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Week 7 has come and gone, and this week all our eyes turn to Jordan Lewis to trade in and Tom Rockliff as to how bad his injury is.  The general rule of if its called a 2-3 week injury, it is best to hold him.  If you don’t own Rocky let him play a game or two before bringing him into your team.

Jordan Lewis

Round 8 is known as the Jordan Lewis Round.  He has a great bye and has found some form, his price is the lowest it’s been in living memory, and he’s the perfect upgrade target.  Hawks have an awesome run of easier games on the horizon, he’s a no brainer if your other lines are sorted.

Christian Petracca 

Another player that needs to be brought into your team in real dream team and supercoach.  He is the perfect downgrade rookie to bring in this week.  Possibly only Mathieson offers us some hope for a future player yet to play in the midfield at the moment.  Petracca has handy DPP status and can be utilised with Wells and Kerridge swinging through the mids to cover injuries as needed.

Draft Leagues mid season health check

After 7 rounds you will know relatively where your team stands compared to the competition.  If you are in front the status quo is your friend, it would be great if not a single trade occurred between now and the finals in your league.  If that happens status quo is maintained.  Problems arise with counter-punching from other coaches happens.  Expect some aggressive moves from coaches just in or out of the finals.  Those coaches can’t hurt you as much in a season long league but they certainly can in a keeper league.  Anticipate what they will be likely to do, it may be that you need to try and trade to cover their trades.  The ultimate goal is to maintain your lead in the current year while covering teams up and coming expecting to rise in 2-3 years’ time.  To do that, continue to turn over your guns once they hit the 26-28 year bracket for a quality 21-23 year old established player.

If you’re in rebuild mode you want to acquire as many 1st round draft picks as humanly possible and be patient as you will need to carry your young ones for 2-3 years before they start to produce solid scores consistently.  It is very hit and miss and a risky strategy to roll with.  AFL clubs have flunked at it so know that it is quite possible that the 1st round picks won’t necessarily kick on.  The most reliable way to quickly burst up the rankings would be to acquire older aged premium players aged 28 or older.  In a keeper league they are nowhere near as valuable as a 21 year old premium.  You could pick up a few of them for a younger premium.  Leverage your draft picks too to acquire some.  Once you have a competitive team then consider trying to find a way to lower your player age over time.  You can do that just before finals if your older guns are still firing and your opponent has a younger gun out injured.  That’s a good spot to trade into if you are missing the finals.

Players by price of the Round

Each week I will assess who stood up for the week in the premium (over $450,000 category) mid pricer ($450,000-$250,000) and rookie category (under $250,000).  Dream Team pricing will be used.

Premium of the Week: Nick Reiwoldt $623,300

144 points was massive and Nick continues to defy his age and doesn’t look like slowing down at all.  This guy deserves an AFL premiership, it’s sad he will never get one.  He’s too expensive to trade in, it will be interesting to see how the year plays out, he rewards coaches that start him every year as long as I can remember.

Mid Pricer of the Week: Isaac Heeney $380,300

119 points in a freakish display.  As a Swans supporter I want him to win some individual award as I want Select to release another signature card of his!  5 goals in tandem with Buddy’s 6 was a sight to behold.  He marks and attacks the ball like Fyfe, the only difference is that Heeney is better than Fyfe.  No reason why an average as a forward of 80+ won’t happen for the remainder of the year.  He was so good up forward that I can’t see him getting many midfield rotations.

Rookie of the week: Christian Petracca $128,200

86 points from Petracca and he’s warming nicely to AFL. Expect him to hold his position in the side for the year unless fitness issues strike as they typically do with the young players as they build their tank.  Must be traded into your team this week.

Have a great week, make sure you appraise the position of your draft team and trade in Lewis and Petracca!

Coach Tooler

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