BIG ISSUES with Coach Tooler

Can you believe it that the Hawks are again sitting atop of the ladder! The Swans chocked again disparagingly for their supporters. The whole is the top 8 seems a chance to be top two finishers. What a cracking way to end the season.

Off season trades already starting

If I were not in the top 8 i’d be looking at my list as well at the moment. This years draft will be dominated by 2 teams. Gold Coast, who have the drafting and team building capacity of Kinear Beatson’s first round selections for the Swans and scarily GWS Giants! Already touted to needing points for another two top 10 draft players joining their team we could see some real horse trading going on again in the offseason. Carlton are already heavily linked to GWS players as the AFL formalises the relationship that GWS is a feeder club for the Blues.

Weak points on clubs lists

This fascinates me as much as how Hardwick keeps getting a contract extension and people lining up to bone Eddie. Freo will again talk about needing to sign a power forwards and settle with recruiting another dozen or so midfielders and small forwards, while GWS recruits another key forward. Jostling has already started concerning who will take out the best restricted free agent title so that once identified they can move to Hawthorn as is the AFL custom. Swans will be looking for more trade restrictions to be imposed so that we can move on more players in the Jetta fashion. Swans came out slight winners in the trade for Sinclair as while his game has grown a little the size of his head surely hasn’t and still resembles that guy who had his head blown off in the shop in Men in Black. North are also doing whatever they can to provide a scheme for the aged by giving them gainful employment as a fwd or midfielder so expect Cousins and Judd to be circled by them this offseason.

Players by price of the Round

Each week I will assess who stood up for the week in the premium (over $450,000 category) mid pricer ($450,000-$250,000) and rookie category (under $250,000). Dream Team pricing will be used.

Rookie: Rory Thompson 84 points

Priced in the $160,000s you’d be mad as a cut snake to bring him into a limited trade formT, but the cupboard is relatively bare at the moment in this price bracket.


Mid Pricer: Andrew Gaff 131 points

Gaff went hugely off the boil and then rebounded with a big one verses the Bombers. Not yet popping champagne bottles yet as it was only Essendon, but you could do worse than take a punt on him if you wanted a cheap midfield option. I personally have jumped on brad crouch who was a fair bit cheaper, will be interesting to see who the two pan out to end the year.


Premium: Luke Parker 158 points

Having strung two monster scores together in a row now Parker is getting a head of steam up. Swans have arguably the toughest draw of any top 8 side with Cats and Hawks in the next two weeks. Parker will need to stand up but Id be stoked with two scores of 100 against those opponents.

Im out, have a great week, catch you in the next BIG Issues. You can twitter me @coachtooler during the week for advice.

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