Captain’s Choice: Round 4

Well that was fun while it lasted – a round that started on a Friday night. Now we’re back to what is fast becoming the new norm and we have loophole options galore. Real DreamTeam & AFL Fantasy have partial lockouts until the first game on Saturday and of course SC is the full rolling lockout as always. So with that in mind, let’s see how our captains unfold this week:


1)  Patrick Dangerfield

Danger is unquestionably #1 this week. There’s no point being cute here – he is playing a team that’s giving up mammoth scores to opponents already this year (Hawthorn), he’s averaging almost 140 this year with a low of 138 & in three of his last four games against the Hawks he has scored over 150. Giddy-up.

2)  Marcus Bontempelli

The Bont has started the year with a bang, already averaging over 130. This continues on from his fabulous finish to last season when he averaged 120-ish from Round 7 onwards and wasn’t half bad in the finals series either. This week he plays North, a team he has only once ever scored below 130 against (and that was early last year when he played up forward – he still scored 83). So a man in form, up against his bunnies and on the big stage (Good Friday standalone footy) – it all adds up to the perfect VC option for SuperCoach this week.

3)  Rory Sloane

The Crows have started the year on fire and find themselves sitting atop the ladder. The fractured eye socket of Rory Sloane from the pre-season hasn’t hampered him at all either and he has already pumped out two mammoth totals of 146 & 168. His last two games against Essendon were also both over 140, and Marc Murphy wasn’t half bad against the Bombers last week either so we know they can be scored against. Sloane thus gets the #3 slot this week.

4)  Dustin Martin

In 2015 we saw a man dominate the footy world with a physically imposing and skilful gamestyle. In 2016 we saw the same again from another player. This year, Dustin Martin has continued the trend of Fyfe & Dangerfield and is looking nigh on unstoppable. He’s already scored two 150s this year and put up 129 on Brisbane last time out as well. The Lions are also getting scored against a bit this year and so you would expect Dusty to put up another big one.

5)  Trent Cotchin

The Cotch looks very much like continuing on his fine form this week, up against Brisbane. Cotchin’s averaging a huge 122 so far this year, and in three of his last four against the Lions he has scored over 130. All signs point to another big one for the Tigers’ skipper.

Final Thoughts

It really looks like a fools errand to bet against Dangerfield this week, though plenty might. If your VC scores 130 this week, what do you do? All of the top five are in huge form and so the honourable mention of the week goes to Scott Pendlebury. He’s also started the season in ripping form and has eight straight 100+ scores against the Saints (his opponents this week)! The last three have just been low 100s which is what pushed him to 6th, however he should be pretty solid yet again – as he always is.

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AFLFantasy / DreamTeam

1)  Patrick Dangerfield

Much like for SuperCoach, Danger is simply on fire. He’s averaging in the 120s, has a season low of 117, is playing the current DT whipping boys of the league (Hawthorn) and he’s currently on a streak of six 100+ scores against the Hawks, three of which were over 130. In short, there’s just really no reason not to put the ‘C’ on him.

2)  Dustin Martin

Dusty is simply in amazing form at the moment – he’s physically stronger than all of his opponents, he’s better than them one on one, he knows where the goals are and he’s a ball magnet. He’s had two massive scores this year already in his three matches and put up 127 on the Lions last time – a team who’s still conceding a decent amount of points in 2017. All aboard the Dusty train for Round 4!

3)  Rory Sloane

The Sloane Ranger has been amazing over the last fortnight, putting up two big totals, and he’s scored 128 & 136 in his last two against the Bombers. Sloane should be good again this week.

4)  Taylor Adams

Adams is nothing short of a point-scoring machine when he’s in form, and that’s exactly what he is at the moment. With a 151 in Round 1 and another 137 in Round 3, he showed that he can score well against teams that give up a lot of points (both the Dogs & Swans are conceding a bit so far this year). The Saints are another such team, so far anyway, and the Pies are scoring points for fun at the moment so Taylor ends up at #4 this week.

5)  Adam Treloar

Another member of the Pies’ point-scoring machine, Treloar has been in mighty fine form in 2017, having a season low of 125 and an average close to 130 after three rounds. He is incredibly consistent and, like the out & out stars in Pendlebury, Fyfe & Dangerfield he really doesn’t have bad games. He comes up against a freely-conceding Saints team this week and odds are that Treloar scores well again.

Final Thoughts

There were plenty of potential captaincy options to check out this week, however the rest all fell by the wayside as their circumstances & histories were scutinised. Marc Murphy’s opponents, the Suns, are strangely restrictive so far this year, with only one player going over 120 against them so far, so he’s out. Against Collingwood, Nick Riewoldt has scored above 86 only once since 2009!!! In fact, it’s also accurate to say that since 2009 against the Pies he’s only scored above 74 twice. Obviously Heath Shaw’s 2010 Grand Final smother had a lasting impression! To be fair though, last year he scored 71 in only a half of footy before sitting out the rest of the match, so he shouldn’t be too bad, he just can’t qualify as a top 5 option.

Joel Selwood ‘should’ be pretty good, given how many points the Hawks are giving up, however contrary to popular opinion his record against the Hawks isn’t actually all that great. I think it stems from his amazing Easter Monday performance one time when he scored a whopping 185 points – perhaps it’d surprise you to learn that was eight years ago, in 2009. Tom Mitchell has been solid but his record against the Cats isn’t particularly amazing, and the Cats aren’t giving up particularly huge amounts of points this year either. He should be solid though, as should Pendles, Stef & Grundy and so on and so forth. Rocky also should be solid, however he’s only ever scored above 116 on Richmond twice, and there are plenty averaging more than him this year so he simply missed the cut. Zach Merrett also could be good and should at least be solid this week – he just didn’t make the top 5.

As for VC options, Luke Shuey has never scored 100 against Sydney & Gaff’s PB against them is only 103. They could be good but it’d be going against history. The Swans mids’ combinations of form and opponent-history don’t scream must-pick either. If you have him, Bontempelli shapes as a much better option this week for the VC.

Anyway, good luck for Round 4, whoever you choose!

– Tim/3rdM

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