Cash Cows – Round 13

Well that round was a little bit of a nothing round. Seemed like most of the popular guys went nuts. I won’t be featuring any cash cows in my write ups that have the bye this week. So any player from the Dogs, Dees, Swans, Power, Eagles and the Bombers will not be featured below in my little write ups. Time to see who we have available for Round 14!




Defenders Round 13

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Jack Leslie -24Aliir Aliir 7Thomas Cole -22
Thomas Cole -17Zak Jones 11Darcy Gardiner -9
Aliir Aliir -15Dylan Grimes 11Jason Castagna -9
Eric Hipwood -8Jack Leslie 12Logan Austin -2
Jason Ashby -4Jason Castagna 12Eric Hipwood -2
Jason Castagna -1Darcy Gardiner 14Jonathon Marsh -2
Logan Austin 2Jason Ashby 15Jason Ashby -2
Kaiden Brand 3Logan Austin 16Aliir Aliir -1
Billie Smedts 3Kaiden Brand 16Jesse Joyce 4
Dylan Grimes 3Oscar McDonald 17Jack Leslie 7

Tumbleweeds! That is what exists here in the above table for Defenders. Do not go past GO! Do not collect $200.

So I thought I would indulge here as a gap filler with my best 3 Cow Dad jokes!

Cow Dad Joke #1 – What do you call a Cow with no legs? Ground Beef! Boom tish.

Cow Dad Joke #2 – What do you get if you cross a Cow with a Goat? A Coat! Boom tish.

Cow Dad Joke #3 – Hear about the Cow Astronaut? He landed on the Mooooooooooooon!

Best Ever! You’re welcome.

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Tom Phillips -56James Rose -4Tom Phillips -56
Sam J Reid -30Sam J Reid -2Sam J Reid -39
Toby Nankervis -16Tom Phillips 0James Rose -31
Dean Towers -15Will Hams 2Sam Grimley -29
James Rose -13Nick Kommer 13Will Hams -22
Reece Conca -9McKenzie Willis 14Reece Conca -21
Eric Hipwood -8Dean Towers 14Jarrod Garlett -5
Jarrod Garlett -2Dan McStay 17Dean Towers -5
McKenzie Willis -1Jack Hiscox 19Eric Hipwood -2
Will Hams 0Jayden Short 20McKenzie Willis 3

Reece Conca returned from injury prior to the bye and ended up spending a lot of time on Ablett. This bloke can play! He is also priced very reasonably. The only down side is his injury riddled history! If he strings a few games together he could prove to be some very decent bench cover! Conca also has DPP so should prove handy with a Petracca type. Now we just need him to stay on the park!

Tom Phillips has only played one game and to be fair he didn’t set the world on fire. But what he did do was not stop trying. It hasn’t been the greatest of years for his Collingwood team so I do expect to see them continue to give games to some kids. Could prove to be a very handy m11 option with that DPP and coupled with guys like Kerridge, Petracca and even Conca. If you jump early in the limited trade formats, ensure you have sufficient numbers for round 15. This kid might play this week and not next week.

Sam J Reid had a very solid game against the Bombers. The problem for him though is that I still am not convinced he is anything more than fringe and depth. Couple this with quite a few very strong NEAFL performances on the weekend by guys that would be considered direct competition for Reid’s spot and I think he is a week to week proposition at best. He does have DPP and like Phillips he could prove to be a very m11 option for the remainder of the year. On the bubble but your teams would need to be able to carry another round 15 bye to go near him.

Midfielders Round 13

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Tom Phillips -56Sam J Reid -2Tom Phillips -56
Rhys Mathieson -40Tom Phillips 0Rhys Mathieson -43
Matthew Kennedy -31Jarrad Jansen 0Sam J Reid -39
Sam J Reid -30Darcy MacPherson 8Thomas Cole -22
Kieran Lovell -28Rhys Mathieson 8Reece Conca -21
Kade Stewart -22Trent Dumont 10Darcy MacPherson -16
Jack Trengove -21Kade Stewart 12Jack Trengove -13
Thomas Cole -17McKenzie Willis 14Kieran Lovell -8
Reece Conca -9Matthew Goodyear 18Brady Grey -7
Darcy MacPherson -8Jack Hiscox 19Kade Stewart -4
Trent Dumont -6Jayden Short 20Jarrad Jansen -3
McKenzie Willis -1Thomas Cole 23Matthew Kennedy 1
Bailey Dale 4Jesse Joyce 23McKenzie Willis 3
Corey Wagner 4Bailey Dale 24Jesse Joyce 4
Bailey Williams 4Matthew Kennedy 28Matthew Goodyear 6

Trent Dumont really surprised me on Friday night. He did an ok job on Sam Mitchell but the ay he won the ball (15 of his 24 touches were contested) as well as 7 tackles means another performance like that and he jumps on to the watchlist with flashing lights. The only problem I can forsee is that he plays for North Melbourne, who probably dont have the greatest track record of backing in the kids. Would be worth a sneaky selection in a keeper league if he is in the free agents list. Should get more games as the older guys drop off.

Ok this is becoming a little crazy at the Giants! We all knew the names of Jacob Hopper and Matthew Kennedy entering the season proper. We all knew that both are better than good. But it isn’t until they debut and we see them first hand at the top level until it hits home. Kennedy played as a small forward and did not look out of place. If anything, he was one of the reasons why the Giants got the win on the weekend kicking 3 goals and applying good pressure. He will be a beast in a few years time. I wouldn’t jump early though as he is fighting for the same spot as SJ, Reid, Palmer and Devon Smith over the remainder of the year. He is going to be a ripper though!

Rhys Mathieson plays for the worst team in the AFL in my opinion. He has been named best on ground in the last 2 weeks of the NEAFL since he was dropped. Yes he does duck the head and look for high free kicks a lot! But he shows great energy and hunts the ball. It is now time for him to come back into the senior team and bring some youthful enthusiasm. If named, jump on!

There it is! Any questions about anyone in particular just flick it to me @CoachRids or on the Coaches Panel facebook page here.

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