BIG Issues with Coach Tooler

The Swannies are rampaging at the moment, ain’t life grand! Virtual Sports has launched their new match day product and premium players delivered premium scores across the board. What a utopian world we live in!

Please don’t tell me you traded out Tom Mitchell

When I was on dream stats during one of the matches the other day, paying half an eye on the match, half on the chat and whatever was left on work, I was staggered when someone posted they traded out a healthy Tom Mitchell. I laughed and laughed and laughed to myself, rightly assuming the fantasy football career of the coach was 10 weeks in duration, no, I was wrong. He actually acted on advice haha!

I’ve been around a while, I’ve observed all kinds of fantasy football advice, but I humbly submit to you that aside from anyone ever suggesting to make Zac Dawson a captain for a round, it constitutes single handedly the worse piece of advice Ive ever heard. Tom Mitchell scores well regardless of role and position on the field, he just happens to go bananas when an unrestricted mid. The Swans sent him to tag Sam Mitchell the week before, the Swans do not play Hawthorn every week, the Swans do not tag every week! The Swans have been sliced to pieces previously by Sam Mitchell so as fans have been crying out for eons to tag him, Horse finally did and the results spoke for them self. Don’t trade out a fit premium in general, especially one with a ceiling and the name of Tom Mitchell. Im sure the advice giver lined up at Centrelink on Monday morning to get to the head of the queue or at least ate some novelty oversized piece of humble pie, actually scratch that, they ate the bakery including the bricks and mortar.

The old is new again: Kade Simpson and Saints boys


Personally for us old timers aged over 35, seeing players running around without face tattoos and weird haircuts brings a tear to the eye. Simpson, Riewoldt and Montagna have been in superb form all season long and I’ve brought in both Simpson and Montagna over the last few weeks. For me my thoughts are turning towards 2017 in salary cap format and also my 2016 draft leagues. The expectant drop off for these old timers has not happened so they can safely be targeted to acquired in single season draft leagues. McVeigh is probably worthy of your radar depending on your bye round structure in defence as he’s getting match fitness and confidence back again.

Players by price of the Round

Each week I will assess who stood up for the week in the premium (over $450,000 category) mid pricer ($450,000-$250,000) and rookie category (under $250,000). Dream Team pricing will be used.

Rookie: Josh Dunkley 115 points
He’s been rotting away on many benches since the start of the season and just collecting dust. He scored a big 100 for a rookie for the should’ve been a Swan. I blame you Paul Roos for this and your fall out with Andrew Dunkley! He looks like he belongs at this level and as long as he plays he will make money in the scoring friendly side of the Western Bulldogs.

Mid Pricer: Tex Walker 116 points and Chad Wingard 116 points
The big Texan has gone big back to back now, get on! Chad also recaptured some scoring form. If you are after a point of difference and can structurally house them these two are worth a punt at under $400,000 a pop.

Premium: Jordan Lewis 140 points
How about this for a checklist for last week:
1. priced under $500,000
2. high ceiling
3. proven premium
4. excellent upcoming draw
5. perfect captain option last week in his milestone game
6. round 15 premium

I jumped on and captained the beautiful man! I was very curious how he was flying under the radar somewhat all week. Those are the kind of thought processes you want to be thinking about in the premium stakes, again gah at trading out Mitchell haha.

Im out, have a great week, catch you in the next BIG Issues. You can twitter me @coachtooler during the week for advice.

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