Big Issues

Hey it’s MJ filling in for Coach Tooler with a look at some of the Big Issues facing fantasy footy coaches this week, so let’s jump in.


When to Rock

Last week Tom Rockliff returned after missing a 3 weeks and returned in a blaze of glory with a 184 in DreamTeam & Fantasy and a huge 204 in SuperCoach. With a relatively low breakeven across all formats coaches have the decision to make about whether to bring him in this week or not. History shows 2 things of late about Tom, 1) he has arguably the biggest ceiling and if he can get on one of his famous 120+ weekly runs those without him could find themselves missing out. 2) That he’s now built up a history over the past 18 months of injury, and while his score last week was a monster he has already been injury affected 3 times this year, once in the preseason & 2 times in season. Now while injury can happen to anyone at anytime it does have some small alarm bells surrounding his current condition of his body. Current and future owners will be hoping he is past those back/hamstring issues and can fire on the run home.  This will no doubt be something the panel discuss in depth on our upcoming midweek trade & strategy podcast.

How Many Left?

For SuperCoach & DreamTeam owners the question of ‘how many trades left?’  starts to appear again at this point in the season, and although it’s a valid question it’s actually the wrong one.You could have 20 trades left and everyone think your a genius (and you may well be), but if you still have 10 rookies on field your in trouble. The question should be around how many upgrades to go until your side is filled with premiums? In an ideal world your looking to leave the byes with a completed team and a minimum of 4-5 trades left and an ideal of 6-8 if you’ve had some luck & not had to do too many sideways trades for injured premiums.

Take it to the bank

Should I be upgrading this week or not? Should I bank the trade for this week or use them through the byes? For many the easy downgrade trade this week is to bring in round 15 defender Sam Collins who looks to have solid enough job security to get him up to the bye, but choosing to make a second trade or not seems for many a dilemma. The simple solution is this, make the decision that is right for your team not ‘must have’ advice of the voices around you. For some the need to bring in another premium defender is a must and with Matt Suckling at a tasty price and a low breakeven it makes sense to jump on him, while others need a round 15 premium mid and can do an easy downgrade/upgrade trade for Tom Rockliff. Alternatively your bye structure and your upgrade plans hang purely on now just generating cash this week & next to enable some massive upgrades once the first block of 6 teams have their week off. So it’s not about ‘which is right?’ in a general sense, it’s about what is right for YOUR unique team and YOUR unique variables.

New AFLFantasy DPP’s

Earlier this week AFLFantasy had their next block of DPP’s added. 9 players have gained a positional allocation, and it’s a mixture of fattened rookies gaining some flexibility eg Josh Smith & Ben Keays, some largely irrelevant players getting something that will only really help in elite (draft) Jack Martin  now DEF/FWD, and then a few potential premiums. Cam Guthrie and Pearce Hanley are the main new options to consider in our backline (both with the round 15 bye) while arguably the biggest DPP addition is Hawthorn wingman Isaac Smith has gained forward status. Whether you think it’s a good call or a shocker will largely depend who you are and how serious you take AF. For me the easy addition if you were bringing one in this week is Isaac Smith who is a round 15 now forward  and has averaged 96 & 94 in the past 2 seasons while currently going at 90 in 2016. A match against the Bombers this week means it’s the recipe for some points. For those wondering, I would be shocked in UltimateFooty follow suit and give Smith M/F DPP as well, but then again I could be wrong, I didn’t predict Isaac would be even in the discussion of gaining DPP.


No more Perma-Captain

Before 2016 fantasy footy coaches of all formats had pretty similar captains week in week out. In DreamTeam and fantasy it was Tom Rockliff, Gary Ablett or even Dane Swan. For SuperCoachers it was Gary Ablett, Scott Pendlebury and Nat Fyfe who wore the C or VC most weeks. Arguably the closest thing we’ve had is Patrick Dangerfield and Dan Hannebery. In 2016 even these favorites have let us down at times, this year is unique as it appears we don’t have a ‘safe’ 110-130 captains for every week. I for one am excited by this, it adds a new level of intrigue in league and overall rankings battles and can see some big points gains if things go your way. Fixture analysis, opposition history, taggers,  ground scoring history, backing your gut and even luck all become even more important than previous years when everyone just had the C on Gazza. So who will you be captaining this week?


What about for you & your unique side, what are the big issues you’ll be facing this week? Tell me in comments below or across Twitter & Facebook.

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