Cash Cows – Round 12

The byes have arrived! It is now a game of juggle the cows through the byes. So no better place to start than right here. Through the byes it is best 18 scores. This means that getting the cows right become very important. Especially when only fielding 10-14 premiums a week.



Defenders Round 12

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Logan Austin -49Logan Austin -12Logan Austin -43
Samuel Collins -35Darcy Tucker -3Darcy Tucker -36
Jack Leslie -28Samuel Collins 5Samuel Collins -35
Darcy Tucker -19Tom Cutler 9Thomas Cole -23
Thomas Cole -18Jason Castagna 11Jason Castagna -10
Oscar McDonald -4Dylan Grimes 11Tom Cutler -8
Jason Castagna -2Jack Leslie 12Jonathon Marsh -3
Dylan Grimes -2Kaiden Brand 16Jesse Joyce 4
Kaiden Brand 0Daniel McStay 17Jack Leslie 6
Billie Smedts 0Harry Marsh 20Jacob Weitering 8

Austin Logan has been a real surprise packet. He has come in and done a more than serviceable role for the Power. I originally thought that he would come in for a week until Carlile had an extra run in the SANFL but I was wrong. There is competition for his current role though so job security would be a week to week proposition but it is currently his to lose.

Darcy Tucker had somewhat of a break out game on the weekend. 19 touches and a couple of goals signalled the arrival of Tucker to senior footy. Yes it was only against the Lions and yes, Freo don’t play the Lions every week, but this score will stay in his rolling 3 round average right up to his bye. I also think Tucker gets a sustained string of games. Obviously he is one poor performance away from having shaky job security but I don’t know any rookie that isn’t in the same position.

Forwards Round 12

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Tom Phillips -57James Rose -14James Rose -72
James Rose -43Will Hams -7Will Hams -66
Majak Daw -38Tom Phillips 0Tom Phillips -57
Sam J Reid -21Sam J Reid 5Sam J Reid -39
Will Hams -20Nick Kommer 12Sam Grimley -30
Hayden Ballantyne -16Hayden Ballantyne 12Reece Conca -23
Reece Conca -13McKenzie Willis 14Majak Daw -21
Jarrod Garlett -5Daniel McStay 17Hayden Ballantyne -10
Mitch Honeychurch -5Jack Hiscox 18Jarrod Garlett -7
Toby Nankervis -4Jayden Short 19Mitch Honeychurch -1

Will Hams has definitely added a little creativity around the Bombers forward line. The other thing his inclusion has done is allow Fantasia to go back. Massive win win for the Bombers with this and I don’t see any reason why Hams now doesn’t get a stretch of games moving forward. It will come down to his bye round and how it suits your team through the bye rounds whether he is a viable option or not.

James Rose is an odd one to read this week. He is on the bubble and had plenty of the ball. The problem though was his kicking for goal. 2 train of thoughts here. The first one being is he found plenty of the ball and should retain his spot due to creating so many opportunities. The second one though is that he was very much a part of the reason why the Swans lost. Poor kicking is poor football and missing goals straight in front from 30-40 metres out is very poor footy. Holds his spot for mine but wouldn’t want another repeat.

Midfielders Round 12

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Kade Stewart -98Kade Stewart -18Kade Stewart -93
Jarrad Jansen -59Jarrad Jansen -6Tom Phillips -57
Tom Phillips -57Tom Phillips 0Jarrad Jansen -54
Jack Trengove -47Sam J Reid 5Rhys Mathieson -44
Rhys Mathieson -41Darcy MacPherson 7Jack Trengove -44
Kieran Lovell -30Rhys Mathieson 8Sam J Reid -39
Sam J Reid -21McKenzie Willis 14Thomas Cole -23
Thomas Cole -18Connor Blakely 17Reece Conca -23
Reece Conca -13Matthew Goodyear 18Darcy MacPherson -17
Darcy MacPherson -10Jack Hiscox 18Kieran Lovell -9
McKenzie Willis -3Jayden Short 19Brady Grey -8
Bailey Dale 1Kieran Lovell 20Tom Rockliff -3
Tom Rockliff 6Bailey Williams 21McKenzie Willis 2
Trent Dumont 7Thomas Cole 22Jesse Joyce 4
Matt Rosa 7Jesse Joyce 22Matthew Goodyear 5

Jack Trengove is the safest cash cow this week. He has come back in and settled straight away. He is somewhat of a spiritual leader now at the Demons. It was awesome to see him tackling and gut running on the weekend against the Pies. He got quite a bit of cheap ball up and down the wing and used it very well. Will need to be a decision based on team structure around the bye rounds. He also comes with a solid premium in RDT which might put people off. All in all though, Trengove looks fit and best 22. Solid cow!

Rhys Mathieson was dropped 2 weeks ago for Jarrad Jansen. I have massive question marks over both of these guys but believe that Mathieson will play this week after another very poor Lions performance. Jansen was very ordinary and could be the one who makes way. I think the Lions will want to start getting strings of games into the kids. Especially kids that have the effort and heart of Mathieson. If he can sort out that ‘head high’ ducking issue then he will become one of my favourites.

Kade Stewart has done exactly what has been asked of him. But being in such a strong team means that job security for all cows will always be at a minimum. He kicked a couple of goals on Friday night and applied decent pressure around the ball. But looking at the team sheet, there is a huge chance that Stewart is the one that makes way for Sammy Mitchell this week. I would stay away from all Hawk cows Stewart included.

There it is! Any questions about anyone in particular just flick it to me @CoachRids or on the Coaches Panel facebook page here.

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