Captain’s Choice: Round 22

Alrighty, apologies for the late posting this week but we’re here now so let’s get into it!


1)  Dangerfield

The obvious choice. Hasn’t scored below 140 since Round 8 except for his most recent game in Round 19, however in that game he spent the entire game up forward as his foot was troubling him and the Cats had it won early. Must play midfield with Selwood out and cleaned up last week. Still, his record against Collingwood is not that good. Low score earlier this year and really only one captaincy-worthy score against them ever which was years ago so that is a definite concern. His form is irresistible though so VC him if concerned at all but you can’t simply go cold Turkey here.

2)  Nat Fyfe

His form again is too good to ignore. Been putting up some captaincy scores, even doing well last week despite Freo copping the mother of all hidings. Freo will be better this week at home to Richmond and Fyfe should continue his fine form.

3)  Dustin Martin

Another guy who’s been flying all year and recently. Freo are obviously limping home at the moment and without and obvious reason as to why they’d slow Dusty down he’s another easy captains choice this week. Could be big.

4)  Matt Crouch

Been flying – 7 of his last 8 are over 116. Cleaning up on everybody. Won’t get tagged with Sloane and even his bro in the team. Just a super solid option who could easily notch another 130.

5)  Josh Kelly

Kelly has had some big ones this year and on the back of a 127 and a 132 in his last fortnight he’s part of the reason why the Giants have that feeling of being back about them. More ins this week and back at home against the Eagles, the signs point to Kelly being thereabouts for another big one.


AFLFantasy / AFLDreamTeam

1)  Dustin Martin

Been in big form all year and that has continued lately. Freo gave up huge points to the Swans last week and with Neale out as well this week it certainly doesn’t get any easier for them to slow down the opposition midfield. Dusty had 5 straight 100s on Freo before this year and could be big this week.


2)  Taylor Adams

For all the concerns pre-season, Taylor Adams has played every game this season. No injuries, no suspensions. Since Pendles went out he has also quietly gone out and absolutely smashed it! His last three are 151, 124 & 128 so his form is as good as anyone in the competition. He also scored 148 against Geelong already this year. On top of a 135 against them in 2015 as well and with no possibility whatsoever of a tag, Adams is poised to go large again.

3)  Zach Merrett

Has slowed down a bit since the byes but after a week off to refresh he’s up against a very easy opponent. The increasingly ‘Bad-News-Suns’ have been starting to get smacked around on field and in terms of fantasy points and Merrett is in prime position to take full advantage this week.

4)  Tom Mitchell

Is he back? Had he ever left? Two straight 90s and to be honest was headed for a third in a row last week until a 30 point burst in a few minutes of the last quarter got him up to 118. It did indicate that his scoring punch remains though and his possession-gathering hasn’t been hindered so I’m backing him to be solid once again this week.

5)  Patrick Dangerfield

His form is too good to ignore but as mentioned in the SuperCoach section above his record against Collingwood really isn’t that good. Now he has had big patches of games against them since he moved to the Cats which bodes well for those captaining him this week but the concerns are enough to knock him down a rung or two on the captaincy ladder this week.



Good luck!

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