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Week 6 has come and gone, isn’t the heat on Coaches Hardwick and Buckley!  Funny thing about Bucks is that there are 7 sides below the Pies on the ladder, talk about unlucky if you’re Buckley.  That’s the weight of expectations upon him.  Hardwick is under the pump big time with preseason expectations of a top 4 finish and the team most likely to threaten the Hawks for the title.  What  I don’t understand is how Ross Lyon is skilfully deflecting anger at Fremantle’s poor start with a semi rebuild of his 22.  Injuries to key players have bought some breathing room to Lyon that has not been extended to Hardwick who has suffered a similar predicament.  How the Tigers respond to Cotchin missing for two-three weeks on field will be fascinating, fortunately for them Delidio is back.

Mid priced backline

The experiment with mid priced backlines featuring multiple players under $350,000 for round 1 has adjectively failed.  Bail out of yours as soon as possible if you started this way.  Dream Team has two clear premium defenders in the shape of Shaw and Boyd, Fantasy adds Kelly and Vince to that mix, there are plenty of 90 averaging defenders as well.  If you are stranded with a mid priced backline you need to bail out of that structure before your season is a write off.  Lock it away for next year, guns and rooks in defence is what I am running with, lesson learnt.


Is it safe to trade in a fallen premium in all lines or are some lines better than others?

Rockliff and Murphy have bottomed out and Lewis is in freefall!  Do you need a round 13 or round 15 mid at this stage?  Either Rockliff or Murphy offer excellent value this week.  In a few weeks’ time Lewis will be another prime candidate for your midfield.  Are they safe bets, I’d say yes.  The nature of their role is that they can accumulate possessions.

Ask yourself two questions:

  1. Does bringing in fallen premiums apply equally across all areas on the field? Is there a reason their scoring output has collapsed that appears to be irreversible?
  2. Is it better to jump on players breaking out rather than waiting on premiums to have an off few games?

These two questions will shape your season.  Duncan, Hunter, Zaharakis, Hall and Merrett provide insights for coaches for question 2, but for every one of these players there’s a player that fizzes, Orazio Fantasia could prove to be one such player.  Personally I think err on the side of getting on the break out players for rounds 1-5 and then shift the focus to fallen premiums up until the bye rounds.

Players by price of the Round

Each week I will assess who stood up for the week in the premium (over $450,000 category) mid pricer ($450,000-$250,000) and rookie category (under $250,000).  Dream Team pricing will be used.

Premium of the Week: Dayne Zorko

The magician had a day out against the Swans recapturing his destructive best in the wet.  He scored a monster 148 points.  One of the better round 15 forward options going around, although carries a hefty price tag of $567,800 to bring in.

Mid Pricer of the Week: Dale Thomas

Priced at $369,700 Daisy is basically a sideways trade of Darcy Parish but offer dpp status.  He is set to climb considerably in value over the next few weeks with his score of 134.  You could do worse than picking up a Daisy and Murphy double for $800,000 this week if you have the cash to do it.

Rookie of the week: Josh Smith

Smith has gone Whammy! Whammy! With scores of 89 and 97.  His next two opponents are Carlton and Brisbane.  Shut up and take my money, all $105,000!  With any luck he holds his spot in the Pies side for a few more weeks for us.

Have a great week coaches, I backed Hanners for captain last week, so I am happy, Swans play Bombers so it could be a popular week to back a Swans player again.

Coach Tooler

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