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Week 12 is done and dusted.  The bye rounds are upon us.  Fantasy trade friendly format enables some ease of navigation through the byes, whereas the more challenging formats of Supercoach and Dream Team require a sound bye structure.  By now it should be sorted for you, if you paid attention to your trades as the season progressed.

Ruckmen fighting injuries and selection

Tippet and Nic Nat have long term injuries.  Goldstein missed one week recently too and Martin is sharing ruck duties up at Brisbane.  Ruckmen starting to look the goods are Sam Jacobs and popular starting option Max Gawn.  Post bye round Jacobs is a sound ruck option to bring in.  Hopefully all the rucks can hold together for us as their numbers are starting to thin out.  For Tippet owners I anticipate Sinclair to play as number one ruck and Nankervis to take Sinclair’s role in the forward line.  A cheap downgrade option could surface though with the giant human being Sam Naismith a shot at cracking into the team.  The coaching staff love him having signed up the perennially injured ruckman to a 3 year deal at the end of 2015.


Draft Leagues mid season byes

Most draft leagues have 5 rounds before finals remaining after the bye rounds.  The next three weeks can be a significant mid season trade period as teams scramble to make the finals or face a harsh reality of rebuilding for 2017.  Here’s some earlier reminders of what to look out for.

  • Team near the bottom of the ladder – have their draft picks worth more and they are less inclined to value their oldest players and will be looking to trade for younger up and comers as a general rule of thumb.
  • Teams just in or out of the finals – are looking to maximise their on field performances so look where their holes are and offer something there. They will be open to trading injured players of value for players that aren’t injured of like averages.  You might be able to extract a draft pick for such an instance.
  • Teams on top of the ladder – depending on how confident they are could look towards the next year to start sand bagging their dominance with draft picks for lesser light players on their team. Alternatively, and one of my favourites, they look to trade with a main rival to either increase the gap on the chasing pack therefor increasing probability of winning the title.  Alternatively they can swing a trade that reduces their opponents on field scores with the promise of depth.

Players by price of the Round

Each week I will assess who stood up for the week in the premium (over $450,000 category) mid pricer ($450,000-$250,000) and rookie category (under $250,000).  Dream Team pricing will be used.

Premium of the Week: Patrick Dangerfield $637,400 – 187 points

187 points from Dangerfield was absolutely massive.  Set career highs all over the shop in this game.  Will cost you plenty to bring in now but can’t see him averaging less than 105 odd now at worst in the back half of the year.

Mid Pricer of the Week: Tom Cuttler $352,600 – 139 points

Where were you when I needed mid priced defenders at the start of this year!  Was a monster score in a team getting regularly destroyed week in and week out.  Not sold on the bloke as yet but in AF if you want to make some quick cash for a week or so, you could take a punt on him with his bye round and then trade back to a player who has had a bye already.

Rookie of the week: James Rose $186,700 – 98 points

On the bubble and has short term job security likely resulting from Rohan’s injury.  I don’t think both Hewett and Papely return this week to force him out.  If both return all three and McGlynn will not be playing in the same side, unless John Longmire has amnesia and forgotten that he detests small forwards.  It’s a novelty seeing one small forward for the Swans, four would be like kicking a footy into a pile of tyres for $100,000, it couldn’t happen could it?

Have a great week, enjoy the bye round carnage!

Coach Tooler

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