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Week 8 is done and dusted.  I dubbed Round 8 Jordan Lewis round and he delivered for us.  The next bit of sad news on the injury front was Dayne Beams joining Nathan Fyfe on ice for the rest of the year.


Tom Mitchell and Sack John Longmire

Is there a player a coach has hated more than this guy?  Swans forums went into meltdown over Dean Towers choosing not to kick it to Buddy to seal the game.  All that rage directed towards Towers justifiably has masked the criminally insane coaching of Longmire.  If you have your best clearance winner not playing the game the and you have Tom Mitchell in the side, you play him on the ball right?  Not if you’re Longmire!  In the last quarter Longmire refused to even let Mitchell take the field, let alone force him to camp up forward!  I would be very happy to see the back end of Longmire.  Don’t make the mistake of captaining him like I did on the weekend.


Draft Leagues mid season trades

Last week I encouraged you to do a health check after 7 rounds.  You should have estimated your chance of making the top 2 teams, finals series or last place by now.  When trading, to view your opponent’s perspective of their weaknesses, is a handy bit of insider trading knowledge.  Just like poker moves and countermoves are predictable.  Also predict what value you can extract in a keeper league.

  • Team near the bottom of the ladder – have their draft picks worth more and they are less inclined to value their oldest players and will be looking to trade for younger up and comers as a general rule of thumb.
  • Teams just in or out of the finals – are looking to maximise their on field performances so look where their holes are and offer something there. They will be open to trading injured players of value for players that aren’t injured of like averages.  You might be able to extract a draft pick for such an instance.
  • Teams on top of the ladder – depending on how confident they are could look towards the next year to start sand bagging their dominance with draft picks for lesser light players on their team. Alternatively, and one of my favourites, they look to trade with a main rival to either increase the gap on the chasing pack therefor increasing probability of winning the title.  Alternatively they can swing a trade that reduces their opponents on field scores with the promise of depth.

Be realistic with where you sit in your league and then make some trades knowing the angle your opponent is coming from.

Players by price of the Round

Each week I will assess who stood up for the week in the premium (over $450,000 category) mid pricer ($450,000-$250,000) and rookie category (under $250,000).  Dream Team pricing will be used.

Premium of the Week: Rory Sloane $567,400

147 points from a player that is going from strength to strength in 2016.  I had doubts as to his output this year considering Sloane will pick up the main tag in the Dean Gore era.  He is handling it with ease and continues to impress.  A solid sideways option post bye round.

Mid Pricer of the Week: Tom Liberatore $441,900

142 in an Adam Sandler Waterboy-esque performance where he tackled everything that moved.  Unfortunately after full time, during kick to kick, Libba flattened half a dozen children in a talking rampage before security guards were finally able to pull him off them and remove Libba from the playing arena. This is two 100s in a row so his owners will be quite happy, for a change.

Rookie of the week: Jacob Hooper $197,800

97 points and a 30 possession plus game from the new Barlow!  Not since Barlow has a debutant gone so big, fingers crossed his coach likes him more than Barlow’s does.  Let him play another week before determining whether or not he is a must have downgrade as he comes with a prime premium and Mathieson is coming at $121,000 odd.

Have a great week, I hope you listened and traded in Lewis and Petracca!  This week I am likely holding in limited trade formats.

Coach Tooler

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