Cash Cows – Round 16

It was a very very interesting week for the Cash Cows last weekend!!! There were some that simply vanished into thin air. Then there were others that came a knocking and crashed through the front door.Time to try and make some sense of it!!!

Top 20 AFL Fantasy Breakevens - Round 16

Sean DarcyRuck$251,000-28
Malcolm KarpanyMid/Fwd$238,000-7
Alex WitherdenDef/Mid$264,000-6
Declan MountfordMid$236,000-1
Aidyn JohnsonFwd$168,0002
Brennan CoxDef/Fwd$208,0002
Dallas WillsmoreMid$175,0004
Luke RyanDef$232,0004
Wylie BuzzaFwd/Ruck$165,0009
Robbie FoxMid$202,00010
Ben McNieceDef$174,00010
Ivan SoldoRuck$189,00011
Kurt MutimerMid/Fwd$212,00012
Harley BalicMid/Fwd$250,00013
Brayden PreussRuck$316,00013
Ethan HughesDef$365,00015
Sam SimpsonFwd$159,00016
Jordan DawsonMid/Fwd$160,00016
Mark O'ConnorDef$156,00016
Brett EddyFwd$179,00017

Top 20 SuperCoach Breakevens - Round 16

Alex WitherdenDef/Mid$117,300-97
Sean DarcyRuck$117,300-79
Aidyn Johnson*Fwd$123,900-66
Ben McNieceDef$102,400-48
Robbie FoxMid$156,500-44
Wylie Buzza*Ruck/Fwd$157,500-13
Fraser McInnesDef/Fwd$155,100-41
Josh ThomasMid/Fwd$117,300-39
Brett EddyFwd$141,900-34
Ryan SchoenmakersFwd$208,800-29
Jordan Gallucci*Mid/Fwd$148,800-26
Callum BrownMid/Fwd$117,300-25
Jordan Cunico*Mid/Fwd$123,900-24
Matthew WhiteMid/Fwd$250,400-23
Tyson StengleFwd$121,900-22
Ivan SoldoRuck$123,900-20
Brennan CoxDef/Fwd$146,700-19
Sam DurdinFwd$123,900-18
Jack Fitzpatrick*Ruck$217,100-17
Malcolm KarpanyMid/Fwd$224,100-16
* players who have only played 1 game. Price changes will only occur in SuperCoach after the player has played their 3rd game.

Top 20 DreamTeam Breakevens - Round 16

Sean DarcyRuck$125,300-124
Alex WitherdenDef/Mid$125,300-103
Aidyn Johnson*Fwd$132,400-60
Fraser McInnesDef/Fwd$145,300-46
Josh Thomas*Mid/Fwd$207,000-45
Wylie Buzza*Ruck/Fwd$132,400-44
Brennan CoxDef/Fwd$125,300-42
Ivan SoldoRuck$132,400-35
Ben McNieceDef$109,300-34
Sam SimpsonFwd$109,300-33
Robbie FoxMid$154,700-30
Dallas WillsmoreMid$132,400-28
Josh Deluca-CardilloMid/Fwd$109,300-27
Brett EddyFwd$139,000-26
Matthew WhiteMid/Fwd$274,600-25
Jordan Dawson*Mid/Fwd$132,400-22
Jordan Gallucci*Mid/Fwd$156,800-21
Ethan HughesDef$348,200-15
Cedric CoxDef$125,300-14
Declan MountfordMid$218,200-13
* players who have only played 1 game. Price changes will only occur in DreamTeam after the player has played their 3rd game.

Alex Witherden

There is no doubt that this kid can play and find plenty of the ball. On the weekend he had 29 disposals at 72% and was very influential in the Brisbane win. From a fantasy perspective, 96 in DT and AF and 91 in SC. Witherden finds himself on the bubble in the limited trade formats this week. It really doesn’t matter however in regards to which format you are playing. Witherden needs to be considered everywhere!!! No secret here, but he is my Cash Cow of the week!!!

Sean Darcy

I like many in the world of AFL and Fantasy footy games now have a man crush on the mountain boy cow Sean Darcy! His game on the weekend just gone was massive. 16 touches. 33 hit outs. 7 tackles. He even kicked a sausage roll. He clunked a mark in the second quarter (from memory – might be wrong the time of it) on the wing that made me sit straight up and take notice! If this was not enough, then the season ending injury to the big 211 means Mr Darcy should be the #1 ruck for the remainder of the year. The downside???? Ross Lyon is his coach. I still cannot trust this bloke. Kid is on the bubble this week for the limited trade formats but might have come a little too late for us.

Best of the Rest

There isn’t a heap to look at truth be told. I loved the game of Brennan Cox! He did however finish the game with some very serious looking strapping on an upper leg. Whether the corkie keeps him out this week is still yet to be determined. This kid however has great hands, a very solid tank and is very handy as the second ruck. The other guy who caught my eye was Josh Thomas. He did some very solid things in the Pies loss. The only thing though with him is his job security. I would have thought guys like Scharenberg and Ben Reid had solid security but have been proven wrong by the coach Nathan Buckley as his pull players out of a hat on a selection committee meeting. Who knows! I definitely do not!

I mentioned this guy a couple of weeks ago as 1 to keep a sneaky eye on. Malcolm Karpany kicked 3 very very good goals on the weekend in a game that saw the Eagles beat the defending Premiers in a very tight tussle. The performance on the weekend will mean he secures his spot a the next few games at the very least! If you don’t have any other issues this week and own the big 2 Cows already, then a fix it trade with a Karpany type might be on the agenda.

Lucky this kid can run and tackle! Mountford had 10 man hugs on the weekend as he tried to shadow the greatest man of them all, little Gazza! There is no doubt the kid his guts out week in and week out. He really needs to do more than just grab the ball and bomb it however. If he can improve his decision making then the Roos might have found one. I am not the biggest fan but from a fantasy perspective he definitely did enough last week.

I have no idea how to read Hibberd’s game on the weekend. He wasn’t a stand out in any way whatsoever. But he also wasn’t the worst guy on the ground. Does he hold his spot? It will come down to whether Brad Scott wants to see this kid play a month of senior footy and then pass a judgement. For me however, it is a stay away from a fantasy perspective if you don’t already own him.

On the Horizon

I expect David Myers to get a recall to the senior team this week after having a monster game in the magoos! Especially after the senior teams’ loss to the bottom placed Lions. Another potential cow did well in the same game in Aaron Francis. I have no idea why this kid is not playing senior football this year. It is time for the club to promote him and give him a stretch of games. Teia Miles must be close to getting another game at the Hawks after a couple of strong performances in recent weeks. A couple of Lions also went well in Allison and the younger brother of Jarryd Lyons, Corey. It is hard to see many changes however for this week. Joe Atley continues to tackle his way into the mix at the Power. There will be a couple of changes at the Demons this week and guys like JKH and Corey Maynard will be very close.I have no idea what will happen at selection for the Pies and the Roos so wouldn’t even bother to guess!!!

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