Cash Cow – Round 20

The 2nd last Cash Cow article for the year! There seems to be a couple of late comers to the paddock. Time to go have a look and see what grade the beef is!



Defenders Round 20

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Nathan Broad -46Josh Cowan 1Kurt Heatherley -32
Kurt Heatherley -43Nathan Drummond 3Nathan Broad -24
Jack Leslie -23Kurt Heatherley 6Thomas Cole -22
Zaine Cordy -23Nathan Broad 10Zaine Cordy -14
Thomas Cole -16Alex Silvagni 11Alex Silvagni -3
Nathan Drummond -6Zaine Cordy 12Nathan Drummond -1
Bailey Williams 4Jack Leslie 13Nathan J Brown 0
Billie Smedts 4Logan Austin 17Reuben William 2
Alex Silvagni 6Rory Thompson 18Josh Cowan 4
Rory Thompson 6Reuben William 19Kyle Hartigan 5

Forwards Round 20

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Michael Close -17Shane Yarran -6Tom Phillips -28
Shane Yarran -17Tom Phillips 2Shane Yarran -24
Jarrod Garlett -15Simon Tunbridge 9Isaac Heeney -7
Tom Phillips -13Liam McBean 11Blake Hardwick -6
Michael Apeness -11Nick Kommer 14Michael Close -6
John Butcher -9Michael Close 15Oleg Markov -6
Isaac Heeney -7McKenzie Willis 16Simon Tunbridge -4
Oleg Markov -7Daniel Rioli 16Malcolm Karpany 0
Sam Weideman -4Malcolm Karpany 18John Butcher 1
McKenzie Willis 0Sam Naismith 19McKenzie Willis 3

What a load of mutton the backs and forwards turned into! Wouldn’t feed it to me mother in law. So I have decided to Getty search cows to see what I could find and use instead. I will put the search term used at the top of each cow pic! Don’t forget you can click on the pic itself for a little more detail.

Best Cows

Funny Cows

Curious Cow

Well there you go! Since we got nothing fantasy footy related out of the backs or forwards this week, for only the 2nd time EVER (this year but tbh it doesn’t have the dramatic feel of EVER!), I will look at the rucks.

Rucks Round 20

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Archie Smith -108Archie Smith -29Archie Smith -113
Reilly O'Brien -96Reilly O'Brien -12Reilly O'Brien -83

Archie Smith has been better than ok with no Stefan at the Lions! He is tall (which is what you need o be as a ruck) but he is very athletic. I wouldn’t go out and sell the farm to get this guy mind you but so far so good. I think though we have seen enough to now understand that Stefan might not be ‘sole’ ruck at the Lions in 2017. This is very much worth keeping in the memory bank when selecting our starting 2017 squads.

Midfielders Round 20

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Rupert Wills -120Rupert Wills -30Rupert Wills -102
Adam Marcon -66Adam Marcon -24Adam Marcon -97
Sam Menegola -45Sam Menegola -21Sam Menegola -44
Kieran Lovell -28Tom Phillips 2Tom Phillips -28
Kade Stewart -21Darcy MacPherson 10Thomas Cole -22
Jack Trengove -21Jordan Foote 14Darcy MacPherson -16
Thomas Cole -16Kade Stewart 14Jordan Foote -14
Tom Phillips -13McKenzie Willis 16Jack Trengove -12
Jordan Foote -11Malcolm Karpany 18Kieran Lovell -8
Joshua Schoenfeld -10Matthew Goodyear 20Brady Grey -6
Darcy MacPherson -7Jesse Joyce 20Kade Stewart -4
McKenzie Willis 0Jack Hiscox 20Malcolm Karpany 0
Matthew Kennedy 1Kieran Lovell 22McKenzie Willis 3
Bailey Williams 4Ben Keays 23Joshua Schoenfeld 6
Bailey Dale 5Corey Wagner 25Matthew Goodyear 6

Rupert Wills has impressed me greatly the last 2 games. He has a dip! Which is something a few of his teammates didn’t do last Friday night. Bucks noticed it as well and said as much in the post match presser. I expect this guy to play the remaining 3 games in 2016 so feel free to jump on with the expectation of some ok job security!

Adam Marcon is a matured aged rookie that has grabbed his opportunity with both hands the past 2 weeks! His best mates with Kane Lambert so should be fully aware of what it takes to get on to a senior list as a mature aged rookie. I expect him to get the last 3 games to show his full wares. He is one of 17 un-contracted players for 2017 at Punt Road but a repeat of Friday’s form could see that change very quickly!

Any questions about anyone in particular just flick it to me @CoachRids or on the Coaches Panel facebook page here.

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