Cash Cows – Round 12

The first week of the byes saw some rather awful cow scoring for us! We have been spoiled in a way at times in 2017. Week 2 of the bye rounds should see more premiums on field for us so fingers crossed the scoring also improves. It does loom however as a very important week for cows. There are a few decent options but it might mean we need to juggle our teams a little as a few share the round 13 bye.

Top 20 AFL Fantasy Breakevens

Hugh GreenwoodMid/Fwd$259,000-12
James CousinsMid$195,000-2
Aidyn JohnsonFwd$168,0002
Aaron BlackFwd$259,0002
Dallas WillsmoreMid$175,0004
Robbie FoxMid$202,00010
Ivan SoldoRuck$189,00011
Ben McNieceDef$174,00011
Braydon PreussRuck$316,00013
Kurt MutimerMid/Fwd$212,00013
Harley BalicMid/Fwd$250,00014
Jordan DawsonMid/Fwd$160,00016
Mark O'ConnorDef$156,00016
Brett EddyFwd$179,00018
Declan MountfordMid$159,00018
Brad ScheerMid$174,00018
Malcolm KarpanyMid/Fwd$182,00018
Jordan CunicoMid/Fwd$156,00018
Tim MohrDef$156,00020
David CuninghamMid$285,00021

If you don’t own Hugh Greenwood yet in AFL Fantasy, then time to jump on. Yes his bye is next week but after the next price rise he will prob be too expensive. This kid is going to be very very handy come later in the season especially with that DPP. Looming as a great bench swing cover for the remainder of the year.

He doesn’t make the top 20 breakeven list for AFL Fantasy but I do think he is very much relevant this week as a trade in option. While Luke Ryan’s score wasn’t quite as many expected it to be, I think at $154,000 and with a BE of 24 he remains as a very solid choice this week. His role wasn’t too bad. He got lost at times but will be better for the run.

Dallas Willsmore looked a lot more comfortable in game 2 on the weekend just passed. I do think AFL Fantasy is the best format to jump on him. He is nicely priced and has a very good BE this week. All 3 of the guys I have named share the round 13 bye however. Just be careful not to cause yourself too much grief next week by trading in too many!

Best of the Rest for AFL Fantasy

Not a heap more to say really. James Cousins is one to jump on if you missed him last week. He loves a man hug! Truth be told however, there isn’t much else to like in the AFL Fantasy back paddock.

Top 20 SuperCoach Breakevens

Aidyn Johnson*Fwd$123,900-67
James CousinsMid$102,400-62
Ben McNieceDef$102,400-15
Robbie FoxMid$156,500-45
Fraser McInnesDef/Fwd$155,100-41
Brett EddyFwd$141,900-34
Ryan Schoenmakers*Fwd$155,100-28
Hugh GreenwoodMid/Fwd$196,900-28
Jordan Gallucci*Mid/Fwd$148,800-26
Mitch HannanFwd$248,200-26
Ben AinsworthMid/Fwd$198,300-26
Shaun McKernanFwd$277,500-25
Jordan Cunico*Mid/Fwd$123,900-25
Ivan SoldoRuck$123,900-21
Sam DurdinFwd$123,900-19
Jack Fitzpatrick*Ruck$217,100-18
David CuninghamMid$238,300-17
Matthew ScharenbergDef$164,000-14
Declan Mountford*Mid$123,900-13
Matthew White*Mid/Fwd$198,400-9
* players who have only played 1 game. Price changes will only occur in Supercoach after the player has played their 3rd game.

It might surprise a few I have gone with Matthew Scharenberg as my top cow for SC this week. I just like his job security as well as his decision making and execution with ball in hand. He was also a top 10 draft pick so the Pies will be looking to get the games into him. This week’s injuries will also mean he is pretty much assured of staying in the team.

I have been very critical and harsh on Mitch Hannan. He has proved me wrong the last couple of weeks. I have loved his attack and flair in the Dees forward line. He looks like a player with a lot of x factor recently. He is coming off his bye and isn’t too high priced just yet so has some $$$ to make.

Best of the Rest for SuperCoach

Again the usual suspects appear here. Cousins, Greenwood and co. The one guy who surprised me that wasn’t in the above list was Dallas Willsmore. I would suggest this means stay away. Scores of 26 and 46 and with a BE of 1 mean he might not be suited to the SC scoring.

Top 20 DreamTeam Breakevens

James CousinsMid$109,300-66
Aidyn Johnson*Fwd$132,400-59
Fraser McInnesDef/Fwd$145,300-45
Ivan SoldoRuck$132,400-34
Ben McNieceDef$109,400-33
Hugh GreenwoodMid/Fwd$207,700-32
Ben AinsworthMid/Fwd$206,300-29
Robbie FoxMid$154,700-29
Dallas Willsmore Mid$132,400-27
Brett EddyFwd$139,000-25
Jordan DawsonMid/Fwd$132,400-21
Jordan GallucciMid/Fwd$156,800-20
Declan MountfordMid$132,400-13
Cedric CoxDef$125,300-13
Aaron BlackFwd$207,400-12
Scott SelwoodMid$415,700-10
Ryan SchoenmakersFwd$185,400-10
Lukas WebbMid/Fwd$236,000-10
Mark O'ConnorDef$109,300-10
Jordan CunicoMid/Fwd$132,400-9
* players who have only played 1 game. Price changes will only occur in DreamTeam after the player has played their 3rd game.

Firstly, the above pic includes Tyrone Vickery. How cool is that! Secondly, there is a clear number 1 cow in the DreamTeam paddock this week. And his initials aren’t TV 😉

James Cousins has done plenty right over the first 2 games of his career. He has attended centre square contests. He has tackled and pressure hard. And he has scored better than ok. This means he has to be on your radar this week in DreamTeam. The only downside is that he has the round 13 bye (like nearly all the decent cows!)

Best of the Rest for DreamTeam

Again it is the familiar names that have already been mentioned previously. The cows are still around and grazing in the paddock. Just be wary of the round 13 bye and make sure she’ll be apples!

Consider Moving

I wanted to find a picture that showed exactly how poor Andy Otten was on the weekend. This picture is perfect. It summed up his night really. Just couldn’t get anywhere near it and when the ball did come within 5 metres, he still couldn’t get near it! It is time to go….. Andy Otten.

I think James Parsons did enough to hold his spot for next week. David Myers has been woeful besides 1 match. Besides those guys, it becomes a little bit hit and miss in regards to who to move on this week.

Be Patient

Tom Stewart is the man to be named here. This guy looks right at home in the Geelong backline. I don’t think he is going anywhere any time soon. He could even become a very very good d7 option!

On the Horizon!

I am 2 from 2 in this category! Time to go back to the Wells (see what I did there) and find a possible replacement for Wells!


Callum Brown has been named in the emergencies for a few weeks now. Jamie Elliott, Daniel Wells and Tyson Goldsack all look to have suffered injuries that will keep them out of footy for a few weeks. It is time! Unleash the Son of Gavin Bucks!!!

How many players do you have on field for round 13 post trades this week in AFL Fantasy?

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