Cash Cows – Round 14

One bye round to go! The Cows came to town last weekend and had the times of their lives. It does however cause a little bit of a predicament now for us coaches who had made plans around sending them to the meat works this week. This week’s cash cows takes a different format due to the lack of viable options on the way through.



Defenders Round 14

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Nathan Broad -61Nathan Broad 2Nathan Broad
Samuel Collins -30Aliir Aliir 7Jonathon Marsh -24
Jack Leslie -26Jonathon Marsh 8Thomas Cole -24
Thomas Cole -18Zac Dawson 11Eric Hipwood -13
Aliir Aliir -16Jesse Joyce 12Jason Castagna -11
Eric Hipwood -12Jack Leslie 12Matthew Hammelmann -8
Jonathon Marsh -11Jason Castagna 12Jason Ashby -4
Jason Ashby -6Zak Jones 12Logan Austin -4
Jesse Joyce -5Kaiden Brand 14Aliir Aliir -3
Jason Castagna -2Jason Ashby 15Zac Dawson -3


Forwards Round 14

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Tom Phillips -80Tom Phillips -27Tom Phillips -86
Sam J Reid -31James Rose -4Sam J Reid -40
Connor Menadue -19Sam J Reid -2James Rose -35
Toby Nankervis -18Will Hams -2Sam Grimley -31
Dean Towers -17Nick Kommer 13Will Hams -25
James Rose -14Lincoln McCarthy 14Eric Hipwood -13
Eric Hipwood -12Dean Towers 15Dean Towers -9
Jayden Short -3McKenzie Willis 15Jarrod Garlett -8
Jarrod Garlett -3Matthew Hammelmann 17Matthew Hammelmann -8
Will Hams -2Eric Hipwood 18Lincoln McCarthy -2


Midfielders Round 14

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Tom Phillips -80Tom Phillips -27Tom Phillips -86
Rhys Mathieson -36Rhys Mathieson -10Rhys Mathieson -44
Sam J Reid -31Sam J Reid -2Sam J Reid -40
Kieran Lovell -29Corey Wagner 8Thomas Cole -24
Kade Stewart -23Darcy MacPherson 8Darcy MacPherson -18
Jack Trengove -23Jesse Joyce 12Jack Trengove -15
Connor Menadue -19Kade Stewart 12Corey Wagner -13
Thomas Cole -18McKenzie Willis 15Kieran Lovell -10
Corey Wagner -12Jarrad Jansen 16Brady Grey -9
Darcy MacPherson -9Matthew Goodyear 18Kade Stewart -6
Jesse Joyce -5Jack Hiscox 19McKenzie Willis 1
Jarrad Jansen -4Kieran Lovell 20Jarrad Jansen 4
Jayden Short -3Connor Menadue 20Matthew Goodyear 4
McKenzie Willis -2Thomas Cole 23Jesse Joyce 4
Matthew Kennedy -1Bailey Dale 25Bailey Dale 5


Number 1 Cash Cow for Round 14!

He has timed his run perfectly for us coaches! Tom Phillips came out in his second game and went BOOM! He made mistakes as did 43 other players on Friday night. What he did show however was the ability to be where the ball is and the ability to somehow find the ball. He is an elite runner and knows where the goals are. Collingwood aren’t the greatest of teams either so there won’t be any hesitance to play kids. His DPP is also perfect! Just everything about this kid screams pick me this week. I don’t see many other options in the paddock either so it might be a while for another one to come around! I can’t find much wrong with Phillips. All aboard!

Round 15 Cash Cow Bonanza Sale! 

Round 14 was crazy! So many Cows decided that it was time for them to stand up and have a break out game. Whether it was the returning Connor Menadue or the big bodied Sam Collins or even Lincoln McCarthy or Tom Ruggles… they all went BANG this week! Throw in Jacob Hopper and Ben Keays and we have some decisions to make. I will look at a few of the round 15 Cows and share my thoughts. A few of them were to be culled after all this week!

Sam Collins – $239,700 (RDT), $254,900 (SC), $258,000 (AF)

Played his best game for Freo on the weekend. Is clear best 22 with no competition for his spot for the short term. Also still has $$$ to make. I would be very tempted to hold him at d8 for the remainder of the year in the limited trade formats. Very capable of a 60+ when needed.

Tom Ruggles – $313,000 (RDT), $305,200 (SC), $299,000 (AF)

Has gone BANG the last few rounds when he was needed the most. 83 and 96 (RDT + AF) and 81, 71 and 91 (SC) is more than handy! He has found his role in a very strong Cats team and is best 22 for now. R9de his momentum for now I reckon. Cats run home is solid as well.

Lincoln McCarthy – $214,300 (RDT), $224,600 (SC), $212,000 (AF)

For a wile now I have been saying hold this guy till his bye round at the very least. His price tag has never quite warranted trading. He had his best game for the season last week. He is very settled in the best 22 at the Cats and is much loved by his teammates so this won’t be changing any time soon. Perfect f8 option! And now has shown a 60+ is not impossible. I am holding for now and seeing what the next month of footy holds.

Jacob Hopper – $311,900 (RDT), $278,800 (SC), $330,000 (AF)

Is now injured and unlikely to play again until very late in the season. If you still have him then time to trade.

Ben Keays – $208,100 (RDT), $217,400 (SC), $218,000 (AF)

The hardest one to determine this week. Keays is best 22 at the Lions but his role isnt DT friendly currently as he builds his tank. It now becomes a tough decision as the $$$ you make of a downgrade is very hard to  justify. The only time I would be using a trade for a Keays downgrade at his current prices, is if those $$$ can get me a decent upgrade on another line. Has to be a team to team decision but I would be leaning towards holding him at m11 for the time being and hoping he gets a decent score if needed.

I will leave you with this beauty. You’re Welcome!

What happened to the cow that jumped over the barbed wire fence? Udder destruction.

There it is! Any questions about anyone in particular just flick it to me @CoachRids or on the Coaches Panel facebook page here.


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