Cash Cows – Round 14

The byes are now over! That means there are 10 rounds to go for season 2017. The cows we bring in now we will be looking at holding on to for the rest of the competition now. Job security and role become so much more important than pre-byes. We are close to entering the home stretch here across all the formats. Exciting times ahead for all teams as we start to complete the teams fully!

Top 20 AFL Fantasy Breakevens - Round 14

Luke RyanDef$177,000-1
Jonathon BeechMid/Fwd$171,0000
Aaron BlackFwd$259,0001
Aidyn JohnsonFwd$168,0002
Dallas WillsmoreMid$175,0004
Declan MountfordMid$180,0005
Ben McNieceDef$174,00010
Robbie FoxMid$202,00010
Ivan SoldoRuck$189,00011
Kurt MutimerMid/Fwd$212,00012
Brayden PreussRuck$316,00013
Harley BalicMid/Fwd$250,00013
Jordan DawsonMid/Fwd$160,00016
Mark O'ConnorDef$156,00016
Brett EddyFwd$179,00017
James CousinsMid$215,00017
Brad ScheerMid$174,00018
Malcolm KarpanyMid/Fwd$182,00018
Jordan CunicoMid/Fwd$156,00018
Tim MohrDef$156,00020

Top 20 SuperCoach Breakevens - Round 14

Aidyn Johnson*Fwd$123,900-67
Luke RyanDef$117,300-55
Ben McNieceDef$102,400-49
Jonathon Beech*Mid/Fwd$117,300-45
Robbie FoxMid$156,500-45
Fraser McInnesDef/Fwd$155,100-42
Callum Brown*Mid/Fwd$117,300-35
Brett EddyFwd$141,900-35
Ryan Schoenmakers*Fwd$155,100-29
Declan Mountford*Mid$123,900-29
Jordan Gallucci*Mid/Fwd$148,800-27
Shaun McKernanFwd$277,500-26
Jordan Cunico*Mid/Fwd$123,900-25
Ivan SoldoRuck$123,900-21
Jack Fitzpatrick*Ruck$217,100-19
Sam DurdinFwd$123,900-19
Matthew White*Mid/Fwd$198,400-10
James CousinsMid$148,300-9
Mark O'ConnorDef$102,400-3
Jake SpencerRuck$236,400-2
* players who have only played 1 game. Price changes will only occur in SuperCoach after the player has played their 3rd game.

Top 20 DreamTeam Breakevens - Round 14

Jonathon Beech*Mid/Fwd$125,300-75
Aidyn Johnson*Fwd$132,400-61
Fraser McInnesDef/Fwd$145,300-47
Luke RyanDef$125,300-39
Ivan SoldoRuck$132,400-36
Ben McNieceDef$109,300-35
Decaln MountfordMid$132,400-32
Robbie FoxMid$154,700-31
Dallas WillsmoreMid$132,400-29
Brett EddyFwd$139,000-26
Callum Brown*Mid/Fwd$125,300-25
Jordan Dawson*Mid/Fwd$132,400-23
Jordan Gallucci*Mid/Fwd$156,800-22
Cedric CoxDef$125,300-15
Aaron BlackFwd$207,400-15
Lukas WebbMid/Fwd$236,000-13
James CousinsMid$160,200-12
Mark O'ConnorDef$109,300-12
Ryan Schoenmakers*Fwd$185,400-12
Jordan Cunico*Mid/Fwd$132,400-11
* players who have only played 1 game. Price changes will only occur in DreamTeam after the player has played their 3rd game.

Limited Trade Formats – On the Bubble!

In what has seemingly taken forever, Luke Ryan finds himself on the bubble this week for AFL DreamTeam and SuperCoach formats. I rate his job security as ok. He didn’t set the world on fire in his debut game but looked a lot more comfortable in game 2. His arrival could not have been better timed really. He will make the perfect d8 for our teams and appears quite capable of scoring ok if required to cover an injury or suspension. I would be making him the number priority this week for the limited trade formats if you don’t have him already!

I am not the greatest fan of this kid truth be told but he did do a very solid tagging job last Friday night on Jack Steven. There are a couple of things though to watch out for with Declan Mountford. If he is going to be the tagger for North, then keep a sneaky eye on Ben Jacobs who isn’t too far away. The second thing is that Mountford has been in the VFL trying to re-jig his game to get more flexibility. He has had many roles in this transition from inside mid to wing to run with guy. He isn’t the worst option by any means and loves a man hug as we saw on Friday night! Could very well supply our teams with a heartbeat on the mid bench!

AFL Fantasy – One Gamers

Jonathon Beech made his debut a couple of weeks ago and was outstanding I thought! His teammates love him and you can see why. This guy really can play. There are however a couple of factors to take in at the Crows. One being the return of Mitch McGovern in the very near future. What does that mean for Beech and his job security? While he keeps performing like he did in his debut game, then I think he is every chance to hold his spot. That being said, I could also see him being omitted off a very good game as well. It is why I think AFL Fantasy is the format to select him in.

Keep a Sneaky Eye on…

Callum Brown debuted on the Queen’s Birthday game a fortnight ago. On what has become a very big day in the football year, the son of a gun stood out and impressed me greatly! I think this kid will hold his spot as Bucks tries to give the supporters some fresh faces instead of the forever in and out Jarryd Blair type. Another decent performance this week and Brown could very well become the best Cow of next week on the bubble!

On the Horizon!

There are a couple of guys that are slowly creeping towards some senior action shortly! None more so than Nathan Freeman. He has strung a few games together now in the VFL. The Saints affiliate Sandringham did have the bye last weekend so he is probably 2 weeks away judging by the comments of Alan Richardson in round 12. It would be great to see him get a run at it! Jordan Cunico continues to push for another senior game at the Cats as well. Jack Graham made his long awaited comeback from injury at Richmond and could feature late this year. The recently elevated Tyson Stengle is a serious chance to debut this week for the Tigers. Willem Drew and Joe Atley have had a couple of decent games in the SANFL as well. Harrison Wigg continues to knock that door down at the Crows as well finding plenty of it as a mid.

Potential Keeper Cows!

There are a few Cows that are now shaping as season long keepers! Tom Stewart is one that pops into my mind. He has shown he is very capable of a decent score and is now clear best 22 at the Cats. Definitely shaping as a very solid d7 option moving forward. Another defender that I would be looking at holding through to the end of the year now is Matthew Scharenberg. I think the Pies need this kid across half back with his decision making but also his extra height compared to other half back flankers! Hugh Greenwood has been great at the Crows and could be very handy with that DPP. Last but in no way least is Jordan Dawson who has been racking them up in the NEAFL and must be nearing another game very soon. He is definitely one to keep an eye on!


Another week, another Cash Cows article! All the best for round 14 coaches. Make sure you give us a like on the facebook page by clicking here or a follow on twitter by clicking here. May the DT Gods look upon you favourably for this week!

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