Captain’s Choice: Round 16

Only a few months remain in season 2017, during the next few rounds your captaincy choices  are crucial to nail if you want to achieve success. So lets take a look at the best options available for this week.


1)  Patrick Dangerfield

When it doubt, put the C on Danger! A 5 round average of 158, which included last week’s 196 where he literally carried his side the whole way through let alone in his insane final term. In his past 6 games he hasn’t scored below 140 and to be honest the only reason you won’t captain (or Vice Captain and loop the score) is for one of two reasons. Firstly, you don’t own him… If that’s the case it’s probably been a tough year for you. Second, to make up the points gap in your league match up or overall rankings your needing to intentionally go against the popular grain and do something different and hope luck goes your way. If that’s the case… ‘Good luck!’ Last year against the Lions he scored 131 and 154 and I’d be expecting a similar return given current form. To be honest you really don’t need much more… Just pick Danger! Decision made.

STOP READING NOW!!!! Move on, life is short… Captain Danger 

2) Josh Kennedy

Come on now… Really, you need another option? You’ve got to be kidding me! Alright, fine! Josh is once again on his traditional end of season tear where he just posts 100 after 100. After posting just 3 tons in his opening 7 games he’s now scored 7 on the trot. Scores of 101 & 121 in his past 2 outings against the Suns aren’t massive but really at best your putting the VC on him for the afternoon while you wait for Danger to play.

3) Dustin Martin

So for the record he plays at the same time as Patrick Dangerfield so VC or C him means ignoring the obvious and arguably safest option this week. While he doesn’t have a great record against the Saints with scores of 82, 93 & 104 in his past 3 it’s safe to say that Dusty of this year is way better than anything he’s delivered previously. He’s coming off the back of 7 consecutive 100’s, 5 of those over 120 including a 144 against GWS and a 165 against the Kangaroos.

4) Tom Mitchell

While he’s not the points scoring monster that he is in DreamTeam he’s still a very good option. Only once in 2017 has he failed to score 100 or more and from his 2 games as a Hawk in Tasmania he’s scored 135 and 117. Only 2 scores over 130 for the year but he’s handy for a  VC option given the safety net of Danger can be taken that night.

5) Rory Sloane

4 very unlucky blues miss this spot. In the past 3 Carlton have some serious SuperCoach scores getting pumped out. Bryce Gibbs averaging 150, Sam Docherty going at 131, Patrick Cripps a healthy 124 while Matthew Kruezer is in career best form averaging 123. While all deserve consideration I’m going left field!

Rory’s had a roller coaster of a season. When tagged hard by the opposition he struggles to crack even past the 90 mark. Scores of 80, 66 & 89 over the past 3 weeks show just how low he can go. However, when given freedom he’s genuinely one of the best SuperCoach options around. A 177 against Fremantle 4 weeks ago + the 5 week stint early this year where he averaged 143 and posted a low of 124 during that period shows just how good he can be. The good news for owners is that the Bulldogs rarely tag and given the ability to loophole his score and back in one of the other options listed above I think it’s well worth the ‘roll of the dice’ on him.

AFLFantasy / AFLDreamTeam

1)  Patrick Dangerfield

Here are his past 6 scores: 156, 125, 131, 116, 134 & last weeks 142. Barring a couple of injury impacted games mid season Danger has barely put a low score on the field. On current form not many match it with him for in both ceiling and consistency. While he may only average 101 in his last 3 vs Brisbane they are currently without their tagger in Mitch Robinson and with the Lions blooding some great young talent through the guts (Witherden, Berry, McCluggage  & Mathieson) I expect Chris Fagan to use this game as a teaching opportunity for one of his young midfielders. As such I expect Danger to deliver a full fantasy scoring lesson plus some extra credit to the young cub.

2) Tom Mitchell

Let’s call it for what it is, safe. However, safe doesn’t have to be a dirty word in fantasy footy. Simply put ‘Titch’ is putting together quite possibly the best fantasy season ever seen. 14 games in 2017 and 14 consecutive 100’s with only one score below 110 all year (a 108 against the Swans). While he hasn’t gone ‘massive’ in his scoring ceiling (only 2 games over 140), he just hasn’t put a foot wrong all year. If you’ve been ‘burnt’ by a low captaincy score this year and are a little hesitant by going unique then Mitchell has shown so far in 2017 he is as safe as houses.

3) Adam Treloar

Adam Treloar loves playing Essendon! In his 2 previous encounters since coming across from GWS he’s scored 144 & 129. However even as a Giant he scored 100 or more in every contest during the home and away season. 8 of his 9 tons this season have been 116 or above. With Nathan Buckley’s coaching career in the balance and the fact Essendon do not tag I’m expecting Adam to give fantasy coaches a nice score.

4) Zach Merrett

How quickly we turn on our fantasy stars. Last week many captained Merrett and for good reason too. Up until last week he’d scored 12 100’s from 13 games with a lowest score of 97. However, last week his time on ground numbers were unusually low (just 74 mins) as well as him barely being sighted in the midfield suggesting he clearly wasn’t feeling well. While I could understand coaches hesitation to go there this week I wouldn’t put it past him bouncing back against the Pies where early this year he posted a 137 on them.

5) Bryce Gibbs

You could really put one of 5 or 6 names here (including Dustin Martin, Dayne Zorko, Sam Docherty and even Gary Ablett you’d back in to reach the ton against the stingy scoring Swans) but for now I’ve settled on Gibbs. If you’re a weekly reader of Tim’s fixture analysis you’ll know that midfielders and defenders on average score considerably less against Melbourne. However, Doc makes the top 5 for several reasons. Firstly, The Demons are missing plenty of their best 22 and as a result last week the Swans were able to break away from the trend with Josh Kennedy, Luke Parker, Kieran Jack, Nic Newman and Zac Jones scoring either on average or well above.  11 times Gibbs has scored over 100 this season and has yet to score below 93. Added to this is that he’s pumped out 7 consecutive tons including a 160 against the Crows last week and a 194 just 2 weeks earlier on the Suns. Yes it’s got some risk attached to it (but if you didn’t want risk you’d be looking at Danger or Mitchell) but he’s shown he’s got arguably the biggest ceiling of the year in fantasy footy

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