Cash Cows – Round 16

This is the time of the year where we aren’t really looking at cash cows coming through in the limited trade formats. Cash generation should now be completed. We should be just shuffling the deckchairs from now on trying to get the best completed team we can! I will fight through though and deliver these until the weeks disappear.



Defenders Round 16

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Reuben William -56Jason Castagna -17Reuben William -39
Nathan Broad -48Aliir Aliir 2Jason Castagna -37
Jason Castagna -29Kaiden Brand 5Mitch White -33
Jack Leslie -27Rory Thompson 7Rory Thompson -30
Aliir Aliir -27Nathan Broad 8Nathan Broad -27
Mitch White -19Reuben William 8Jack Grimes -21
Thomas Cole -18Jonathon Marsh 11Kaiden Brand -18
Kaiden Brand -16Matthew Hammelmann 13Aliir Aliir -17
Matthew Hammelmann -11Jack Leslie 13Mitch Brown (WCE) -16
Mitch Brown (WCE) -9Eric Hipwood 17Jonathon Marsh -9

I hope you all jumped on the boy known as Georgie last week! Absolutely ripping game from the running half forward wingman Castagna. Loved what he provided for the Tigers and he should now play the remaining games for 2016 if fit! The Tigers and Dimma Hardwick will be looking to take something out of this year so won’t hesitate to play the kids. He is my number 1 downgrade option this week for AFL Fantasy. Hopefully the kid grabs his chance.

How good was this guy on Friday night! Aliir Aliir played like a 200 gamer. His teammates showed plenty of trust in the big kid as well! Swans have found another one. His reading of the play was outstanding and I would be very surprised to see him dropped now. Has the frame to play on the monster forwards as well! Great to see.

Forwards Round 16

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Oleg Markov -79 Clay Smith -12Oleg Markov -121
Jack Silvagni -48Oleg Markov -9Jack Silvagni -47
Clay Smith -34Sam J Reid -1Sam J Reid -41
Sam J Reid -31Tom Phillips 0Sam Grimley -32
Patrick McGinnity -22Jack Silvagni 2Clay Smith -31
Peter Wright -18Peter Wright 2Tom Phillips -31
Touk Miller -16Jarrod Garlett 8Sam Naismith -27
Tom Phillips -15Sam Naismith 8Peter Wright -26
Sam Naismith -13Jayden Hunt 12Jarrod Garlett -24
Brandon Matera -13Matthew Hammelmann 13Matthew Hammelmann -7

I wouldn’t be a serious Tiger supporter if I didn’t name this kid this week! Oleg Markov had a debut for the ages. He played off half back, has an abundance of speed and makes good decisions. Plenty to like about this kid but expect him to be inconsistent. Not convinced he is the perfect fantasy downgrade option, but that ‘mo’ makes up for it!

Clay Smith has had zero luck the last few years. He is a tackling machine! Loves the contest. My big query however is what role does he play when Dahlhaus is back? I think he is only a AFL Fantasy option personally as of this unknown. The one thing that is known however is Smith can play! Given the current opportunity he has, he might just do enough to make it impossible to drop him.

Midfielders Round 16

SuperCoachAFL FantasyReal DreamTeam
Ryan Clarke -49Clay Smith -12Ryan Clarke -51
Clay Smith -34Sam J Reid -1Sam J Reid -41
Sam J Reid -31Tom Phillips 0Tom Phillips -31
Kieran Lovell -30Rhys Mathieson 6Clay Smith -31
Rhys Mathieson -27Darcy MacPherson 8Rhys Mathieson -28
Jack Trengove -24Kade Stewart 12Thomas Cole -25
Kade Stewart -24Ryan Clarke 15Darcy MacPherson -19
Thomas Cole -18McKenzie Willis 15Jack Trengove -17
Touk Miller -16Corey Wagner 17Brady Grey -11
Tom Phillips -15Jack Hiscox 19Kieran Lovell -10
Corey Wagner -4Matthew Goodyear 19Corey Wagner -8
McKenzie Willis -2Kieran Lovell 21Kade Stewart -7
Matthew Kennedy -1Jayden Short 21McKenzie Willis 1
Bailey Williams 1Thomas Cole 23Bailey Dale 3
Bailey Dale 1Jesse Joyce 23Matthew Goodyear 3

The ‘Beast’ has gone full Beast mode! Mathieson has hunted the ball and man since his return to the senior team. Puts his head over the ball and makes the Lions midfield better. If I was Leppa, I would want to get as many games into this kid as humanly possible. Too good for the NEAFL!

Ryan Clarke was a late in on the weekend but he provided something the Roos are screaming for. Leg speed! Had a great debut and should hold his spot in the team for at least another round. Just needs to tidy up his disposal and decision making but showed plenty. Plays for a very unfriendly DT team however so it is with no confidence that I could pick the kid!

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