BIG ISSUES with Coach Tooler

Is this the end of SMJ, aka GAJ, aka the bald adonis! It is for 2016 and I will not be starting him in 2017. Im putting him in the Jack Grimes durability category. Wait a moment Jack Grimes did what on the weekend!

The tale of two Grimes

As if there wasn’t a reason for fantasy players to rage at Grimes over the year, last weekend pops up. 140 points. You should be rejoicing you say? In two UF leagues prior to round 15 I carried Grimes throughout the entire year staring at me doing jack squat! In one league I delisted him to avoid a 0 and hoped to bring him back in the other I was able to hold. Now in one league I am spewing and in one league I am overjoyed. Remember though that Grimes hardly has job security, however here’s my take on his season so far as a Roos devotee watching for many years at the Swans. Roos likes to know what he has to work with as he builds a list, he is also a good judge of finals likelihood. Had Roos believed that the Demons would make the 8 this year I am convinced he would have played Grimes from round 1. I think he wanted to see who the Dees had to work with over the next couple of year eg. Wagner types. Dees are now aware of their kids and have been on the record stating they need to bring in more seasoned bodies. The other thing that provides job security for Jack Grimes is I cant see how he wont be traded. He’s a decent ball user by foot, something the Swans type of team could do well to acquire. Remember the enigma of Jesse White, king spud but was given a few games late to increase his trade value by the Swans, this is what Im seeing unfolding here for the Dees. White had a belter too on the weekend for the Pies, never thought Id ever be cheering on the Pies. In a nutshell Grimes is good for a 90 average if you trade him in and I think will play the season out in the firsts.

GAJ conundrum: the double

For me when GAJ got injured my thoughts went straight to three players Brad Crouch, Brandon Ellis and Andrew Gaff. My second thought was to complete my last defensive spot with the cash left, players around the mark of affordability are Jack Grimes or Jarrod Harbrow when upgrading Ruggles. That’s how Im approaching it, instead of like for like or grabbing Patrick Dangerfield or Rory Sloane I want to finish my team off. Have a think what is the best fit for your team. Probably Gaff and Harbrow for me. If you are after a forward Motlop and Jack Martin look decent value.

Players by price of the Round

Each week I will assess who stood up for the week in the premium (over $450,000 category) mid pricer ($450,000-$250,000) and rookie category (under $250,000). Dream Team pricing will be used.

Rookie: Oleg Markov 95 points

Bargain priced in $120,000s. Only really an option if you have a lot of trades left and want to free up cash, much more handy in Fantasy. Every chance to get game time now Richmond are chasing 9th again.

Mid Pricer: Jarrod Harbrow 119 points

After a terrible start to the year, he is getting motoring now, almost averaging 100 over the last three weeks and did pretty well in his last few prior as well. With GAJ gone, hopefully he gets more of the ball as the team picks up the slack.

Premium: Jack Steven 158 points

A decent straight swap option for GAJ. He has been on the last half of the season and is reflecting his 2015 scoring once more. Pity Armitage isn’t! Steven will go big to finish the year.

Im out, have a great week, catch you in the next BIG Issues. You can twitter me @coachtooler during the week for advice.

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