best pound for pound, price to score, but for the coaches who have had a miserable ride with Barlow his score 138 was nothing but a surprise to all and sundry. Few of his owners would have not considered trading him even for a moment. Im fearful that if you were a coach that did trade him it might have been to Zach Merrett. A bit unlucky there to be honest, he was predicted by many to destroy the Pies and fighting for their lives the Pies came out and did a hatchet job on the bombers. Keep Barlow all year is my advice, if you started with him finish with him unless he gets injured.

Im out, have a great week, catch you in the next BIG Issues. You can twitter me @coachtooler during the week for advice.

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