Cash Cows – Round 15

The byes have come and gone! Our teams are nearing completed status. Not much beef around between now and the end of the season unfortunately so it is paramount that we grab it when it is there. Time to have a closer look for the upcoming round 16.



Defenders Round 15

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Nathan Broad -49Jesse Joyce 3Mitch Brown (WCE) -33
Samuel Collins -32Aliir Aliir 7Nathan Broad -27
Jack Leslie -28Jonathon Marsh 8Jonathon Marsh -25
Thomas Cole -19Nathan Broad 8Thomas Cole -25
Aliir Aliir -17Zac Dawson 11Jesse Joyce -18
Jesse Joyce -16Jason Castagna 12Eric Hipwood -14
Mitch Brown (WCE) -16Jack Leslie 12Jason Castagna -12
Eric Hipwood -14Kaiden Brand 14Matthew Hammelmann -9
Jonathon Marsh -13Matthew Hammelmann 17Aliir Aliir -4
Nick Malceski -5Rory Thompson 18Rory Thompson -4

Nathan Broad won’t get past the team sheets on Thursday night. Is a step off the pace in the AFL! Not convinced he will play again this year after the mistakes he made on Friday night. Caught with the ball on multiple occasions as well as making poor decisions. Was caught out a few times defensively as well. Has some tricks though but wouldn’t go here.

Jason Castagna is one Tiger I want to see playing and think he gets a game this week. Has been improving on a weekly basis in the VFL and offers plenty of run and carry. Castagna becomes a very interesting proposition for the remainder of the year. I think he will be given as many games as possible with Hardwick finally announcing that the Tigers season is now over and that kids will be blooded on the weekend just gone.

Forwards Round 15

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Patrick McGinnity -74Jack Silvagni -9Jack Silvagni -83
Jack Silvagni -70Sam J Reid -2Sam J Reid -41
Sam J Reid -32Tom Phillips 0Patrick McGinnity -33
Clay Smith -22Clay Smith 13Tom Phillips -32
Tom Phillips -16Nick Kommer 13Sam Grimley -32
Eric Hipwood -14Patrick McGinnity 14Dean Towers -14
Connor Menadue -7Lincoln McCarthy 14Eric Hipwood -14
Jarrod Garlett -5McKenzie Willis 15Matthew Hammelmann -9
McKenzie Willis -3Matthew Hammelmann 17Jarrod Garlett -9
Dean Towers -3Eric Hipwood 19Clay Smith -4
Callum Ah Chee -2Jack Hiscox 19Lincoln McCarthy -4

Not a bad debut for the sun of a gun! Jack Silvagni showed amazing poise on the weekend. While he didn’t hit the scoreboard what he did do was play very team first footy. Won’t be the last time we see young Jack in the Navy Blue in 2016. My only hesitation is that key position types usually don’t score consistently well across the formats in their first year. In the limited trade formats, he will stay at f8 for the remainder of the season. I think there are better options for that spot.

Really like this kid! Clay Smith is due some luck I reckon! After a torrid run with injury he has finally worked his way back into the Dogs senior side. Provides a lot of grunt for the Doggies around the contest. Was used as a small forward on the weekend so the pending return of Dahlhaus might impact the job security of Smith for the remainder of the season.

From rags to riches to rags in the matter of 2 weeks! Tom Phillips was always one bad game away from losing whatever job security he had going into round 15. He has served his purpose however and now becomes a very handy m11 DPP link to our forward lines. The pending return of quite a few best 22 Pies might see Phillips become a week to week proposition.

Midfielders Round 15

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Ryhs Mathieson -37Rhys Mathieson -10Rhys Mathieson -45
Sam J Reid -32Sam J Reid -2Sam J Reid -41
Kieran Lovell -30Tom Phillips 0Tom Phillips -32
Kade Stewart -25Jesse Joyce 3Thomas Cole -25
Jack Trengove -25Darcy MacPherson 8 Darcy MacPherson -19
Clay Smith -22Corey Wagner 8Jesse Joyce -18
Thomas Cole -19Kade Stewart 12Jack Trengove -17
Tom Phillips -16Clay Smith 13Corey Wagner -14
Jesse Joyce -16McKenzie Willis 15Kane Mitchell -13
Corey Wagner -13Jarrad Jansen 16Kieran Lovell -11
Darcy MacPherson -10Matthew Goodyear 19Brady Grey -11
Connor Menadue -7Jack Hiscox 19Kade Stewart -7
Jarrad Jansen -5Kieran Lovell 21Clay Smith -4
McKenzie Willis -3Thomas Cole 23McKenzie Willis 1
James Aish -3Bailey Dale 25Jarrad Jansen 3

Rhys Mathieson had a very solid game in his last outing. The very good news is that this score will remain in his 3 round average for another 2 weeks. The problem being that it is not about cash generation any more and that Mathieson will likely end up as a M10 option for the rest of the year. This might not be a bad outcome anyways. There is no reason why he doesn’t play the remaining games for the Lions if fit!

Beware The Bombers

There is every chance we get to see a few Bombers cash cows over the next 8 rounds of footy. Sam Michael will be every chance to play this week with Leuey a likely out and Jamar suspended. Then there is Aaron Francis who is nearing a debut game. Alex Morgan might be another to get games later in the season. Guys like Polkinghorne, Kommer and Grimley might also get a few extra runs here and there. It would make a lot of sense for the Bombers to play as many as possible now to see if they want to retain any moving forward.

The problem with this however is that it might be weekly wholesale changes and could end up reeking havoc if we have too many of them. I would be very wary holding too many Bombers from now on as I am convinced that Worsfold will rotate heavily. Also expect guys to be placed in cotton wool if there is any injury at all.

There it is! I usually finish with a Dad joke but thought I would throw in a Dad Pick Up line instead. If you see a pretty young lass then you could perhaps mention that you are more HUNG than the current Australian Government 😉

Any questions about anyone in particular just flick it to me @CoachRids or on the Coaches Panel facebook page here.

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