Cash Cows – Round 11

The byes are here! Things are getting serious my fellow coaches. Last week we saw plenty of cows come appear over the hill in the back paddock. Some appear to be very good eaters as well. Others were just there for their looks. Time to crack in and see what we can come up with!

Top 20 AFL Fantasy Breakevens

Hugh GreenwoodMid/Fwd$213,000-5
Aaron BlackFwd$259,0001
James CousinsMid$167,0002
Aidyn JohnsonFwd$168,0002
Daniel LloydMid$207,0009
Ben McNieceDef$174,00010
Robbie FoxMid$202,00010
Ivan SoldoRuck$189,00011
Kurt MutimerMid$212,00012
Braydon PreussRuck$316,00013
Harley BalicMid/Fwd$250,00013
Mark O'ConnorDef$156,00016
Jordan DawsonMid/Fwd$160,00016
Brett EddyFwd$179,00017
Brad ScheerMid$174,00018
Jordan CunicoMid/Fwd$156,00018
Declan MountfordMid$159,00018
Malcolm KarpanyFwd$182,00018
Dallas WillsmoreMid$155,00019
Tim MohrDef$156,00020

James Cousins was super impressive in his debut game against the Swans. There was plenty to like about it. He spent a lot of time in the centre square against the likes of JPK, Parker and Hannebery. He won some hard ball but also showed he could find it on the outside as well. The big thing I loved though was his affection to a man hug. He definitely wasn’t shy on dishing a couple to some opponents. Cousins is the clear choice this week for AFL Fantasy (caveat: Hugh Greenwood is already in your team). Got to love a surprise cow!

Another surprise cow on the weekend in Malcolm Karpany. He was a late in on the weekend. But I think he did enough to warrant holding his spot. Teams on Thursday will be the key for Karpany. He was quick and kicked a very nice goal. I thought he applied a fair bit of pressure as well when he didn’t have the ball. His disposal and decision making will need to improve. But for this week in AF, and against the Gold Coast Suns, he might be a very handy in, IF named.

Best of the Rest for AFL Fantasy

Dan Lloyd was a very solid contributor to the GWS. His goal in the last quarter was pivotal to their win as well. His job security is growing by the week. As I mentioned in the weekly review podcast, I think Preuss is a big chance of playing this weekend. If you haven’t jump on the Hugh Greenwood express yet then I suggest you do. Otherwise the cupboard is looking very bare in the AF world of cows!

Top 20 SuperCoach Breakevens

Hugh GreenwoodMid/Fwd$117,300-107
James Cousins*Mid$102,400-74
Aidyn Johnson*Fwd$123,900-67
Ben McNieceDef$102,400-49
Scott SelwoodMid$281,800-48
Robbie FoxMid$156,500-45
Fraser McInnesDef/Fwd$155,100-42
Shai BoltonMid/Fwd$117,300-41
Brett EddyFwd$141,900-35
Matthew Scharenberg*Def$164,000-34
Ryan Schoenmakers*Fwd$155,100-29
Mitch HannanFwd$248,200-27
Jordan Gallucci*Mid/Fwd$148,800-27
Ben AinsworthMid/Fwd$198,300-26
Shaun McKernanFwd$277,500-26
Jordan Cunico*Mid/Fwd$123,900-25
Ivan SoldoRuck$123,900-21
Sam Durdin*Fwd$123,900-19
David CuninghamMid$238,300-18
Jack Fitzpatrick*Ruck$217,100-18
* is there for players who have only played 1 game. Price changes will only occur in Supercoach after the player has played their 3rd game.

I could have put him in any of the formats really but I chose SuperCoach as it isn’t often we get to see a BE of negative triple figures. If you don’t own him yet, then this is the week to jump on. Hugh Greenwood is on the bubble! Stop the presses! I repeat…. Hugh Greenwood is on the bubble! I don’t need to go into much more detail rally do I??? This kid should even tempt the ghost ships out there to log on and grab him!!!

The biggest challenge facing Shai Bolton this week might be Thursday teams. I do think he holds his spot however. This kid is something special! He is on the bubble this week and I think the only format to really consider him in is SuperCoach. That DPP is very handy as well. Will help you navigate a very tricky first round of the mutli-byes especially in your forward lines! Now all we need is for him to be named.

Best of the Rest for SuperCoach

Scott Selwood is one to really think through this week in SuperCoach. I will discuss him in more detail in the DreamTeam category. One thing I will say however, is to make sure you look at him with your SuperCoach glasses on. Make sure he fits your SuperCoach structure specific to your team. More on him later! Fraser McInnes might be one to keep an eye on on Thursday evening. I have no idea what the Eagles will do at selection. Matt Scharenberg finally played his first game of the season on the weekend just passed and left me in no doubt that he will be very much relevant for SuperCoach!

Top 20 DreamTeam Breakevens

Hugh Greenwood Mid/Fwd$125,300-78
James Cousins*Mid$109,300-71
Aidyn Johnson*Fwd$132,400-60
Scott Selwood Mid$330,800-52
Fraser McInnesDef/Fwd$145,300-46
Ivan SoldoRuck$132,400-35
Ben McNieceDef$109,300-34
Robbie FoxMid$154,700-29
Ben AinsworthMid/Fwd$206,300-29
Brett EddyFwd$139,000-25
Matthew Scharenberg*Def$197,500-23
Jordan Dawson*Mid/Fwd$132,400-22
Jordan Gallucci*Mid/Fwd$156,800-20
Cedric CoxDef$125,300-14
Declan Mountford*Mid$132,400-14
Aaron BlackFwd $207,400-13
Mark O'ConnorDef$109,300-11
Lukas WebbMid/Fwd$236,000-11
Ryan Schoenmakers*Fwd$185,400-10
Jordan Cunico*Mid/Fwd$132,400-10
* is there for players who have only played 1 game. Price changes will only occur in DreamTeam after the player has played their 3rd game.

 I love a guy who man hugs in footy games! And this guy just broke a record for exactly that. So it seems appropriate I should use a picture of exactly that. There will be a lot of discussion on Scott Selwood this week. His price tag is very handy at approx one fattened cow. His BE is very handy as well. He will make you anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000 just this week if he plays a full game. One downside to him is he hasn’t found much of the ball in his first 2 games back. If this keeps happening, then he will have to get 10+ man hugs a game to post solid scores. Season defining moment here boys and girls! Team by team decision I think.

Best of the Rest for DreamTeam

There is no-one else this week. I have spoken about all the others above. Pay attention to James Cousins this week for DT purposes. This kid will no dobt feature everywhere next week!

Consider Moving

Tough week to be moving anyone who isn’t injured really. The guys who have the bye this week like Jarrod Berry and Hugh McCluggage might be worth moving on. Just remember though that the majority of options coming through now all share the same bye round. If you still have Hampton in your team then he needs to be moved now. Likely 10 weeks out now! Jake Barrett is the other one top consider moving on. I can see Barrett to Scott Selwood being a very popular trade this week especially in DT and SC.

Be Patient

I would suggest being patient with most of the cows unless they are not named. Can’t carry too many through the byes. And it is the fattened ones we need to cull if for some reason they are not selected this week. Be patient though and make sure you look at the byes as a 3 round block.

On the Horizon!

Last week I made a desperate plead for Bucks to unleash the Shazzzz. History tells us this occurred! This week I make another plea to another coach.

Saving Private Ryan!

 Come on Rossy! Time to bring in Private Luke Ryan. You need him more than us fantasy coaches. The time is now!

Which formats will you be looking to trade in Scott Selwood this week?

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