BIG ISSUES with Coach Tooler

Its an absolute log jam at the top of the AFL table at the moment with many teams capable of pulling off the title at this point in time. The first bye round saw massive scores everywhere which resulted in little overall movements unless you are seriously low in the rankings and can pick up a few thousand places here and there.

Taking a 0

Depends on how close to the bone you are but getting the odd 0 score on field is not a season ender anymore. Ideally you don’t ever want to score a zero but rarely are there a few teams with only a couple of points separating them at years end. Value your trades now, if you are running low around the 6-8 trade vicinity you don’t want to waste a trade just to get a score on field. Use them to either complete your team or for a long term injury like what has befallen Kurt Tippet. This week Im eyeing off the Tiger lads up forward as trade ins and scouting out other round 13 bye players as well as trade in targets.

If you had a shot at winning you would well and truly know by now, risk taking trading there I don’t mind, but saving a trade for a 0 may assist you in finishing with a more respectable rank at season’s end amongst your friends if you play it safe.


Holden boning Eddie McGuire

Few things in this world are as fondly thought of by AFL fans as the prospect of Eddie McGuire getting boned. In whatever the fashion and guise it takes the knowledge of imminent boning is an exciting prospect. Holden are considering pulling their sponsorship from the Magpies. It would be a controversial move, but in a society where domestic violence is so rife against women, it would almost be more controversial to do nothing. Sure Caro has few if any fans and she criticises every man and his dog incessantly for her own profit, but this aspect of our society needs to stop. Its a dog act to raise a hand to a lady and to make light of it, particularly with boof head mates live on air shows a disconnect with reality and I totally understand where Holden are coming from.

The AFL seems to be becoming more and more politicised of late across so many issues, its easy to forget that at some stage for us all it started as a backyard or park kick around with mates. Hopefully this issue will be the last of the controversial issues for a few years now we have moved on from the Bombers doping and Goodes booing as well.

Players by price of the Round

Each week I will assess who stood up for the week in the premium (over $450,000 category) mid pricer ($450,000-$250,000) and rookie category (under $250,000). Dream Team pricing will be used.

Rookie: Claye Beams 82 points

Priced in the low $200,000s Beams exemplifies the belief that sleeve tattoos have absolutely no correspondence or correlation to skill as an AFL player. Sleeve tatts should be earned and full authorisation oversight to be chaired by Dane Swan. Beams did pull a score in the 80s and he has threatened to break out from mediocrity for years but has been plagued by injuries. Could be a handy def eligible pick up in draft leagues.


Mid Pricer: Steven Motlop 113 points

Motlop makes menopause seem like a regulated temperature thermostat. He is dead set the hottest and coldest of all players in the AFL. His bye round isn’t helpful but his price tag surely is in the $360,000s. Strongly consider him if you need a cheap premium.

Premium: Michael Barlow 157 points

Having started with him as a rolled gold round 15 bye forward, Barlow soon set about doing everything in his power to get dropped. Many like me traded Barlow out at the time, only now seeing him destroying the stats. Week in and week out he is just heaping out the pain on all non owners.

Im out, have a great week, catch you in the next BIG Issues. You can twitter me @coachtooler during the week for advice.

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